Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Movies at Mid Valley & IOI Mall!

Good day ladies and gentlemen; monsieurs and madames! This happened in 27th February, where I hanged out with two of my friends to watch movies! What movie exactly we planned to watch? This Means War... I'm thrilled to watch this because I've been looking forward to watch this movie since last time hanging out with the admin of the MYSUJU... I expected this movie will have some comedy twist scenes since it's two 'spies' fighting over for a woman... Oh well, let's just begin what it should be. Aite? Story, NOW.

I was late! Because I need to style my hair nicely after getting a new hair... Oh you haven't check out my new hairstyle? It's on the left side of this paragraph, yeah, retarded pose. But who cares, I like my new hair... Not really, only the way it looks like here in the picture, I don't know HOW did the stylist make my hair look so awesome and I can't do it myself, FML. Imma test it out with lots of sprays and waxes later... I screwed my hair up because I knew I was going to be late. And I completely lose my mind as I was rushing, just randomly apply wax on my hair and spray around, gaodim, get out from the house wait for bus. Supposedly Andrew planned to go to Sunway to watch movie but DUE TO MY LATE ARRIVAL, no bus to Sunway and ended up going to Mid Valley. Gosh, oh hell now, that was what I thought about in my head. I just been to Mid Valley on 26th February, yesterday! So not fun, but I have got no choice; I am not a boss (and I was the 'maknae')... Now, bus to Mid Valley... Well thankfully Mid Valley isn't as boring as IOI Mall, I've been to IOI Mall for more than N times already! As soon as we get to Mid Valley, we went up to the toppest floor (where the Golden Screen Cinema was located) to get our tickets... "Sorry, no perfect places for trio", what? Dafuq? But bitch, it's weekdays! ...Okay fine... No "This Means War" then, and I'm an easygoing person so Clifford and Andrew decided "Fist of Dragon" by themselves. Note that this movie is 18+ movie! I know I haven't pass my age but... Hey, I'm 1994 liner! Technically I can considered as an adult! But I was a little regret for choosing "Fist of Dragon", but I wanted to watch "Beauty and the Beast" in 3D, no choice, WE BOUGHT THE TICKETS! So we entered into the theatre, because it started immediately as soon as we got our tickets... The movie just started.

The trailer does make the movie seemed brutal and violent but it's actually pretty easy to handle. Some of the people from the net (I or we call them netizens) wouldn't want to watch it as it's too much for them... But I'm going to tell you this martial movies 100 times better than horror! Starring Michael Chuah, the main protagonist and the director of this film from Malaysia itself, Fiona Xie and Henry Thia both are from Singapore and lastly Wang Xiao Chen from Qingdao, China... After watching the whole movie, four thumbs up for this movie! Two thumbs from my hand and two thumbs from my foot, PROBLEM? Omg, Michael Chuah please be my baby! He's awesome! But his acting skills aren't as good as others, expression-less. But it's alright because the character he acted here is a cold character... The way he performed his martial art skills here is really... DAEBAK! Or should I say, LI HAI! I was totally gone crazy for this new generation Bruce Lee! Even if it's fake skills, it still lighten up me as his fan... Ah fuck it, he's just awesome and you should watch it for yourself. Okay there are a lot of brutal scenes, and too some gross scenes... 18+ movie la dailou! But there are too some funny scenes, recommend you to watch it if you're a fan of martial arts and stuffs like that. GO GET YOUR TIX IN CINEMA!

After watching that movie, it's time for a little hangout! And picture time! I went to this mall, connected to Mid Valley: The Gardens. Well designed, well conditioned place! But this place... Isn't suitable for us paupers to shop with. More like foreigners and rich bitches place, from the pictures... You can tell how 'class' this mall is. Definitely 'classy' mall...

See? Well it might not be as good as the malls you've seen in your countries... Blame we're not too blessed with good stuffs. I'd like to go to complexes from all over the world! For example, Thailand's Central Mall! And shop-street walking in China! Maybe the same in Japan and Korea too? Will try in the future. Shopping, definitely one of my favourite activities! But ONLY if I have money... Comparisons between Mid Valley and The Gardens... Okay, here you go: Malaysia and Singapore. That says it all, you will understand. Many people ask why do I not watermark my photos... It's not necessary, unless it's some important photos like shots of idols taken by me? Or shots for precious item, then I will watermark them. Here are the pictures for Mid Valley, it's not TOO BAD because it has been long in Malaysia since I was 5, no kidding.

Spam pictures! My favourite. The last picture, Yogi Yogi (reminds me of 'Here, here!' in Korean, but it's not because the writing is different, meh) is an ice-cream stall. My favourite ice-cream, can be compared to McDonald's ice cream. Actually they're better than McDonald, because they have longer and deeper (in the cone) amount of ice-cream but McDonald's Sundae Cones are great too, with except I hate the surcharge from government. Always need to dig my wallet for this little 5 cent... Hate the coins, seriously. Alright it's time to go back to IOI Mall... And why were we here in Mid Valley? Just for movie? Damn, it's better to get it done in IOI Mall for 2 movies! I don't know why was he planning to go 'outstation' for movie, geesh I wasn't annoyed but Clifford was... Ignore that, the looking great outdoor of Mid Valley, way to get to the bus stop for public transport.

And we're back in IOI Mall, for the second movie! Because I wasn't happy with the first choice, I planned to watch "This Means War" but ended up with another movie, NO REGRET but need to claim my plans back. So yeah, back to IOI and got our tickets for this movie. It started immediately when we got our tickets, great why was that day so rushing? Cry cry... But it worth. The second movie was really great too. As expected, this movie has much funny scenes and hilarious plotting in between the spies. One being local American and the other is a British. I don't know what do they mean 'He's British' because I'm not American-born, but anyone who read this would you mind to tell me what's with being a 'British'? Thanks! Oh and this movie DOES have some serious scenes, just not as much as comedy ones. I like the American one, the actor's name is Chris Pine. He has sparkling marble blue eyes! Just like Zac Efron's! In this movie, he's daring and flirtatious and... Good looking. That's the man I want to be but too bad I'm no good when it comes to qualification of being a flirtatious not to mention daring, I'm a timid guy... =P So this movie is about two men fighting over for a woman, conflict happens on these two best friends and that's how the story goes. For those who want to have good laugh or entertaining movie, I suggest this one. People who LOVE TO LAUGH like me, wouldn't regret for this. Movie-lover I am, creative-hunger I have here in my stomach, I'm going to write another story. Hopefully it's going to be completed and eventually published... In my dreams.

Alright it's time for dinner, I'm starving now! And today is my younger sister's birthday! (28th February), officially, her birthday. Hopefully she's not going to boast around about how blessed she is for getting celebrating a hundred times for her birthday... 'Nuff crapping, time to eat. Ciaoz people! Pop-corns, Dream High Season 2 later!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Padi House & Tutti Frutti!

Is it for me or what, my blog has become a food blog LOL! Anyway, yesterday, 19th Feburary I had my computerized driving theory test or examination. To be honest, I wasn't really ready for this test cuz I haven't study enough for the Section C and not so good in Section B. But long ago before graduating from high school, someone encouraged me to deal with anything with sufficient confident. So I tried my best for it. But anyway, the process of this whole driving theory thing I'll leave it to the next post that it's relevant to the next blog I'm gonna blog about, I'll just focus on Padi House and Tutti Fruitti...

Padi House! Originally planned to go eat Kenny Roger's but turned out not making it because there weren't any Kenny Roger's restaurant existing in Kuchai Lama. And it was a celebration for my younger sister's birthday, shucks it wasn't her official birthday JUST celebration. At first I didn't want to follow but I miss my little baby cousin so much so I tailed along with them and it worth it all! Foods are great, desserts for stressed! Worth it all, worth it! So this Padi House is located at somewhere at the 'Big Palace' Carrefour (can't find the direction? Google Map it) and if you're a lover of western foods, be sure you drop by over at this restaurant! I myself is kinda a westernized person, not really 'westernized' but I like English, western culture and western foods. Big fan of western stuffs. Asians have it's good sides but I'm more opened to the western side, not betraying my race tho! I like Chinese, Korean and Japanese foods! The interior and exterior design for this restaurant was kinda alright, comfortable to dine with just the tables are a bit too small for rounded-sofa seats. You know 6 people on one small table... I hope Padi House will hear this so they somehow change for it. Licking for delicious foods...

I'm feeling hungry again! I feeling like munching them in my mouth... These foods are fantastic, their used-ingredients for everything was just at the excellency rate. But there was one problem, regardless about the price, the size of the meat should be larger... I think I fantasized too much of Bumbu Bali's meals? Oh well, Bumbu Bali fetish. Little girl here was enjoying her meals even it's little... Gosh why is she so adorable? She's so sweet and kind, willing to spare her foods with people. But sometimes she's no difference with an alarm-clock; when she starts crying no one could stop her. To avoid her from consuming oily foods, we gave her vegetables... To train her eat vegetable! Now I started digging in, and I couldn't stop. Didn't order any drinks because we're gonna have desserts later so we just had normal glass of water. The meats I ordered were muttons, for people's sake I will try avoiding from eating beef since Guan-Yin believers are restricted to eat them (which most of the Chinese here are Buddhist) and so I will accompany them to eat something else like muttons or chicken? But if you ask me, my personal meat favourite would be beef since it's chewy and all... Bacons aren't bad, but I rate chicken for second and muttons for third. Depending on how they cook.

After having the feast at the Padi House, it's time for cake! Oh yeah, Happy Birthday my stupid sister. Though we always argue and never got along well, but I hope you do well on your studies! Alright I've sent you a wish here so don't brag to mom that I'm some meanie brother. Shuddup and eat your cake! The picture on the left side, was how I looked. Pretty neat huh? I kinda like simple style, a white t-shirt with black jeans (imported from China). I like the design on my shirt, Earth 10! That picture was snapped in a Bakery shop, where my sister was choosing for her birthday cake. Expected to pick Fruit Cake or Cheese Cake, but goddamit she was being a good girl and picked the Mocha cake in the 'sake' of 'saving money' for my parents... Girl, it doesn't make a difference when it's 5 dollars difference (MYR)... Just eat what you want, I'll pay for it if you're really mind about it. But the cake was pretty nice, I'm a coffee snob myself: Starbucks addict (but I only have it like once in a year FML ... Yeah it's not even 'addiction') As mentioned it's freaking Mocha flavoured or Mocha cake itself, it does have some coffee tastes in it but not much. It's cake after all, unless it's pure-made from Starbucks or something. The icings were too sweet, but other than that everything was alright. Some picture spam!

How cute... Little baby! And her sister, and the delicious cake. Phew, much much much pictures update lately, I hope this new style of updating blog will be alright for ya. I need to show something more interesting in order to get everyone interested to read my blog... Actually this was inspired by Xiaxue's blogging style, as she post bunch of pictures and I never got tired of reading her blog posts, gotta idolize the amazing Singaporean blogger... At least she's better than Dawn Yang. ALRIGH! After the dinner, it's time for some sweet stuffs!

Tutti Fruiti! See how I was enjoying the cup of ice-cream! Actually those aren't ice-cream, I believe they're 'frozen yoghurt'... It shares similarities to Yoghurt Land in the United States, according to what I saw from Michelle Phan's VLOG. They're delicious, it's been a while since I tasted premium quality of ice-cream... Love you mommy and daddy, for blessing me such high class ice-cream! Imma earn on my own and spend on myself, not gonna use parents' money again they've worked hard enough for it. Enjoyable, very. I love how the yoghurt was made. Le me, squishing for yoghurt! I couldn't help but keep squishing for more! More ice-cream, more fun, ...more expensive. Gosh my face looked so red and I didn't even take any alcohols! Oh well, the temperature matters. Freaking oven in Malaysia, I need some air! That's why I need some cooling from ice-cream or yoghurt. Milk products, my favourite! I drink milk everyday... Fresh milk indeed, ah. What am I crapping here oh my. I'm addicted to photo spams, so here ya go for the third round! The Tutti Frutti!

Some accidents happened, baby cousin fell down! Heartache... She's a great girl, stood up by herself and didn't cry so much. And she could tell where's the pain... Thanks to my treat, she's getting better. I always have to treat her some treats since she has been doing well these days. As if she's being naughty, NO MORE TREATS. *No! meme* Oh well, here's a cute photo of her before concluding the blog post. I'm getting tired, so I might go to sleep early today. Anyway thanks for reading! Please keep reading and Follow this blog! Thanks!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

K-POP Crazy Party!

So I haven't been mentioning the upcoming event lately cuz I have no confirmation on any of these. And I just happened to receive a call from Universal on Thursday, 9th February 2012 that I actually won a pair of passes to this fan-meeting without any artists. I thought it was cool because there will be lots of good activities going on in around that auditorium. Anyway, before winning these passes, I thought this was a concert but turns out to be some kind of fan event (and it's free) so I just participated on downloading caller-ringtone from DiGi (since I'm their subscribers) and tried my luck on winning these and so I did! And when Universal called me, I was like 'What?', a huge shocked (or surprised) for me! So I get to go to this event, and what to do? I need to bring someone along... My offer has been rejected by many people, either they're not interested or too busy for it. Until I found this SONE and he said okay so I found one yay lol.

The next morning I woke up and get myself prepared for the event, it was kinda exciting? I don't have to describe the 'excited' since you all probably already know what I meant. It takes about 45 minutes journey to go to Bentley Music Auditorium in Mutiara Damansara from Puchong, the place where I'm living right now. And thanks to Google Map, I found out on how to go to this music auditorium easily. I thought I'd go to The Curve for a walk but it's already 2:45pm something so I had to go get my passes with my cell number. I was scratching my head on wondering which floor was K-POP Crazy Party at. I saw some of the people wearing the pass and I asked them which I found out it was at the 4th floor. And then I expected to hear some fan's noises when I got out from the elevator and I was right. The moment when I stepped out from the elevator, my prediction was right! I could hear people shouting this and that about K-POP... It's no wonder because as a K-POP fan myself, I will do the same too! =P

So at the Registration Area, the first thing I noticed was a lot of humans... Duh xD and these two lovely Korean-dressed couple model from the event, the guy was said to be a Korean-looking guy. And umm, yeah I have to agree that he does look like a Korean. I wonder if they can speak basic Korean words properly? Haha. They also sell CDs, I saw the U.S. version of Girls' Generation The Boys was on the stall, and I happened to  Then I saw these Super Junior's, Girls' Generation's, Troublemaker's and Cube Family's stands everywhere. Unfortunately I didn't snap any good shots of them with my camera, I just happened to have this Girls' Generation stand picture from Universal Music Malaysia's Facebook page. Fans are taking pictures with these stands like as the girls are real... LOL what am I talking about here? I was waiting for Justin who was going to get the other pass from me and so after waiting him it's time to get into the auditorium~ I think actually we can enter into the hall earlier it's just not started that early since they have to manage stuffs like the performances, chairs and stuffs like that... Poor staffs, they've worked hard. Salute to them. Here are some photos taken from Universal Music Malaysia:

So this is how the registration looked like before going into the auditorium. Every fans gathered to leave a message and stuffs like that for their idols, as mentioned, taking pictures with the stands and stuffs. So when I was entering into the auditorium, I could hear K-POP music being played in the hall and thus fans got fangasmed by the music because like those music are like drugs to us. We need to keep on consuming those 'drugs' in order to get ourselves feel good. That's the definition of 'drugs' right? It can be applied for so many things and I just realized...

My apology for the picture's quality, it sucked. I'm working on an iPhone 4S and a Canon DSLR (or any better brand for DSLR, recommend to me!)~ See? Poor students citizens like me work so hard for certain things and deserved so less, how I wish I'm rich so I can buy anything I want... Who says money can't buy happiness? Can't you buy whatever you want that makes you happy? And health, can be bought, without money, you can't buy healthy groceries or top class imported nutrition foods from other countries which makes you healthier; Money is the thing. Haha I guess I 9gagged too much, too much of crap... Oh my bad, back to the event... Yeah this picture described (not really) how the auditorium was like: crowded. I'm sure each of everyone there is (or was?) a K-pop fan. I can generally talk to anyone there if I want, pretty much those K-pop fans will get even excited if the chant got louder or something... The most passionate and loud fan-chant I heard was Girls' Generation's The Boys... It's no wonder because I was at a place where all the mysone was sitting at. I will be a #foreveralone fan to these kind of events because f(x) rarely gets any love from people, or at least it's just me who gone crazy when they played f(x)'s songs... Seriously, they deserve more than just my insane love for them! Hopefully next time f(x)'s community will have some improvements in these sort of fan meetings or event... fx-malaysia.net, I'm talking about you! Maybe EXO-Malaysia too will be boosting since they are receiving much attentions from SM's cunning bunch of teasers releasing to the world...

Original photo by Universal Music Malaysia's Facebook.
The even started off with the MC's greeting, I forgot what's her name sorry... They have this dance competitions in between the 3 groups. I remembered seeing them in the Registration Area and I can guessed that they are going to be on the stage somehow, judging by the 'flashy' clothes they were wearing. The first team who participated the dance competition was a group made up by girls and boys. What was their group's name... I forgot, lemme think for a little *scratching my head* ah yes, I think they're the Ruffneckz if I'm not mistaken. Pretty good performance! I enjoyed the "Oppa! Oppa!" by the Super Junior's sub-unit. From where was I sitting, when I was witnessing the performance by the duo which was introduced by the very first moment, I thought that the girl and the guy do not really look like the Troublemaker, but seeing this picture it makes me wondered 'was that really Hyuna?' while the guy still doesn't or didn't look like Hyunseung but he looked like Seungri instead. These people are blessed born with idol faces... Jealous. The following team was Dawn's Arch and Progression. The Progression did well but not the Dawn's Arch. The judges even praised the Progression danced well and should go to South Korea and something like that. I couldn't make a good judge because I wasn't being hyper, fixing my jeans' button (that will be explained later) Though Dawn's Arch didn't do as well as the other group for their first song's The Boys, but flashing back to when I was watching their performance, I remembered their Troublemaker was kinda okay. I don't know, I remembered the judges saying that they're still stiff for their dance moves. Maybe they haven't practice enough or something? Though not as well as the others, but still give them thumbs up for being brave enough to dance on the stage. Salute to all the dancing groups! What's the most important thing when performing on the stage? Responds from the audiences. Same thing when you're talking, people are really listening to you, you'll be very appreciating, something like that... The following pictures captured by and taken from Universal Music Malaysia & K-Popped (credits):

Too bad no one represented f(x)! I was thinking of joining this dance competition but something stops me from doing so... First I have no teammates, second I'm going to get defeated by the others anyway. I'm not qualified to be their rivals as I haven't receive any official dance lessons before... So avoiding is better the covering. But if I had a chance, imma represent f(x) as if no one is going to. Show f(x) some loves babeh! Other than dance competition, they had various kind of games like pop-quiz and lucky draw. LUCKY PEOPLE GET TO WIN THE AUTOGRAPHED ALBUMS. Though I'm not lucky enough to win those Girls' Generation files imported from South Korea, but I get to win a badge of their members! Anyway here's the detail of the event:

Guess yourself, which one was me. It's pretty obvious, but I'm not gonna tell LOL! So this game was inspired by the popular game show from South Korea's television show from the SBS Channel, le' Running Man! I'm pretty sure most of the fans are familiar about it. Thanks to K-popped.com, I got my 'lucky shot' in this picture lol... So the game was like this: We were separated by 2 groups, each group had 3 members. And 1 group will need to stick the stickers on the other group's body and the group will be shaking it off the memos as fast as they could. Cunning girl stuck those memo stickers on my back so I couldn't shake them off so easily LOL! And tell you what, my jeans' button popped out when I was overly shaking and I was struggling on the stage, thank goodness not much people saw my pants got opened up or I'll be super ashamed to be surfaced into the public again LMAO. I should've checked my shirts before participating to some parties... Heh, but it was fun! Winning Seohyun's badge wasn't bad either, in fact I prefer badge over file as I already have 2AM's file, I know what's enough for me xD Oh here's the badge I won:

Perfect for Seohyun's fans, tho not my bias but better than nothing! Now I have more stuffs for my K-Pop 'fridge'! Soon I'm going to collect the albums from f(x) and EXO and will grow my K-Pop collection for more... Now it's time for the lucky draw! Recalling that I've wished something in Miracle Website, I was hoping that this will come true: Please let me fly to Singapore to see Super Junior Super Show 4! But I'm not lucky enough to win, oh well. Those lucky asses get to go to Singapore and see the boys. My gosh, why are they so lucky V__V Oh well even if I won those I still probably need to call my dad over since the DiGi's name is under my dad's name not mine. Funny, I never knew I'll be winning those passes tho! Those lucky asses, better appreciate your chance flying to Singapore! Pictures captured by K-popped:

Oh yes, I forgot to mention. There was this Jay Park's crossover phone call from South Korea, Live! He even tweeted about it! Although not a big fan, but I had a great time listening to his voice and responds from us Malaysian lol! I think he was pretty tired because he sounded a little exhausted of was it just me... He kept saying 'mhm, mhm' haha, so cute. And the lucky beetches Jaywalkers (or fans) get to talk to Jay Park! I never knew he'll be answering questions about his tattoo... Too many tattoos. Actually I had a question, but I forgot, it's about Nigahiga, oh well it's over anyway... Here's his virutal respond for after the call:

Alright I should call it a day. I've been blogging long for this blogpost so I hope you guys had a great time on reading it. If this bores you then... My bad! And many fans left messages for idol groups like Girls' Generation, Super Junior and B2ST. Sucks that I forgot to mention: Girls' Generation please come to Malaysia for your 2nd Asia Tour! But anyway, what's done is done. Here's the last picture from my message to Girls' Generation. Universal Malaysia is going to send this to South Korea so I'm anticipating for them to give us responds but too bad they do not have Twitter accounts or something... Maybe we can get their respond from Super Junior or something? Alright, time to off! Bai readers!