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2012 Wrap-Up: Year in Review (by Facebook)

So Facebook has this 2012 Year in Review thingy, and I was curious, clicked into it and it contains the highlights of what I did this year, in Facebook actually... So I decided to make a blog version, will merge with my Facebook highlight and my personal Blogger highlight! I'm doing this for myself... Just in case my future self is too lazy to read every post one by one, this past self is so kind to sort everything for him.  Huhuhu, how proud.

To future Wallace: I'm so kind right?

You know before 2012, I was once a very underrated kid and do not have any confidence. I always rely on my friends and family, until this year I've learned quite a lot. I've experienced so many different things, such as working as a full timer, waiter. Going through some huge messy mess troubles as a temporary promoter and stuffs like that. The begin of my college life blah blah blah... So here we are, coming to the end of the 2012! Not end of the world...

Hi hi! Friends in 2012! Actually I had 1800+ friends when I first joined Facebook... A little confession here, I thought adding so many friends can be like the coolest user or something like that but it actually gives me a huge headache because... The news feed was full of the strangers' update and I didn't even get to know what happen to my friends! And unlike most people, I actually unfriend my every strangers one by one... And vowed I will only add people whom I know, recognized or schoolmates. I added quite a lot of people D=


So starting from the very beginning of the "spark" of my 2012 life, I went to my first ever concert! That was the time Petronas invited Girls' Generation, an idol girl group that happens to be one of my ultimate bias in the entire K-POP world, to Malaysia and perform a couple of songs here! OH MY GOOODDDD right?! I didn't see them up-close but hearing their voice live already made me gone like super super super crazy! I still remember my voice pierced Rachel's ear xD And after a week or something she said my voice was still ringing in her ears... I'm so sorry =P And people around me looked at me because of this uncommon, or "unique" scream of mine grabbed so many unwanted attentions... Oh stop it you~ And this concert was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre! Look at the marvelous twin tower! One of the Malaysia's proud icons :)


And I mentioned, I started my first part time job D: Usually right, teenagers like I was started their first part-time job at the age of sixteen or even younger! But under Malaysia's policy (or rules and regulation?), teenagers under sixteen are not allowed to work. And that was by the time I finish my SPM examination. And I got a temporary job that will earn me a four hundred or more something... Promoter. And that job wasn't so pleasant, because this girl threw all the responsibilities on me and I had to bear with all the responsible from her. Seriously girl, FUCK YOU. I still remember the anger...

And the sequel: First Timer, Promoter.


And now I've got a stable job from Madam Mooi. Here I met Miss Lee, who shared a lot of her experiences to me and my waiter colleagues. The girl in the picture with me, well not my girlfriend. She was my "comrade" haha! She started working at the restaurant at the same time with me. ;) The supervisor sometimes put me on duty with her, so during our work we shared our stories. And I still remember the things she told me, experiences of being a college student and stuffs like that. Thanks for the tips, Penguin! =D Since this is only a summary, I can't mention everyone in detail, so please forgive me! I'm not biased! =D Well I also remember you, Mr. Seow, Aiku Gui and Kyon... And Ah Luke. It's great to meet all of you :)

Nothing BIG happened when I was working... The worst I can remember was I got caught playing my phone when I was assigned to promote the menu outside to random people. Oh oh... I got my experiences here, although the salary wasn't enough for my college pocket money... T__T I had to rely my parents again, and I feel guilty. Time to work for my long sem break!


I hung out with my primary school friends! After six years, we're still friends! =) Everyone has changed, especially you Linly! This year we celebrated Xyana (or Rebecca...) and Andy birthday on the same day! They are like, the twin of our class. I kinda got really offended by the way Andy talk, and comment. Urgh, sarcastic. But it's all good because we have been buddies for six years. We don't contact each other often though. Same goes to the other Standard 6 classmates.

Aww, look at them both! So sweet. Too bad they're not couple. Now we still come out and yumcha sometimes. The latest addition was Carmen, better known as "Xiiao But Dian"... Her stage name. Enmi also joined us at the last moment, that I will talk about later la. Now we're talking about these two lovely people crossing their hand to each others! Good moments, good moments... You guys are just too adorable, hehe.


Hello, it's college life! Urgh, I don't even want to look at my Induction Programme entry so... Let's just forget about it. So I was sorted into CD1205-4, my class for foundation or something... Now I only found out CD stands for Communication Design... And the major I'm majoring is Digital Animation, a.k.a DG for short. In this class I met most of my good friends in college. And now I am missing those funny funny moments. Not sure if it's one-sided (me) or something... Everyone now got separated. We occasionally hang out at Starbucks, because of this Friday special offer.

Best choice of photo, Shader with me. Another girl selca with me! Shader is one crazy friend. She can be funny to be around. Aww man, look at this picture... I MISS MY BLONDE HAIR! Now my hair is like, rusty blonde... Dirty blonde maybe, or brown. Urgh, I'm starting miss my blinking blinking blonde xD What's more to mention about this content? Hmm... 

So many things happened I couldn't even recall. We went to Starbucks, sometimes Sunway Lagoon. The best thing about Semester 1 was Life Drawing! The lecturer will select some students and us will capture the action and draw it out on our Layout Pad. So... yeahhhhhh.

And there was also a majoring talk dedicated for Semester 1 students and final sem for CCD students, it's time for us to choose our major! And I struggled a bit for Illustration and Digital Animation but still I chose Animation eventually... Almost a tough choice for me but no, I have more passion for animation.

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A flashmob going on! I missed T-ara Lovey Dovey flashmob by oneFM, now I am not gonna miss the second one. ...And I shouldn't have gone for it. First, I gone there by myself, second, the flashmob is not opened for public. THIRD, I did not win any B.A.P showcase tickets! T__T But it's alright, I saw the deejay Kyan from oneFM and the host from an 8TV show I forgot, Wind in real life! Not sure they're being friendly because they're doing their job, or they are friendly always...

Anyways nothing really special to mention about. They're giving away free tickets to attend B.A.P's showcase! I wanted it, because I've never seen an artist with my own naked eyes before. But I know I don't stand a chance because I don't know much about them. Been standing there, raising up my hand but not wanting to sing or dance for their song...

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So we are coming to the end of semester one... And everyone has seem to come to love our class. LOL it feels like I'm graduating, by look at this picture. Everyone's looking good in formal, and definitely one of my favourite photos. The woman in blue is my all time favourite lecturer, Pinky! She taught us a lot about public speaking, and she also shared some of her experiences... Haha, so many people share their experience with me. I feel so proud! xD Actually there's a full version of this thingy, so I'll leave the rest to the blog post. I'm too lazy to tell everything HAHA! =D And here's a video for this post! :)

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So here comes! Our semester break! And 6O classmate jio me go yumcha again. And here we go, spend our moments together again :) And by this time I redyed my hair to a brighter blonde, refreshing the blonde. Supposed to go brown but... Never mind.

So now we have four new people to join our "gathering" gang... Jason, Carmen, Enmi and Fu. Look, it's the happy happy family. Sorry, Jason! Dx You weren't in the picture. I am so glad to see you all again! Oh wow I sound like the 'California girl' =___= Okay should tone down a little. It's so amazing to keep this friendship for all six years long. These people are the closest classmates from 6O back then. People change, everyone change. But then, we're still us. :) Linly said she prefer to be with us because she can be herself when she's with us.

And so much more gossip to share with our past like who's who, who changed, whoever blah blah blah. I think it's top rated topic for class gathering right... And Linly is planning for another gathering. I guess this class is the only that can remain this lasting friendship long.

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Time to start a new semester again! In this semester I'm gonna do something more challenging... From drawing gesture to portrait, from using pencil to brush. All those subjects evolved to a new stage! D= But to be frank with you I actually enjoy my semester two subjects more than the first one because I'm going to do what I love! Like drawing portrait. I've always been wanting to draw a realistic drawing (although I am still somewhere below the average now...) and now I've got a chance to learn! And as for the colour studies, I am not so good at it. First is because the things I used for my Drawing 2 class was insufficient, second was it takes time for me to improve on brush... I guess I need to keep on practicing on my colouring skills.

SO MUCH things that I've experienced in semester two... Oh well I guess I'll tell you more in the specific blog post ;D I just got lazy out of all sudden =P


As much as I confessed that I dislike clubbing and stuffs like that, I've actually gave it a try and... It was unexpectedly enjoyable- no, I mean, thrilling! xD I couldn't think of better word to use but it's just that. The music inside was good. And because of the music influenced inside the club, I've started to listen more to English song and they revived my addiction for "Like A G6" song urgh WHY YOU DOING THIS TO ME LOL! And since then I would consider for a second time to clubbing... Just for the music tho. I am still not at the level of touching alcohol (judge whatever you want).

Why do I have to keep looking at my blonde hair urgh... I feel so terrible for stripping the blonde xD Oh never mind =P People were so crazy inside and they can dance with any strangers. Few of my friends got drunk... And thank god we were with them. Sandy was the most drunk person there. I think that was the time she went through some tragic part of her life or something xD And Claire didn't look drunk but she claimed herself to be drunk lol Wahh so much to mention. I got seriously crazy when they played my favourite songs, let's say if I go clubbing like EVERYDAY, I think I might lose 10kg of weight lol...

P.S. I am still as good as I was...


This event was actually invited by Sylvia... And she was so super duper socialized. Even more that what you thought of my "socialize level"... I thought it might be kinda cool because they have this present exchanging session. Adele who is a dedicated Christian was also excited for this event. And guess what, even our Visual Communication lecturer was so thrilled about it. He even offer extra marks for us if we go, but it was just for joking purpose la xD And I went for this event and guess what, I turned into an anti-social guy. LOL! lalalalalala it was Wednesday and I did terrible things to my drawing. I can't even painted nicely. Zzzzz Sylvia and everyone keep asking me to paint faster faster faster made me feel so anxious and nervous and and and... Yeah, I did. Err, hmm... What else to mention LOL!

It was erm, a quite enjoyable day la I think. My classmates and my friends were going so... I guess that can be added for another fun... 


And now here comes the end of the semester two! I have been busy for all these days and my life was all about class and home... Maybe I did spend time with my friends, yeap. I actually spend a lot of time with my friends. Haih, now that I got my result which isn't even my ideal result, I should change my attitude of learning >=O This post is basically a sub-wrap up post for my entire semester two, like I did for the semester one xD Not as hyped as semester one but still...

I compiled pictures and stuffs in that post and even included our final unofficial activity for our class x) Sunway Lagoon! I guess it's some kind of tradition eh, for going to Lagoon after the semester end. Phew! No more Bahasa Kebangsaan subject, I'm finally free from BM! Oh well I guess I have come to like my new class. Let's get along for the rest of our academic days!


We're free from the semester two! And The One Academy has organized this One Step to Kim Jung Gi, I thought it might be interesting to join the trip. The fees was quite reasonable, but by the time I want to go register for the bus and accommodation it was already fully booked already. So Jeng Shan and AY Kenny came out with their own plan for self-service trip! xD They researched everything and the price and everything was actually more reasonable than the organizing from our college itself. Okay! Settled. Let's go to Penang! For our personal holiday and the Kim Jung Gi event! It has been like, so many years ago when I been to Penang. I didn't even have a clue of what Penang was like. All I could do was imagining and stuffs like that... I haven't been on a holiday for quite long already... Nah, not really. The place where I go often for holiday with my friends is Genting, an overrated spot for holidays.

Okay la, actually the biggest purpose for me to come here in Penang is to trespassing The One Academy Penang! Hohoho, evil laugh. I actually wanted to see how's everything built inside, and compare with the campus I'm studying and so on so on. Actually I wanted to try scanning my own card there to see if it works... I know I'm crazy. it was a four days trip in Penang, and we lived in Ryokan, a hostel for our trip. And I have like, so many blog posts compiled into one, for the VERY DETAIL of this trip...

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And as for the final highlight of the awesome 2012 year!

Since I am so duper free in my holidays, I've decided to come out a Christmas plan with my friends. And Adele got nothing to do in her Christmas, so... Why not? We started our shopping first at the lowest ground floor in Sunway Pyramid new wing Jusco (AEON), getting the candies ready. We bought quite a lot of candies actually. Then we started distribute the candies to people! Mainly, kids. Supposedly I wanted to do it outside of the Sunway Pyramid because the atmosphere there is better and it wouldn't be as pack as it was inside. You know, it's holiday after all. And most of the people love shopping in the mall right? ;)

It's so happy to see the kids smile happily at you when they receive their treats... You can see cherishing the boy smile in the photo xD Although there are cases like we accidentally made babies cry... Because we were pushing the candies to the baby and they thought we were scary... Oh no, feel so guilty Dx Should've tape that down xD There are no specific blog post for this activity, but if I feel like doing one, I will. Not sure though, probably never. Here's a video to show you the footage of the activity!

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So yeah, 2012 has been great year to me... So many different life experiences, like starting a job and starting my college life... All my years before were just going for extra classes, school and home. Nothing much happened, just some childish stuffs going around... 2012, a truly great year for me! Hopefully 2013 will be another great year for me too! For the time being, I shall arrange myself for a countdown party or something. By that then, let's restart for another first ever blog post! ;)

Seriously, 2012...

Monday, 17 December 2012

Hello, Penang!

A blog post with all the compiled Penang blog posts... Well you will never be able to find the exact location of where these pages are because they are hidden mwahahah! I'm evil, jokes. Hehe, so yeah, this blog post is basically like the one I visited China, "Triangle China Trip!" blog post. If you want to find out, click any of the big title below and proceed into the blog post! Will update more. :)

So, we departed from Puchong to Pudu Raya at 5pm or something... And it's basically a sardin-packing in the bus. The journey took about 45 minutes to 1 hour long to reach to the destination... I just know one thing for sure is by the time we reached to Pudu Raya, the sky was already dark and the time when we hop into U70...

Good morning Penang, the first sunshine in Penang, from our hostel room... Yeah, first time waking up at 5:00am just to catch a glimpse of sunrise... Yeap, I'm going to watch the dawn! I haven't been interacting with nature for quite a while already... To be honest waking up this early... For the first few moments when...

Been to The One Academy Penang! Thanks Jeng Shan for taking the picture... Oh my god I can't believe I'm here xD I expected the Penang campus will look much better than Bandar Sunway one. They have their campus itself, and everything's there is so new. But I figured this building was once another building...

Gurney Paragon, Kim Jung Gi Pt. 1
Good morning, and here we go again! Waking up in the early morning... Shower, brush teeth and then get ready to walk a kilometer or more journey from Muntri to Gurney! This time we're heading to the beach, and is like the tourist side of Penang. It took us like 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach to our destination...

Gurney Paragon, Kim Jung Gi Pt. 2
Here comes the second day of the Kim Jung Gi event! And, nothing much to tell about this day because it's all basically the same. Second day with Kim Jung Gi, first session was live demonstration part 2. He will be drawing a complete drawing...

Epilogue, last night in Penang
So we're back in our hostel, Ryokan! And we are free to do our stuffs. And we got hungry, because our dinner was way too early... So yeah, headed back to Ryokan and had our second round of dinner! Or supper, maybe...

Here comes to the end of Y1S2.

So here comes to the end of the second semester, to be honest it wasn't so bad like I thought it would be... The things I learn in second semester is much challenging and better and... fun? Compare to the first semester... Oh well, semester by semester, the things are going to get tougher and tougher... Like Princess Aurora said, "I'm not sure if I'm ready for the challenge but I'm so excited about it", that's what I'm feeling now for the least... The third semester, a.k.a the last semester of my first year is coming. And I heard for my major I'm going to have only three subjects to learn in the third semester, cool huh? :D So in this semester, I've been sorted into DG1205-2 class, and thanks to management, CD1205-4 animation students are divided into two classes... But that's alright, because we always have to spare some spaces for new people to come into our life... Argh, should stop talking like someone who talks like a "philosopher" =3=

So in this semester, I've learned on HOW TO PAINTTTTTT! not really, actually the main purpose bout this painting lesson is to learn the colour changes, basically a "Colour Studies" subject... Hmm, I wonder why The One Academy name their subjects like so general...? They could have named Figure Studies 2 as Portrait  and Drawing 2 as Colour Studies... Just my suggestion though ;D This subject gave me MAJOR headache. But after so many weeks of painting, I finally realized it's my technique problem, it's my gouaches problem... They got harden and some are missing (because I'm too lazy to fill them up again)...  So for my final Drawing 2 class, I decided to spend MOAR on my painting, spent RM9 for two pentels... =3= But oh well, the final thing I painted is quite satisfying compare to the ones I did earlier... Not counting the earlier practices I mentioned in "Semester 2, so far...". Hopefully I get a better grade than I expected it would be... Not trying to have HIGH expectation here but... Y'know. Sometimes it's not easy at all to have good determination. PERASANNNN.

Visual Communication is one of my least favourite classes but then, think about it... The lecturer, Mr. Lew shared many of his experiences and his thoughts bout his life and design and stuffs... At first I don't really like the way he teach because it's all about stories, I mean sharing stories is good but over sharing... Hmm, but I've came to learn quite a lot from him... Mainly having passion in things you want to do. I still remember my Drawing 1 lecturer said you will never improve on something you don't love, or like for the least... I guess they're both sharing the same thing. Oh well, thank you Mr. Lew for teaching me all these things... Noted them. :) But gotta apologize to you Mr. Lew and Frankie because I'm not interested in participating for the Journey of Sight 2 gallery/showcase thing... I needa focus more on my drawing skills and stuffs. And am never going to stop drawing for the rest of my life ROARRRRR! yeahhhhhhh~ :D Oh well, farewell Visual Communication!

Figure studies! My all time favourite subject, and I posted quite a lot of statuses about portraits and stuffs... People who added in Facebook should know this better than anyone xD Yeah I spammmmmm so much about portraits so you should be able to see my passion in Figure Studies 2! =P Actually before entering to The One Academy, I've always impressed by people who can draw realistic faces so easily... I thought I would never be able to draw something like that but Tatsun said nothing is impossible...! Whoa, so many things I benefited throughout the journey here! =P Okay enough of crapping... I have a habit for drawing portraits like almost everyday, but now I stop drawing it for maybe a week or so, decided to take a break... Oh well I'm still gonna keep drawing and drawing to sharpen my skills. I want to impress people who used to laugh at my drawing! >=D And of course I would like to keep this competitive spirit with me for the rest of the journey.

Lemme introduce this sifu... He is one of the lecturers I admire like so badly! His skills is so awesome, awesome till I speechless. His name is Zelin, or ZL for short (some kind of acronym maybe?), yeah... He is my Figure Studies lecturer. 我好想拜他为师! Saw his demonstration of portraits and none of them are bad or even average, it's either awesome, or beyond the awesome... =w= I am sooooooo jelly of his skills! Oh well maybe because he kept practicing and he has been drawing for so long, need to learn something like this from him. Umm, I gotta confess I snored quite a lot of times in his class, but it's all good because I still learned something here. I heard he teaches DG classes because he knows muscles and skeletons better, and am so lucky to have him as our lecturer. And guess what, he said DG1205-2 is the best among the others HOHOHOHOHO oh well my portraits are STILL not so good anyway. Anyway let's just move on...

And in this semester I've met some new good friends! I've got closer with Sylvia, Sandy, Tzey Yang and Ian in semester two. And all of them are from IL major. Cool huh... I'm always stuck with Forever Alone status. Oh man, look at this photo! I'm starting to miss my blonde hair... Sandy looks like a chipmunk, the girl in pink shirt! =P The girl on the right side in this photo is Sylvia, and the guy there is Tzey Yang, mah bro. All of them were bullying me! Oh nos, I am so cham. I went having meals with them for some times already. There are also a lot to mention in this blog post but I got really lazy so I'll just talk about the MAJOR EVENTS okay? =P In BM class we need to do a drama where we all speak in BM and hmm... I don't have much photo for this content so I'll just post the video here. Adele will probably blame me for exposing this to the world, or at least in mah blog...

We all went to Sunway Lagoon! All of us, were having fun of course. And here are some highlighted photos of that event. Nothing much to talk about here, just plain awesome memories for this activities. I feel like this semester has much more things to recall than the first one. Don't get me wrong, I still think CD1205-4 is awesome! Anyway, I'm gonna rest so... Gotta conclude everything here. Hope you love the photos! They look great to me ;)