Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Greetings, February.

Greetings, February! xD It's morning and I decided to put this as my first blog post image... Hmm, yeah, just wanna do a blog post in February. I haven't been really active lately huh? It has been a month already for 2013 and so far it hasn't been too good for me. A lot of things happened. I thought it's going to be one of the worst years I'm going to experience but... To think about it at this moment, it actually worth it. Taught me a lot. To be honest I'm a very sensitive person and is very negative minded one... But day by day, I've gotten better. I don't get mad easily, I don't use harsh words that much and so on. I improve! xD Alright let me cover what I haven't covered... Need something to record them down for good. First of all... I got my hair dyed! Copper brown! Sort of like brown and red blend but now it faded off... Maybe this picture tells better.

It's so pretty! Not that I hate being blonde, but I got really bored of it... But anyhow, I promise I'm going to make a blonde comeback! Oh my god, I think this blog post is gonna be full of my pictures! Good colour doesn't last so long =___= Now my blonde tips are coming out again because I wash my hair very often. Now there's a very noisy guy buzzing around in Student Lounge area and we don't even talk to him. Like seriously, we don't even make conversation with you, can you just leave? Urgh, never mind about him. I'm just blogging with my own sweet time! I actually thought sometimes ago to make a blog post dedicated ONLY for one assignment because it was all about HARDWORK, the first time working this hard. I shall be proud of it, NON? =P

It's actually one of the most challenging assignment YET. Knowing ended up in this course and listening all the seniors' rant about how stressful the major is... I'm starting to feel it already. I am sleeping late, doing assignment and everything... Actually trimming my own sleeping time is still not required for my level but... I'm just being 犯贱 here HAHAHA /shot. I actually did extra research for everything, EXCEPT CREATIVE THINKING. I seem to put the least effort in that subject... I don't know why, I'm very focused on my drawing subjects: Perspective Studies and Life Drawing. I am a passionate drawing student! =P I think I'm in the wrong major... Hmm, never mind.

THIS, my dear, takes me a week to find out EVERY details about it. Let's just cross my own fingers (cross yours too if you don't mind =D) that I would be able to excel... I believe hard work pay off... I'm not trying to show off here, just being honest with my feeling. The wheel look so cacat la! .___. Could've done better if I spend another fifteen more tries and attempt on the wheel itself... Oh please please please please... Evangeline, please make my wish come true... Recognize my determination. I really really really want to do good in my studies. I am seriously serious about it! D; On the other thought, I hope my lecturer won't see this just in case if I got shitty marks for this... I will look stupid LOL okay /shot. The following week of the assignment is much simpler after doing so so so many construction on one complicated thing. I got so used to it already pfftt.

It's this hair-dryer. Takes me one try to make it look nice, I mean... AMOST. I know you might wonder what this is, I'm wondering myself also. For your information I was just following what the paper was showing, so... Until my friend told me this is a fucking futuristic looking hair dryer, I have no idea what this is. I thought it was a flash light (NOT FLESH LIGHT) or some Lilo and Stitch gun style =P Now that I gained knowledges from proper measuring to construct every object, I am so thrilled to invent more stuffs with my imagination... I'm starting to feel Wei Han, drawing everything from his mind and feel the satisfaction. I guess non-draw-ers will not know how satisfying it is to draw something almost out of your mind. That is why I am so working hard on digital painting, I can do concept art! Hehe, and guess what! These two picture posts earned my lecturer's Like! ...Of course I am happy even now that the fact a lecturer Liked a picture that I posted for his assignment, but I hope it won't turned out what I expected it is - a shitty result.

Life Drawing! Hohoho! My favourite subjects. I have been getting B- for all my Figure Studies assignment, up until now... I gained more and more recognizing for actions and stuffs, 'Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!', in other words, getting confidence, I did better.

I got B+ and A- set for two weeks, I hope this week I get another A in my assignment again. Y'know... I'm competing with one of my classmates, my LOVELY rival. Jade! He's very good at drawing figures, I admit that. That's why I'm taking him as my target =P Both of us agreed on a compete, and so far he got 3 A-s and I only got 2 A-s... I was astonished when the perfectly done assignment got A- and it was marked by Way Chuan, Analytical Figure Drawing... So I guess getting A- must be a very hard thing to do. I feel much better :-) The model has his poker face... I feel like befriending with him *side topic* maybe I can ask for tips to build mah bodehhh LOL

This is me! Looks like Carl Fredricksen from Up =___= Maybe the him in movie is the me in 60 years later... Oh I don't even want to imagine I grow old! Tinker Bell, please take me to the Never Land. I'd rather be a sparrow man than a human! =P If the story is true then, there should be a fairy invented by laugh and he should be water talent sparrow man! Since I'm so emotional and everything is so related to water HAHAHA Even my name say so 'Wallace' sounds like water. Okay now this lady beside is crying like crazy because she is seeing her her favourite erotic actor on screen... I wonder if this is how she react at home also... I envy how they can exaggerate their emotion .___. I can't seem to do that any more these days... So yeah, So many things going on... I prefer not to talk about them, or I'll be emo all over again. Let's just record good and happy stuffs here ;D

Alright, imma blog about my Kuala Lumpur haul, a comeback post for New Year Haul this year soon enough and I'm almost done with the blogging. Sign off with my one final selca! Good day, sir and madamme! :)