Sunday, 25 March 2012

Girls at Twin Tower Live!

Many of the Malaysians here should have known that the Girls' Generation from the South Korea was here in Malaysia, invited by Petronas and was performing their hit songs live! That's why we had Twin Tower Live! It was a sudden decision made by me after Carlos informed me that there will be Girls' Generation in KL which was on Friday (23rd March) and I had half day off from work so... Why not? I thought I wasn't going to this concert but it's free and I haven't been to a concert before so of course... I MUST GO! Especially for the girls, I must!

Alright hypocrite I know, I might not be a S❤NE entirely but I am one of them if I feel like being one. And most of my friends are S❤NE so you can say that I'm infected by the power of ''! And I will NEVER forget the moment when Jessica sparked my soul into K-POP world when watching to Super Girl MV, by Super Junior. She is one of the reasons of why have I became a full-time K-POP fan! The power of GG! Oh yes, and SSFMY & mysone are both organizing this project, identical with the event they organized in Thailand: "Finally you're here" thing. The fans will be raising up the papers to show it to the girls so they're informed that we're relieved for their arrival! Too much of crap, without further ado, let's proceed into the beginning of the event, shall we?

As usual, and as you know, my only transport now is public buses. I still haven't got my P license and I don't know how to go to KL yet so I have to rely all on public transport... Can't wait for the Puchong Prima's LRT station so I don't have to suffer for the insufficient amount of buses and the not-accurate bus timing. After getting my job done I went for a Chatime drink and then meet up with the people who I will be going to KL together. Took U69 RapidKL bus and went to KL Central, where we will be transiting to Timesquare, one of the 'most iconic' shopping complex in Malaysia existing in the busiest spot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital city. It costed around RM1.50 for one 'ticket', they updated their system so we'll be using the RapidKL tokens as tickets. I was afraid that Imma be lost but it's nothing cuz I'm all cool for the routes in around Timesquare to Pavilion. There were some performances done by the polices and I wasn't going to be surprised if it's about SNSD since it's their day after all, I had a feeling that I'll be seeing all the pinks on around the street in the KL which was proven right for later.

The weather wasn't as killing as expected but still... In Malaysia, you will have to bear with the oven temperature we have here. Maybe not as bad as your summer days? Spot me if you can in the picture! That's how it looked like when we were in the Monorail. Ignore the black pink shirt gang, they're from Carlos's gang. Wasn't as packed as the one I hanged out with my ex-classmates (6Outing). Fuh, I think my style has changed a lot since last year's December! I'm impressed, by myself =P Oh well, I like my new style better than my old one. I love my short hair, Chen's style! I should try harder on replica-ing my hair into Chen's one... It's not a secret anymore that... I'm a gay fanboy for EXO... OTL. I'll talk about them later, now I'm all for Girls' Generation! So yeah, the Monorail took 5 minutes or earlier to reach to Timesquare. It wasn't a bad speed, but the inside was kinda unstable so I have to support my stableness by the touching 'ceiling' of the monorail.

We had to pass by Timesquare to Sungei Wang then Pavilion to the Skywalk... It was like an hour journey from KL Central to KLCC. But for Girls' Generation, it's all worth it. Because I want to see them and get GG-ed by the girls! I think I'm taller now! Since 16 years old... I wanted to grow taller, yeah... Imma train harder on my height! Maybe 180cm... I'm greedy, but who cares? Thanks to Wilson, I've got a lot of photos for this blog. And he's like our photographer, capturing all the 'moments' we had there. I'm not going to reveal it all, if you're Wilson's friends in his Facebook then go see at his profile. Oh well, since this blog post is lacking of photos, I shall post some of them here:

Quite a 'journey', from here to there... And we finally reached to the Twin Tower! But wait, we're not there yet! We were at somewhere nearby the KL Tower! And we had to walk again in order to catch up for the show. Luckily I got used to walking and standing, it's all good for me but I'm not sure bout it for the others. The more I walked the more excited I got for the girls! It's like finally, but funny thing is I was making sure for myself for whether I was dreaming or not...?

There was this garden here existing in around the KLCC area and thanks to Wilson again, for this photo. Looking good, the blend of the nature and the city feel from behind... But I couldn't stay long there, so I had to keep walking and walking... I saw some guys with make-up, I mean those gothic ones. I've never seen them in flesh before and I was kinda impressed by him for daring to putting on the make-up and show his face in the public... But that cigarette on his fingers has totally ruined his image. I wouldn't mind to do that but there's still something stop me from being too brave, maybe make-up isn't my thing... But then I've got the most likes for THIS photo, find out yourself :D and I was trying to spot people with pink shirt and some mysone or SSFMY logo on it... But no luck, couldn't spot one... Oh well, moving on to the next spot...

This time's for real, FINALLY. The Twin Tower! I see you! I see you! I see you! It's like two steel corns connected to each other and I'm describing it like I haven't seen one before... FML. I've never been to Twin Tower this close so it's not my fault to be so excited for this! Btw, for your information, le' Twin Tower and KL Tower are the icons of Malaysia, just saying. I wonder how does it feel, when you do bungy-jump from the toppest floor of Twin Tower or KL Tower... For sure you're going to die, especially the people with acrophobia, best not try this... Even people without acrophobia, I think they'll get one after trying the bungy-jump from the top floor, but there's no such thing existing in our towers so sorry that I've disappointed you if you've tempted to try it. Back to the main topic, so we were walking inside the Twin Tower, Suria KLCC, we were walking and walking until we see the crowd sitting in front of the stage like platform thing beyond the pond... We thought that was the bridge but no, it was just a TV showing the main stage's footage:

Since this is my first concert, I will NEVER watch the concert here. So we went through the shopping complex until we see a bunch of pink shirts... And you know what I mean, it's  S❤NE! We followed them in order to get to our destination. And yes, we're finally there... The main stage of the concert! I was so so so so... down. As expected, there will be a whole lot of humans gathering in around the stage. North, south, east, west, fully packed. We had to bear with the people, so we decided to stand still at one spot until the concert starts... There goes, hours and hours of waiting. I couldn't stand my hunger so I had my dinner at around 6pm. Wilson bought me a Subway, and I don't know what he ordered for me but as long as it's sandwich, everything's cool for me. Munch, munch, munch... Check out the crowd:

I was squeezed and I couldn't breathe... I ain't lying, luckily it wasn't an indoor concert or... I'll die of carbon dioxide. I've experienced something much more worse on the same day... I'll talk about that later. There was a guy who read a book in the centre of the crowd! And my jaw dropped, 'cuz if he was me, I can't even concentrate on the book! Gosh, what kind of human is he? Asian? I am one, but I can't do what he did there... LMAO. Here's a shot of him reading his story book (credit to Rachel): Click here. I guess he's not looking forward for Girls' Generation or trying to calm his killing hype in order to not burst out of craziness...? I don't know, let's just take this as somekind of entertainment by labelling it as "Study level: Asian"...

After standing for like hours and hours, the MC finally announced for the girls. And we fans are dying... We should have get some rewards from Petronas for making us waiting long. And one thing that we weren't happy about was... Petronas was trolling us. They said it's a free concert, but it's more like a free TV show... The stage couldn't be seen from my place, and the freaking balloons were blocking the view. But thankfully they put up screen for others to see... Or I will really feel like I'm cheated... They invited our local dancers to show off their dance moves... The boys did well but the girls danced to K-POP and weren't as impressive as the boys. I gotta say no one could and can ever replace the original, unless done by professional. And the MC was trolling us, asking us to shout He, Ho, Gee... Geesh, what is up to you? Delaying our time in a stupid way... But I don't blame you, since you were just doing your job. Now let's get crazy for Girls' Generation!

I was insanely crazy for Jessica! When she was introducing herself, I almost gone mad! The people were looking at me... Or should I say, stared at me like I'm some crazy people... Even Rachel and Catherine were looking at me when I screamed for her, they should know that I'm a crazy fanboy for Jessica before Krystal (f(x))... Ah, good memories! I'm missing it already! And the best part is when... Tiffany yelled "Malaysia! Put it back on!" TIFFANY YOU ROCK! YOU ARE THE BEST! I knew she was going to speak English! Tho I was expecting Jessica to speak some... Oh well, ice princess is too lazy to speak up. Next time, please come back again! Oh yes, Tiffany and the girls promised that they will be back with Yuri! Thank you so much for giving us hope! Yuri, please visit us okay? And please do well on your acting career! We will be supporting you!

The concert has ended, not really... After SNSD's performance was over, 85% people left the concert. You can't blame us, because we were all there just for the girls... And I have to work tomorrow, so we HAVE to leave. Some lucky fans get to capture Yoona in the car when departing to KLIA... Thanks to the fans from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, we got to see the girls off from our airport! See you, our angels! Please come again, I beg you! And come back with a better tour! We'll be seeing you again! Oh boy, I'm now a S❤NE again! SMTOWN FOR THE WORLD! EXO is going to debut soon, SHINee's comeback... How am I gonna handle myself? Oh no, oh wow, oh shit. I'm going crazy, I lose my mind! Okay, calm down. Now what? Going back to Puchong! We needed to head to the Pavilion to catch-up for our post-concert plans... But couldn't make it, since the public transport's operation hour limited us. Thanks to Rachel's brother's friend, we got back safely! We first planned to take LRT at the basement of the KLCC but there weren't any air-conditioners there... And it was really... hot... there... As I mentioned before, something much more worse was this moment, I couldn't even breathe! And the line was really long! So then we headed to the Ampang Park to Wangsa Mahju station, and got back to Puchong. We were all sweating like 'ham' and we got smell so... Anyway, I think his name is Ah Lun... Thank you so much, for escorting us! :D

And we've come to the end of this blog post! Phew, not an easy job. I've done another post again! Congratulation to myself, I'm going to shower now! Tomorrow have to work, salary FTW! P.S. I've got my SPM result already, it was satisfying! I'm happy for it! That's it, bye, peace!

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