Sunday, 27 May 2012

2012 is awesome so far + Birthday!

So where should I begin... Ah yes, the college. Now I am officially a college student! Pretty cool huh? I've got my student tag for The One Academy on the first day of me being a student! ;) But somehow I didn't like the card so I just tore the freaking old photo out and replaced with the new one. No photo sorry... xD Many things have been happening in 2012 and this year is sucha amazing year! =F At least it's not as crappy as the days when I was still a teenager... I'm considered to be a legal now right? Instead of being a teenager... Yeah, I feel like a puppet when I was still a student, in the process of trying to get off from that status.

In case if you're not aware, I've changed my hairstyle into a more... daring colour? =D I bleached my hair a week ago and the verdict is... I like it! But still, it's not the colour that I want... Maybe you'll see it like... within a week or so? Once I've dyed this hair, 我妈就说了不少风凉话... Oh well, aside from that, I've received quite a lot of positive responds which brought me to delight! =P Not sure if they're being sarcastic or what but I love my hair and that's more than enough. I'm so satisfied, lalala. If you want to see my latest black-hair photo, click into this link: Black-Hair Photo. Many were shocked when they saw my student card, or immediately recognized me when they saw my black-haired photo... I understand, 'cuz this transformation is indeed a 'shocking' transformation =P Even I myself sometimes tend to forget that my hair has turned orange... Now that my hair colour has turned orange, I have to buy a new set of clothes again to match my hairstyle... Red, Orange, Yellow... Or green? Ah, I'll think bout those sometimes later. Soon, baby, soon, it's going to be sharper than this hair colour. But first, what do you think? =P

It's been a week only and I've already made a group of awesome classmate friends! To be honest, the people in this photo (the other two were missing...) are the people who I often talk to in the class... Others are like so quiet and shy, passive and maybe introvert? Or maybe they just prefer to stay in their own group...? Hmm, our class seriously need some kind of ice-breaking. It wouldn't be fun if we're just staying in a group rather than get mixed with others... That wouldn't be better right?! And for your information, this picture was taken on birthday which was on the 25th May! Nothing special was going on but that was already enough for me, I never even expected some surprises from my family like I did when I was young... Grew up? Yeah, maybe. xD

I've got nothing much to blog about, maybe some wishes I guess... Yeah, I'm officially legal now, and I can do something more... What else, I can enter 18+ cinema or theatres now... and can access some 18+ sites? LOL. I was just kidding man, what do I really want is to make more and more nice friends and of course excel in my studies! ;) Hopefully this blog will be a little more useful and relevant to my life from now on... To keep a good journal for my life! Alright, gotta ciao now. Assignments are killing me. BYE.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Induction Programme: Sunway Lagoon.

So we've come to the third day of the Induction Programme organized by The One Academy... And from what I've read from the Induction Programme Timetable, we were going to have some 'fun' at Sunway Lagoon... They said it's fun, I supposed. The title of the activity was "Splash Time", which I figured this could be some sort of water or splashing (Magikarp's dumb move...?) related activity over at the Sunway Lagoon? So a brief introduction for this Sunway Lagoon thingy here we have in Malaysia... It's basically an Amusement Park with all sort of rides, not really 'all sort' but yeah, there's also Water Park which is what Sunway Lagoon has been known~ One horrible fact for me is that, the more I grow up, the more boring the amusement park gets... I hope I won't get too old during my college years! Adults seem to be more devoted to their officials than their private life, maybe? Or is it just me, I'm not sure but once you've started working it's considered the end of the fun of your whole life already... So best get used to it before it's too late!

Blah blah blah, I surely am a crapper. ANYWAY, I had to wake up at 6:30am in order to catch up with my mom for a ride to Sunway Pyramid. I had to, or there aren't any transports left for me to go to Sunway. That's how my life works for the rest of my days, waking up in the morning and get exhausted. So I arrived to Sunway roughly around 7:40am or something... It's no surprise for me cuz the traffic in the LDP Toll is really terrible. Everyday jam, jam, jam... Skip that, anyway. So I arrived to the Sunway's most iconic place, the lion head, Sunway Pyramid, I straight find the entrance Ms. Jane mentioned. Since I've got like plenty of times, I went discover every corner of the Sunway Pyramid... technically. I discovered two entrances for Sunway Lagoon! I felt so proud lolololololol~ And guess what, it only takes half an hour to complete all the discoveries since the securities weren't friendly enough to let me go into the Sunway Pyramid itself, so I ended up buying myself a cup of Frappucino Dark Mocha to kill my time. Carmen and Alice came a little later then, so we chat and chat and chat... Until we're ready to go and wait for everyone.

So as soon as we gathered at the portal or something at the entrance of the Sunway Lagoon, we begun to find our groups and... Yes, I found my team members. At first the members were like so quiet and scary... And don't feel like talking I suppose? I was like, "I have to be the first one to talk right...?" in order to break the awkwardness, so we begun by introducing ourselves... Just a very very very brief introduction, announcing names. So the members were... Yeow, Nicholas, Vivi, Ju Wei, Lee Chin and Kit Cheng. After that then us leaders were called for some briefing for what to do and what not to do... But before that, the leaders were like telling their 'hardship' they were going through in between their members and themselves, saying that how scary and chilly their team was and all sort of awkwardness... And someone suggested (jokingly of course) to group us leaders as one team since we were so talkactive and outspoken, yeah I liked that. I thought that would be a good idea to, since... The leaders seem to have closer-relation than their own members (even I myself thought about that too but screw that xD) The staffs then distributed the stickers and wristbands, we sent them back to our team members and have to stick them ON the left hand side. And when I returned, a new member joined Group 9! And it was Adrian (I thought his name was Aaron anyway...) so I had to collect extra wristbands and stickers, then another new member joined again... Her Chinese name I wasn't sure but her Christian name is Emily. Simple and simple, let's just all have one English name so we can call each other better ;)

So what we had to do was ask the members to go inside to wait for their leaders, and the leaders will have to collect the clues... I don't know why are they making this secretive but if it was meant for making the hype for the other members then... I have nothing to say. I got the clues, and "Focus! Focus! Focus!", 1, 2, SET! RUN! as fast as you can to get to your team mates. Yeah, got it. I found two of them, Adrian and Yeow, and the others were... GONE! Even the two weren't sure of where they went. Oh, they went to... the locker place. Yes, we had to keep our bags and everything in the locker first so that we could complete our missions without worrying for our phones or wallets to get wet... Gah, rent 2 lockers, just to get everyone convenient. Let's go go go go, the first challenge was... The roller coaster. I have this phobia that I cannot ride on extreme rides, what a fail leader lol... But luckily the first challenge was alright, I definitely cannot challenge the snake and the swingers. The waiting was... horrible. I wanted to pee but the timing wasn't right OTL. But what else can I do? I can't just abandon my waiting place and go to toilet because that was when... it was almost our turn. I just hope that I won't pee in my pants, please ah don't ah... So I had the ride, and it was... SCARY for the first time. Especially flying down from the up, ah, my heart... I nearly faint... Just kidding. So we finished our ride, we have to complete our task given by our seniors. So what was the first task? To spell our names backward, alphabetically. Kit Cheng failed, so we have to go through all over again. It's no one's fault really, who knows the challenge would be this tricking? Hah, so we went for another round... This time! I had to go to toilet, and I rushed and rushed until I reach to the toilet... SWEET JESUS, now my burden is like over, I got back to my que again. HOORAY. The second time, I was crossing my fingers to get the first sticker for the First Challenge... and... WE DID IT. Hoot, we did it! Heh, then to the next challenge.

Credit to Dillion Eng for this photo.
The bull ride, the seniors asked us to sing a cartoon song OUT LOUD so that everyone can hear us. What song was it again... Ah yes, THE SMURF. Since it's the easiest song to sing? Just la with it. My throat nearly gone rusty after screaming for so long, the ride was like going for 2 rounds so we had to scream for 2 rounds. But to tell you the truth, it was a little awkward to repeat the same rhythm, same song for like million of times just for the 2 round rides and the ride wasn't even intensive... Oh well it's just for the game, who cares about humility! Well, I don't, for the least? Haha. The third challenge was riding water slide, and it wasn't as 'scary' as I thought. While the members are taking part for the ride, the remaining ones will have to sing and dance to entertain the senior... It's the task that they gave us, no choice. Next one was the snake one, I just realized it's a horrible ride so I skipped on playing it. I don't want to mention this part so... Ah I'm tired, so let's just skip all the challenges we've gone through here... Nah, just kidding. The next challenge was riding inside the spinning pot. We turned the pot as slow as we can, moderately, because too much of spin, you'll vomit (for the worst potential happenings) so... After like spinning, the seniors want the leader to name each of the members' name out. Yeah, it wasn't that bad, I have good conscious on my memory thing. It's all trained from blogging! ;) Based on the research articles I read, keeping a journal or diary or blogging will help improving your memories. One of the reasons of why am I so "actively" blogging lately... I just have to, improve my memory power ;) So moving on to the next challenge, we went to this swingers... There weren't many people volunteered to take on this ride but eventually, 6 members were ready for this ride and the remaining 3 will have to pose like a statue. Lalala, I guess I don't have anything to say. We took pictures throughout the whole game and I don't know when will they post it online or something but if I got those pictures imma put it in my blog and I promise ;)

That was, our final challenge. We were running out times, so the winner was... I forgot which group. But anyway congratulation to the winners, and fortunately they did not ask us to dance or sing in front of everyone because we didn't collect 8 challenges' stickers. But that's all for this Splash Time game, and we were free to do our own stuffs. I took this oppoturnity to swim and swim and swim... My swimming skills gone rusty. Since I have 1 Year Free Membership for Sunway Lagoon, I'll try to go Sunway as much as I could to build up my swimming skills again... *Yawn* I'm tired now, I think it's time for me to buzz off. Gotta start my first class tomorrow! So... See you guys! ;) Let's meet again, by chances.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Induction Programme: Talk Sessions.

Okay I feel bad for this cuz I have got no pictures for this blog post... I didn't take any good pictures! And plus I'm not in the mood of taking photos, I have no good camera and my phone will take crappy pictures if I'm gonna do it like a 'thief' without getting everyone's attention... Okay so to be frank with you, I kinda feel this blog post will be boring so just a good advice for you if you're not interested in articles or posts without any visual enhancements then you may leave this post, xD

So the Induction Programme begun on 9th May, which was Wednesday and the weather was kinda all right... Umm, sorry my bad, this programme was held indoor... And guess what, I didn't expect The One Academy to organize the orientation-like programme in the cinema! The venue was at the TGV Cinema, without any expectations, we're going to have a 'class' inside the cinema hall! Or they call the hall as 'Auditorium Hall' if I'm not mistaken... Who cares for the freaking name lol... I received my offer letter weeks ago, and I had to show them my offer letter to prove I'm invited to this event, duh... So then we were given a temporary pass, and then we proceeded into Hall 4. Would've been better if the hall was a Beanie Plex hall, comfortable and I might as well as sleep on the cushions...

The first session was the, "No Idea No Talk" thing. It's about inventing some kind of ideas in your head and maybe you can evolve the idea in all kinds of way or something like that? Learned something about Idea Culture, I forgot how it's like but I know how it works, so that counts. They also showed us some video, which was done in Multimedia Design way. The video was really interesting, and they mentioned about the creativity of transforming a market into a virtual market... They also asked us to participate this 'napkin' contest and guess what... I got one of the prizes! Unexpected but I was surprised, tho I was never named when I was 'announced' via the screen... The next talk was hosted by the national famous interior designer, Eric Leong. You can ask Mr. Google (The way he refers...) if you don't know about him. He talked about mostly interior design, tho I'm not going to take Interior Design as my major or course, I was still impressed by his transformation from one dull room to a fascinating looking room! Hmm, somehow I'm like interested but nah, I still prefer to bring a still object to live. Eric Leong also introduced a lot of ways of making money when becoming an Interior Designer... Oh, I never knew he earns roughly about RM10,000 per hour for a talk... Imagine how rich he is, jealous... The last session for the first class was hosted by Va Nee, she talks about Student's Handbook. And I guess she plays the 'Discipline Teacher' role in the college. Most of the not-so-good-looking rules or regulations were presented by her, cannot absent for more than three times or I will be considered failed... It's alright I'm trained to be on time ever since I started working...

The second day, same venue and Stanley Chew told us what to do or what not to do inside the campus... Highlight of the day, "Do not show your talent in the toilet", 'If You Know What I Mean'. And we have to pay RM50 per day if didn't return the equipments on time. Whert... I'm like oh no, I think I'm going to cut down on borrowing their stuffs, I don't want to take the risks of getting banned from using the facilities LOL. Unless necessary? I'm a loser y'know >:) The last talk was presented by the Student Service Support Department, telling us what we get in The One Academy. RM50 for Locker deposit, IT'S FREE. And us The One Academy get 1 Year Free Membership for Sunway Lagoon! Only for the first year, I can imagine my life will be busier once I've started my second year... Not to mention the stress of assignments, from what I've heard The One Academy gives tons of assignments for us to do... I'm not SURE if I'm ready or not, maybe not, maybe yes. Roughly around there...

Finally! A photo! These two girls were my classmates and schoolmates during my Secondary School Years... And we're schoolmates again! Talk about fate! Lol, I feel so lucky to meet them again, tho all of them aren't in the same class with me... Marcus, Frost, Austin, Carmen and Alice, see you guys again by any chances! =P I'm planning to meet new friends anyway, they say you will always meet new people when going to work or to another place... 

Had dinner with them at the... Random place in the Asian Avenue, I forgot what's the restaurant's name. The foods were all right but the price is really unreasonable, not going to eat there again. Chicken chop rice became chicken cutlet rice... Wtf LOL. I'm not going into details about foods, I'm so hungry now! And it's 1:40PM in the midnight, I just had a long nap after coming back from Sunway Lagoon on the third day of the Induction Programme... Will be updating again once I've settled everything. So until next time, see you again!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Archiving the missing, April.

So I've decided to post some follow-ups that I haven't been posting here in this blog... It's been a month, or more than a month since last March and my language ability has gone rusty. I took the common English test and I got Intermediate grade, I have to work harder on my English by keep updating my blog and practice my English over and over again... Anyway without further ado, let's proceed to what I've missed... So first of all!

As mentioned in the last entry, not too much but I did mention, I started my full-time job as a waiter in early March... I haven't been mentioning about my job hasn't I? I was working at the Madam Mooi's Cafe and the restaurant basically serve western foods... You know, steaks and chops. They also serve rice, baked rice. What's baked rice? It's basically a bowl of fried rice covered by a layer of cheese and some cream sauce with any 'flavour' like Chicken, Fish, Pork Cutlet etc etc altogether and put into an oven (duh) then bake~ That's just my imagination, I'm not so sure about the proper way of baking a baked rice but if you're interested you should just go and try it yourself. So yeah, most of my times spent in March and April are mostly in the restaurant. Umm, I mentioned it right? I interviewed as a full-timer, so it's my responsible to be there EVERYDAY. But still, there were still something going on during my existences over at the restaurant...

Yeap, I went to SetiaWalk. It was when... Umm, ages ago. Beginning of March, I supposed... Yeah it was when this place was completely silent, not a single shop was opened... No, Beer Factory, Muzeum and F block were already opened. But ya' know it's kinda boring to hang around there when the shops aren't fully opened yet. But I enjoyed the designs for this open-air retail, it's like something new to me as I haven't seen anything so well-made before... I have a feeling that Puchong will be grown into a bigger and busier city in not too long future... Just some of the old buildings need to rebuild to get the town look modernized than old-fashioned. ALSO some of the dirty streets need to be cleaned up, ah and and the improvements for the public transport! Soon there will be a LRT Station locating everywhere in the Puchong! And the last station will be located here in the place where I live, Puchong Prima. It's going to be convenient for me to go to the capital, Kuala Lumpur once the extension of this LRT has finished its construction, but when will it be done? Maybe in 2-3 years... Have to pay more patiences for it. I needa get myself a P License as soon as possible!

After working there for like 2-3 weeks, I've discovered that one of my good friends, Chin Mei Ping is working nearby around in the Bandar Puteri area! I tried to call her out sometimes but it was either I got forgotten or not remembering to call her for having break together... We didn't really contact each other since when we were arranged to different classes after Form 1... That's when she got new friends and I got my own gang. But it's a good thing that we're still able to talk to each other like our friendship never changed a bit, same goes to Sook Teng tho I'm not so sure about her but let's just maintain this good relation! =P It's fun to have someone to hang out with you when you've basically got nothing to do~ But good things don't come always so I didn't really hang out with her in March until before I was about to leave my job on my last day... It's like a mini-reunion, meeting all my old-folks, maybe one day I shall go back to Shah Alam to meet primary school friends there! Whether they remember me or not, sigh... Never mind, I still think the days I spent during my childhood and my primary school time is the best... I miss my friends, they're like deeply engraved in my heart... Ah, I feel so emo now, nostalgic much.

So we visited SetiaWalk again... And ShareTea has launched already! And guess what? I ordered the right thing. Ice-blended Strawberry! I know I'm going to be sorry for Chatime but ShareTea seems to be Chatime's 'latest' competition here, or at least for me... Though I heard ShareTea was founded in 1992... Fascinating yet, I haven't heard about ShareTea until recently...? Actually I went to SetiaWalk again is all because of the promotion for Starbucks, Buy 1 Free 1 and 20% Discount vouchers but... Starbucks wasn't opened yet! I was greatly disappointed but thanks to ShareTea, I felt a little better so I can just enjoy my bubble tea here with my colleagues. I was having break-time. Here's the footage for the moment I spent in ShareTea, ladies and gentleman... SHARETEA CATWALK!

Ahahaha, I think that's pretty much I can post here... What else? I always use my iPads during free time and that's the only thing I can do... Thanks to the great Wi-Fi, I can finally enjoy some catch-ups in my Facebook so that I won't be like as if I'm gone or something? Without Facebook I wouldn't even know how am I going to contact with my friends, without Twitter I'll die of boredom by not releasing my thoughts I have in my mind... Yeah I'm a crazy social-network fan, I like socials but I'm still working on it, so give me some times and I'll be fixing the flaws I have right now... Ahahaha I'm crapping, I've got nothing left to say just to fill up the empty spaces here. Anyway, I gotta go, ciao! Let's watch drama!

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