Thursday, 28 June 2012

Life Drawing!

Okay guys, this is the most interesting class ever yet for now because I've never done anything like this before! Usually in Figure Studies class, I will either feel "snoozy" or freezing. (thanks to the harsh air-conditioner!) But referring on the lesson schedule for Figure Studies, there's something that we're going to do today... Yes, it's what the title says: Life Drawing! So what is Life Drawing...? Here's a good example, but I'm not sure if that's a precise reference though. If you've ever watched Titanic (by James Cameron), you will remember there's a scene where Rose will strips herself off and pose at the sofa and Jack will do the thing... Okay sounds so wrong, Jack would draw Rose, that's what "life drawing" called... At least from the 'concept'... I hope you enjoy this "Draw Something" superimpose on the original photo though! Credit goes to THEMETACPICTURE, I do not own or make this picture!

So early in the morning, I was too free to be attached with my seat. So I wandered around. Other than myself, the other "early bird" our class got here is Yen Yong. I bet she wake up earlier than I do, since Puchong is just next to Sunway and she's from Kelana Jaya if I'm not mistaken. Off topic: I love Sunway! And I happened to hooked up into another Manikin Studio, which was connected to our classroom. There were so many 'people' posing which I haven't see before! Maybe they were there, just I wasn't being aware? And I happened to spot one freaking tall handsome manikin dude! He is about... MAYBE 200CM TALL! Oh my freaking goodness! Even lifting up my legs still can't match with his height! I know I'm short though... I'm only 175cm! What to do? Haha! I tried too hard to stand up and pose with this lengzai, haih... But at least I've got this silly shot with him. And he's still looking stunningly, without worrying if he'll look bad in the photo... Someone suggested me to take picture with each of the manikin and my reaction:

NOT really that sarcastic but just... this. I'm not a sarcastic person, maybe I am. I'm not sure though, I've got no assertive anyway. Side topic, dark roots coming out on my head... Not sure if it's time to change my hair colour sooner or later or what but whatever... I'm going to change to brown anyway, after this blonde hair. And slowly going back to super dark black. Looking forward for the day, to renew my style again! Okay enough said.

Moving on to the next situation, Kenny and Nicholas have arrived to the class... They arrived earlier than Jia Hui and Shiau Wei but after coming to class they went off again. Maybe to get their breakfast? So I spotted this interesting thing... The drawn-face manikin! Kenny's wooden manikin lmao. Yen Yong did some tricks on it and it posed like "I'm Sexy and I Know It". Girl, look at that body! Imma do the same thing on my manikin too! Maybe not funny, but adding patterns... I need some colour sprays now! xD However this manikin pose, it's going to be funnay! This, might be a good moments after maybe a few semesters later... Making memories while you can! But don't be overly nostalgic, because there are a lot of people out there keep complaining on Pokémon Black and White, the 5th Generation Pokémon and everything... I am one of the oldest fans out there, loving Pokémon since I was 5 years old and I am definitely thinking that the new Pokémon are completely acceptable. Just get used to it! Oh, too much craps. CONTINUE NOW!

The class started at the right time. And Jeffrey, the assistant lecturer took our attendance... And why am I going details...? Oh well, habit kills. As soon as ZY re-arranged everything, there was an empty space in the middle like it is a stage or something. We were told that there will be two classmates to be picked in among us, and will do the posing. And what's the most exciting part? We take turns to do the posing job... I know some volunteer, some dare not to do it. But we only live once so why not give it a shot? =D The first ones were Matrix and Nicholas. And trust me I've got a much interesting photo than this one I posted here on the right side. I chose this because it's more appropriate for this blog post to look like a blog post xD But if you're interested, you can click >HERE< to see the picture. I was chosen later on, along with Ethan. And I told the lecturer that I'm 75kg, he... got shocked? xD LOL! Is my body size, too light to be 75kg or what? You guys' reaction makes me feel like I'm some overweight dude lmao. Posing with one other, especially with pushing and pulling poses, is not as easy as what you think! I am now officially impressed by the people who can stand still for hours without making a move! Oh my legs... T__T So after referring to so many life drawing from my classmates... The outcome? It's right under here!

Still has a very spacious improvement space. But at least I somehow improved, compare to the last drawings I submitted to the lecturers... I might complain too much for Figure Studies assignment but they are the only assignments I enjoy the most! I can live with drawing figures everyday. Actually, seriously, I wouldn't mind doing art-related assignment. I just hate doing Malaysian Studies and History of Arts stuffs. But on the ironic side, I would really wish and prefer Malaysian Studies mainly focus on examination rather than giving us most marks on presentation... We have to find so many things about the minorities. And some minorities are kinda impossible to dig their sources in the internet... Oh, fawk it.

I've been spending my patiences on my assignment. And usually my grades are just average, but it's too early to give up so... I kinda looked for some motivation quotes to get myself motivated. Yes, I am motivated. Usually I wouldn't get more than B- for my Figure Drawings, not more than B for my Drawings and less than 5 for my Design Fundamental... But hard works do pay off. I've been drawing, drawing and drawing. Listen to the lecturer, read the comment and...

I finally got a B+! It supposedly to be B but... Thank you, whoever marks this. Jeffrey or ZY, I appreciate this a lot! I know it's only 'acceptable' to be B+, but I will work harder to maintain a B+, and try my best to get A-. First, I need more comments on my work, maybe I might ask some people who are skilled in figure drawings... But more importantly, I have to keep doing and doing... Yaya I'm being over dramatic now. But I just want to encourage and motivate myself here. Aite?! Good luck, Wallace! Let's be the Wallace you want to be, and not the Walley you used to be! Another assignments for 5 males and 5 females, this will be the third time for doing the same assignment. But I wouldn't complain now, bring it on babeh! Oh, Pinky has posted the photos back when we were doing a short drama or show for the class activities. So here's something extra, before concluding the blog! I had fun on blogging this, and it took me 2 hours to finish this. Mainly because I was tweeting, Skyping and Facebooking... Okay nuff said, picture time!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Majoring Talk!

Despite for having one assignment left, which is the Figure Drawing, I decided to push away and do it after blogging this thing. YES. It's been a while since I blogged, almost about a month! And I feel guilty for not updating it like more often. But to be very frank with you, it's not that I don't have time to blog... It's that I don't have the idea of what to blog about! I think this should blog should be my 'monthly blog'... I need to come out with a blog post, with some photos right? So that you guys won't feel bored... But it's still gonna be an entry with TONS of words, don't worry! >:)

So my dear college, The One Academy organized a seminar for the Semester 1 students. It's all about what major to take after this semester, maybe in three months time? It's kinda decisive for me to say I am sure that I'm going for Digital Animation pathway. I know DG students' life will be very hectic and tiring, after hearing the seniors' "scary advice"...  But I am still tempted tho! I want to animate something, I want to entertain the world with animation! Okay I've gone too far, let's just stick back to where we've gone through SHALL WE? For your information, this picture was taken this morning via Instagram application... Speaking about Instagram... I have successfully updated (well, alternatively) my Xperia x8 from 2.1 to Gingerbread! I don't wanna update my phone to Honey Comb or Ice-cream Sandwich yet because the main reason to update my phone is just to install those applications that require more than 2.1. And what's the best thing about updating my phone? Multi-touch! I thought Xperia x8's screen is not programmed for maybe dual-touch for the least but somehow the hacking technology impressed me! ...But IT never crossed my mind, go for arts!


I woke up like 6:30am, and arrived to college in about 8:00am. Styled my hair, went to Sunway to have a chill. I thought Sunway Pyramid had their aircond switched on but NO. They didn't turn their Wi-Fi on also! But luckily for me, thanks to my mother, I can online unlimitedly wherever I go. Decided to "divorce" with my beloved DiGi Networks (NOT DG) and hook for UMOBILE 3G... Now I'm using post-paid, so let's hope I won't call too often. Maybe text-messaging, but I prefer whatsapp! Maybe I'm not gonna use Kakaotalk any more... The people there, seem to stop responding me after maybe like few days for not talking to them... Ah, forget about it. But after registering for this UMOBILE 3G Network, my phone's battery life seems to run a little too fast... In about 3 hours my phone battery 'dah habis'! Lesson learned, and I always have my phone charger in my bag. Just in case... I need an MP3 player now seriously, save my life a lot for the sake to get a longer battery life lasting phone!

Okay crap crap crap and I'm moving to the next point. Saw Wei Han on my way to the cinema... Coincidentally! Cool right? The seminar is actually in a cinema! The same hall for the Induction Programme for the newcomers, my batch... Trust me, that hall is awesome! At least more awesome than any other halls I've been... (DUH). This is a freaking cinema dude! The best "class" ever! ...Ahem. Okay so the registrations tarts at 9:30am, I arrived there for like an hour earlier... Obviously, there weren't a lot of students when I got there. Interestingly, most of the students were my classmates! For some reasons, my classmates are all "early birds"; we always have the habit for coming earlier than just being early. The earliest one should be me, I WILL always be the first student to be in the class... Should reward me the best student award eh? So the talk has 5 sessions, and I picked 3 sessions. First, imma listen to "How To Choose Your Major" from Mr. Halim who just got back from East Malaysia, as what he mentioned. So after that there will be 4 sessions for the following: Multimedia Design, Illustration, Digital Animation and Advertising and Graphic Design. Of course and obviously, I picked Illustration and Digital Animation... It's the only thing I can think as if before I entered to college. Wait, before entering college I was about to choose Multimedia but I realized, I want to do something more to film industry... You know what I mean.

After listening to Halim's talk, we went out for a walk from the hall and skipped Multimedia's talk... But it was still early, not all shops were opened back then. As you can see in the picture, none were there. There is actually, but camera tricked you. Aha, thanks to the Instagram's cropping, this photo's content looked empty. ...To be honest, I enjoy walking in an empty mall alone... Weird but sometimes I love being alone... Just for minor cases, other than those... PLEASE STAY WITH ME! We were so hungry, probably starving! Even after I had my "breakfast"! So we were looking for restaurants. Unfortunately for us, none has tickled our interests. Suddenly some random guy had this idea, lunch in Pizza Hut! I think this was my idea... Who cares, since everyone agreed. We headed to Pizza Hut. There were 10 of us, and 9 were only eating. Vincent wasn't up for it, so he just had mushroom soup. I myself is a big fan for western foods. And I love pizza, A LOT. I could have the whole pan of pizza if I want, and I still can have maybe 3 pans of them! I have huge appetite, but I walk a lot... That might explain why I still can maintain my body shape. BUT I AM STILL NOT SATISFIED WITH IT. I needa go to gym! *Too bad I've got no time*. After ordering we just realized we only had 30 minutes to eat! The foods were ready, and we ate on time. YES. We're still not too late for the Illustration talk!

Okay... I admit the Illustration Talk was interesting, although the speaker didn't sound interesting like how Eric Leong did when Induction Programme... Oh well! Mostly those illustration artworks ALWAYS impress me, deep to my heart. I am very very impressed by the artists. Mainly my lecturers, their artworks are no joke. I'm serious. Maybe TOA really can produce these sort of "talents". And the speaker's name is Leo Chong, maybe you can search up his name for his art work? Next up is the Digital Animation Talk... The talk I've waiting for! And the lecturer or maybe the speaker was Seamus Tan. I saw the details of the things he showed me, Modelling, Composition and Visual Effects... Holy, those are all the things I love! I am tell you the truth, I am very passionate for these. But being a Digital Animation students do not just animate right? I can see some of the things that Digital Animation students working on is almost the same as what Illustration students do... Correct me, if I got mistaken. Yes, after attending these two talks, I'm confirmed for Digital Animation. Hopefully my passionate for this subject will last forever!

PHEW! Just finish crapping. We skipped the Advertising and Graphic Design talk, went back to The One Academy to do some other stuffs. I wanted to charge my phone, battery running low again... That's the disadvantage for having a fully-function smartphone. Even iPhone's battery runs out easily! I think I needa buy 2 batteries to standby, just in case if any of these ran out of life, I can just replace it with another one. Smart idea huh? So imma conclude this post, and do my assignments now! Figure drawing rocks...

Here's a final picture for this blog post, PHOTOBOMB!

P.S. this blog post is heavily instagrammed.

Friday, 1 June 2012

YUM CHA! Starbucks Frappucino Day!

So it's been a while since I've last blogged... Due to loads and loads of headache assignments. Okay la, actually not 'loads', we only have few assignments. But the problem is the assignments are all so challenging and brain-squishing! The lecturer's expectation is really high on us, and some don't even give good marks despite on how much efforts we put in the project... Oh well, I kinda prefer strict instructors or lecturers so that we could learn more and more and more... Am I right? Lalala, talking crap again. Anyway, been having college life for 3 weeks already and it's awesome! As expected I've made new friends! And they're all amazing people, no joke. Not sure if things are gonna change for the upcoming years, I can't be too sure but I'm comfortable for what I'm living right now...

This is basically, our "class-photo" taken on my birthday! (And it's even on Li Hao's wallpaper... xD) It's so great to be close with people, RIGHT?! I've successfully transformed myself from being an introvert to an extrovert... Good thing I guess, at least I prefer to be socialized... Alright cut that, Adele wasn't in this picture and which I felt that she should somehow? Hmm, maybe we should hangout more... Before CD1205-4 ends and before we're parted... When are we gonna get our Sunway Lagoon 1 Year Free Membership card anyway?! I can't wait to have fun over there!

We went to Starbucks today, but BEFORE THAT... I feel so guilty, cuz I wasn't fully paying attention to the class. Instead of being 100% concentrated, I was slacking around with my classmates and post random stuffs in the Facebook... I mean seriously, those things they're teaching in Malaysian Studies are basically general knowledge for Malaysians and all those histories have been repeated for N times already. BUT I am still gonna study anyway... NOT!

HAHA, this was posted during the class. But oh well, I promise to not repeat the same class behaviour again. I have to somehow excel my studies, I've vowed that to myself somehow. No more laziness, be keen! Good thing I'm studying for what I love, not studying for what I hate... You know, Maths... History... and all that. I think all of the art students have this in common, WE ALL HATE MATHS. Not sure about others tho, but as far as I know, most of my classmate hates... Maths, right? I hate to calculate, anyway... I hate it since infant! HAHA, I'm sure of it, I'm a right-brainer! So... 3, 2, 1... CLASS DISMISSED. Let's go crazy! Let's go crazy! C.N.Blue's reference...

Let's dance! For the night of nights, the night of nights, tonight! ->

This is the thing we're gonna enjoy for the evening: Frappucino! My forever favourite beverage from Starbucks! Heard from an Australian that there's White Mocha in Australia... JEALOUS. I'm a huge fan for white stuffs! Imagine white frappucino... GORGEOUS! So we went to Sunway Pyramid at around... 4:45pm and it was still early since the promotional poster stated that the promotion begins at 5:00pm! We thought we had a lot of time but we were actually wasting it by walking from the Old Wing to the New Wing's Starbucks... But truth to be told, New Wing's Starbuck is much better than the Old Wing's one. A better environment I guess? As soon as we got there... This is what we saw...

A LONG LONG LONG LINE! Ethan is in the picture anyway ;) We waited roughly around 10 minutes and it wasn't a bad queue anyway... The process was fun, talking and having fun with the classmates. Fun, fun, fun, fun. Thank Gawd It's Friday! Everybody get to enjoy to the max! ...Not for me, I have to spend my weekends for my assignments. So let's say fighting! fighting! for myself! Since the line was super long, one of the staff members came out and distributed the size of the Frappucino and took our orders... Literally. And after collecting our orders, it's time for... Frappucino blast! I'm so excited, yeah!

and... Here comes the badass coffee!

Phew! That's the pictures taken from my phone camera... Sorry for the bad quality tho, it's been a while since I blog a post with full of photos! I'm gonna enhance the visuals for my blog anyway, a long blog post all over again! Loike, loike! Moving on to the things we've done while we were in Starbucks...

Hmm, basically just chit-chat and have some fun over there... "You don't say?" Yeah I know. Nery had to leave earlier since she has to return to home town with her brother (from what I've heard) and the rest remained. Moon was smoking his cigarettes and he's like enjoying his life... Ethan, hmm... I can't be too sure. Gwen and Claire were talking as usual, I was just a random guy talking random stuff there. Dark Mocha... I just realized the Tall-sized has better taste than Venti-sized... Maybe because of the ingredients used for that particular size? I'm just a big fan for coffee, I love the coffee smells... I'm serious! I love drinking cold stuffs, I love coffee, I love professional ice-blended coffee... But thanks to the Frappucino's freezing, I'm suffering a sorethroat nao... Oh well, I have to suffer the consequences for not being able to keep myself down... STOP USING MONEY OKAY?! I'm Asian so... I kinda like snapping pictures as the 'momentos'... But I never actually viewed a photo properly but I think I was just doing it for my blog's sake... I GUESS. I took pictures with Shader and Yen Yong. The gals! Unfortunately, not so good shot with Adele. And I didn't take pictures with everyone, will do so.

Alright, that's all for the blog post! Imma conclude this thing and call it a night... Since it's already 12:00am something, YESH. gonna rush assignments for tomorrow, I'm gonna leave now. So... buh-bye! Thank you for spending time on my blog post tho, hope you won't blame me for wasting your time haha >=D Let's get this ended!

P.S. Rumours! f(x) is coming back this month! Anticipation, crossing fingers!