Thursday, 29 December 2011


I woke up at about 7:30am to 8:05am, I don't know the exact time but I know I woke up around that time. But when I woke up I didn't get off from the bed 'instantly', I was still lying on the bed though my eyes are opened. This is like some kind of habits when I wake up, I have to let my mental restored to the right progress then I only get myself off from the bed. The first thing, I will always do after getting up from the bed... is to check mails, notification, mentions and stuffs. Because using smartphone or iPad to check are too mainstream! Okay I sounded like I'm some famous star who has loads of notification to check but no, I am super underrated. As I'm not some popular guy around the net, I am just any other common boy, or worse than common boy who has no one to talk to at all T__T that's why Twitter and blogging have become a must for me to get socialized. Sucha #foreveralone I am... T__T

Ah, okay stop the fucking craps. Usually I'd spend my time on watching something after having my mails done. Like you know, watching drama! I think I'm no difference with auntie. I enjoy watching drama at home, funny thing is I can't stop on a certain thing once I started it. Same manners to eating. But I know what am I doing, I had to catch up a bus at 10 o'clock so I didn't watch that much today. I just noticed Luna from f(x) has got a new drama called 'Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil'... Okay la, a little boring. I don't know what's the story about, even I was happy to see Luna in the drama... Oh well, since we have Krystal, Luna and Sulli debuted in acting (my wish came true), I'm waiting for Jessica from SNSD to appear next January 2012 and a new YoonA's drama is coming out soon. I'm also waiting for Victoria and Amber to act... I don't expect them to act in Korean drama, Taiwanese or Chinese drama also can. After watching half of this drama, I got bored and switched to another drama called High Kick 3, where Krystal will be starring in. I must watch that episode, know why? Cuz Taemin is in that episode with her! I am so gonna watch it although I'm not a too big fan for Taemin but Key. Anyhow it turns out that the episode was kinda predictable but... if I was Krystal I'll appreciate Taemin more for constantly sending me messages (KYA!) weird fanboy LOL!

I bet you might find this article a little too irrelevant to the MidValley? Yeah... I shall blog bout the hangout. I got my outfits done, my hair and stuffs and I went out to the bus stop to wait for U70. Luckily, that bus is coming like so early so I don't have to wait like so long. That shirt I was wearing will actually get my drenched in sweats but the bus was well-conditioned with good-quality air-condition so I don't have to worry so much until I reach to MidValley. It takes about 30 minutes from Puchong to MidValley, IF there aren't any jamming on the road. I was enjoying the music lalala and thus, I reached to MidValley.

So um, I was waiting at the McDonald for this top-fan for f(x) and Super Junior, but I couldn't see him. (Possibly because of his face was different from pictures with a pair of glasses added). Hunting all the way down to the Lower Ground floor, uh, I was trying to be 'fast' in case if he's waiting like mad. But turns out in the Lower Ground floor, he wasn't there. Pfftt, I was like 'speechless', at the same time, I thought I was pranked or something. But I was the one who's being stupid and then I met him... Gone for tickets in cinema, it was a long que but with many counters OFS, the long isn't some hard time to wait or perhaps we were talking... I made a super wrong choice to watch this 'We Bought A Zoo'. I received some good reviews from this 'We Bought A Zoo' movie but what the heck was it about? Those reviews were a lie or something? I have this movie-phobia now and I don't think imma watch another movie for a second time until my movie-phobia is over... Feel so guilty since I was the one who asked for this movie, mianhae jinja mianhae... T__T We also went for this snowflakes but... It was horrible. I almost vomit for that food and I made the wrong choice for adding 'milk' into this thing. Ew!

This outing is a little... less than I expected. (Sometimes language does matter in the way you express!) I thought I could do it better as MOST of the guys or gals I hanged-out always depended on me to make some noise =.= Tradition keeps going huh... No pictures today, sorry blog!

I think I'm going to Sunway for countdown, I need to have a blast burn fun before 2011 ends. To be frank with y'all, 2011 isn't a good year for me. It was a horrible year, it makes me realized I just lose so many friends -____- Do friends even existed in my dictionary? Idk, fuck it. Closing! BYE.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Triangle China Trip!

Hey guys! It's been a week, more than a week perhaps... Since I updated my blog! Now, I've updated this blog! With the short journey I had in China, travel journey perhaps. I'm another inspired-lifestyle blogger so I couldn't help but blog anything interesting out in my life. So yeah, as you can see in the banner the whole trip was waving the banner of 'Shanghai Welcome You', it proves that I really been to China for real. Lame eh, anyway... Click onto the day's blog title to check out the city I've visited there. I've spent 4 days to blog this so I hope my hard work does pay off here...!

Flying to Hangzhou!
Okay so... On 12th December, I had to wake up on 3am since. The cab will be arriving at 4am. And my flight was at 8am. I don't know why I had to wake up so early but meh, waking up at 3am is something exciting for me. And to tell you the truth, I barely slept on that day...

Jiangsu, Suzhou.
Moving on to the next destination, Suzhou (苏州)! I thought Suzhou is known for producing beautiful girls, since it's always mentioned in the television. But I guess Hangzhou is the correct place, correct me if I got anything wrong here...

Shanghai, A Little Taste Of Western!
Like finally, here I am! Shanghai! You'll never know the desire of the eager me, wanting to go to a busy city from all over the world! Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, London, New York and Paris! The perfect line up of the top cities that I wanted to go like so badly! I love Shanghai since young... I'm a city-boy, and I always have the flaming passion for busy city...

The Pearl Upon The Surface.
Judging from this picture and the previous one from Puxi, doesn't Pudong just look as classy as Shanghai supposed to be than Puxi? At first I thought Shanghai was just a land of city, cars and everything. But there's actually a very interesting thing that makes Shanghai even more interesting...

Old-street, Shanghai.
Hihi, old street! Who cares! It's still in Shanghai, everything in Shanghai is special! The last place to visit in Shanghai, sob sob... This place is colder than the other Shanghai places do although it was still crowded in that old street. I figured to buy something here at least since I've got nothing from Shanghai and I needed something to stay with me as some 'momento' or whatever it is...

Great Lake, Wuxi.
After bidding farewell with Shanghai, our travel schedule has moved on to the next city, Wuxi (无锡). I heard Wuxi is about 0°C or lower, hopefully Wuxi is going to snow! But no, unfortunately. Oh well... The journey to Wuxi is about 2 hours so it's time to nap in the bus again...

Nanjing, Southern City.
This city is the last city that I'll be visiting in China... Hmm, nothing much to say actually. The new local guide for this Nanjing City is really nice, unlike the Wuxi one. By the time when we arrived to Nanjing, it was already dark outside. About 5pm something, after having dinner we went to this...

The scent of the trees, the blue of the skies... The crowds in the city, the tremendous of the buildings. I can't believe I'm leaving China and going back to the hot hot country, Malaysia...  It was 7am in the morning...

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Alright here comes the outing blogging! It's going to be a long blog post I guess, or not. But anyway, this trip is a little special for me. Consider that I'm a 'kampung boy', I've never actually been to Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur for 10 years and I already forgot how did they look like! Oh well, maybe I still remember but not much. So this outing is actually a kind of gathering with your ex-classmates and hang out around in the mall or places. I'm tired right now 'cuz I'm back from somewhere I'll just go to the topic straight...
It's like morning and I have to wake up since my parents are taking me to the Puchong's famous shopping mall, IOI Mall to meet up with the 6O 'classics'... Except Kelly, she's going to meet us in Timesquare. So there were only like four of us that will be meeting up in the mall, I call us the '6O Quartet'. The moment when I stepped down from the car, (not really) Xyana messaged me 'Are you there yet?!' so I figured I wasn't the first to arrive. I met her up and she was with her parents, I guess her parents are worried about her, girl ma... Waited and waited, finally Andy and Linly showed up. We took U70 to go to KL Central. On the way to the KL Central, we talked about shits and craps. I don't think blogging them out is a good idea but anyway... Soon as we reached to the KL Central stop, we crossed over to the other side from the bus stop in order to get to the ticketing account. We've got our tickets, go and back and get into the Monorail which will take us to the Timsquare straight. When we were at the Monorail, we were like kinda panic 'cuz KL is known for crime place. The RM50 is important to me and I keep checking my wallet to confirm my money is still safe. Until some place later, we reached to the Timesquare's stop and we went out from the Monorail. 
If it wasn't Linly, I think the whole gang will be lost.

Okay, our first spot for the Timesquare trip was having lunch. Teenagers like us will always pick McDonald since it's the cheapest, fastest and best fast food restaurant for us. So we thought it would be good if we start snapping pictures, and here we are! The first picture at the left side. Now I realized why aunt gave me this nickname, 'big-headed ball'. My head is really like the largest (or biggest) here. Maybe the hair matters... Chang-cu (the left) no doubt, looks the best here. Andy looks like he's having some murder-motive expression... Chok-yong? So the time we spent in Timesquare wasn't so long because Kelly joined us and we're gonna start our outing plan as soon as possible. We hit into the Sungei Wang for our next station, it wasn't so far and was just like beside the Timesquare... I'm good with Kuala Lumpur thing so Linly was mostly the leader of this whole thing. We're now at the Sungei Wang but... There was like nothing to shop about, we just went through the whole building and nothing came out so we just got out from Sungei Wang and walked to Pavilion, it wasn't that bad, not too far though.

Before going to Pavilion, we stopped by at some notable places like the National Geographic logo, which the picture was showing and so much more fun places just to take pictures. We're like, the tourists in Kuala Lumpur! We don't even look like local at all! Especially with a DSLR around, that's for extra. I sound more and more crappy... I should get this blog post done ASAP. Anyway we travel various places and we entered as many stores as we could. You know, those random shops... Even the shop only sells expensive stuffs, we still go into the store... Window shopping ma... Fight Alone! My favourite t-shirt... But I always tried avoid wearing Brand Outlet tees 'cuz they're everywhere in Puchong. I don't want to wear the same t-shirt with random people and ended up making this awkward moment. Wearing them in Kuala Lumpur is a different thing, I can avoid seeing those annoying same t-shirt there for the least I guess?

Off to our next station, the Fahrenheit 88! I don't know where there is and not even Linly since that shopping mall is too new for us. But we managed to snap some good pictures. They had this singing group, lip-synching to the song like no one will notice it. And I had this idea, shout 'STOP FAKING YOUR VOICE!' to freak the people out and I did, but no one cared! But still, I brought some laughter to my friends LOL! Well they said always have some wild fun while you still can in your age so I did... And this is not the wildest thing I've experienced though! Picture inside was when we were window shopping around in the Fahrenheit 88... Wait, more like Girls Day Out! While the girls enjoy shopping, we guys were almost dead bored as we walked with them... Not really dead bored, just our legs couldn't bear any more. I think girls' legs are made of steels when it comes to shopping... Some 'noble' quotes...

Okay this is where I had my embarrass moment here... So I was walking outside at the Pavilion and there were like many bear statues, each bear has it own's country painting. I'm not afraid to admit that Malaysia has got the most boring painting one, and we got excited when... Never mind, here's a screen cap from my Facebook's status to tell what exactly happened:

Okay this is so embarrassing! T__T I'm so so so ashamed, to be honest. I shouldn't always act before think. This is like my fatal weakness... Anyway proceed into the Pavilion, Linly had to change her bag since it was like somehow damaged and the shop was nice and kind enough to change her a new one. Next we're going to the Tokyo Street, I think it's the newly opened department. Nothing special, like any other Asian Avenue from Sunway Pyramid, wait, Asian Avenue is better! Never mind, forget about it. There I saw someone familiar, he was the senior of my school and I bet he didn't recognize me since I'm like one of the most underrated students in the school, not much people know me despite I've been participating K-Pop dance thingy for 2 years. Went to Superhero to look for something to buy but well... Nothing was affordable in Pavilion. Too nice to see, too 'nice' to spend.

Linly and the girls cannot endure anymore and they started to begin their shopping. This is where, the nightmare for guys started. I, well, was planning to buy something but seeing that I've got cash-limitation, I didn't buy anything to save for the next hangout, a hangout I somehow asked from earlier. Basically nothing to talk about here, it was all about shopping so I'll just end this blog post with a picture. Nice to spend time here blogging!

1:05AM, 12th December 2011
verified, Walley

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Korean, Starbucks!

Okay so today, hmm, I'm going to blog something funny and interesting! At least for me, yeah... But before starting this 'interesting' blog post, I'm gonna blog about something else. It's the last day of me wearing school uniform! My last paper was Computer Graphics, and I figured that it will be either super hard or easy. So I woke up and took this photo, yeah I know it's a little weird but it's to be a momento for my last day wearing school uniform... I'm not gonna wear it anymore! Not in this life, maybe next life.

Okay um, I'm a little speechless 'cuz I look a little weird here. No one's praising their own photo by saying 'I look so naise today' and I too do not do these sort of things. Just be humble, like it in your own heart... But I don't personally like this photo, just posting this for fun or it will be very dead-looking blog post. So this was morning, and before I get to school. Now let's talk about flying to school...... So I arrived to school, and I thought I should be lining up at the school's badminton court but I saw my classmates were hanging around at the lobby, everyone seemed so free. And I figured this day will be like, very free? Yeah, I think. I didn't have enough sleep because I was really in a bad mood yesterday and didn't sleep very well. I learned my lesson! Don't nag me, don't nag me. School just sponsored a box of colour pencils and it's safe to say I'm lucky cuz I didn't bring any colour pencils! FML. Thank you teacher, SO MUCH. I wouldn't success without you! Okay so the exam was... Super easy. But please, please, please don't let me fail. My overconfident is the bitch that makes me fail. NO MORE OVERCONFIDENT PLEASE, BITCH.

Okay I'm done with the exam thing, it's time for the Korean, Starbucks! woot! This morning I had to wake up early to take the certificate for my co-curriculum thing, actually I don't even think it's worth to take that shitty certs. It's not gonna be useful for my future, maybe if I apply for degree. But that's another story, since I'm planning to study aboard... It's my dream! Okay cut the crap. I thought I would be waking up at 8AM but my stupid phone didn't ring up. So I setup another alarm from iPad in case it doesn't work. But well, I'm a sleepy-head sometimes, I turned off the iPad's alarm clock and went back to bed to continue my sleep. When I opened my eyes, it's... 12PM ALREADY! Shit, I'm gonna be late! RUN RUN RUN. I sweat really really badly, I'm an easy sweating guy... That's why. Was looking for Hou Hon but he wasn't at school so... Just went straight to bus stop behind the school.

Alex waited us for so long and I guess we owed him an apology, which we didn't do it. We went into the karaoke room. Expectation: It will be so fun with K-Pop songs! Reality: Every songs are boring, microphone? Bad. Redbox seriously need to fix this system! Their microphone keep making screeches, plus my ears are sensitive with sounds. Tsk, tsk, tsk, you have very bad service. I guess story in the karaoke room isn't so interesting to blog about so I'll just skip this event.

Picture with Alex, I know I look weird.
I was waiting Melanie to get ready to go for some hangout and I turned out calling her in Korean, for fun and to... "impress" locals here with few words, yes it's a little show off but I was thinking whether those bunch of kids will think that we're Koreans, if they did, it will be cool! So Melanie, came out and replied me in 'fluent' Korean. I guess she impressed everyone there, walking out from the Redbox and I came out with the idea of pretending to be Koreans. Of course she'll happily play with it, so we decided... To be Koreans! Just for a day, pranking people. First we went to Speedy and I told her there'll be some K-pop fans looking for K-pop CDs. Well no one was there, so I just suggested her to ask for Girls' Generation's The Boys album in broken English and Korean slang. She did, and I never knew she WILL ask her. "Ek-se-ku-se me, Girls' Generation, The Boys..." that promoter was like 'WTF!' and shook her head. I couldn't stand it and walked outside to laugh, it was hilarious! Okay okay... Our next station, Starbucks! I gave up on pretending, since my Korean-speaking isn't good and is easy to get found out so... I just changed my role into becoming a Guide for Melanie, you know, that "Korean" to tour around in the mall. So we entered into that Starbucks, she asked the waitress, "Cream... Caramel..." and I translated for her, what really makes me laugh is that waitress actually had a hard time on speaking with me, it's like she's trying to lower and slower down her English in order to get us understood. But I tried really hard to convince her by using proper English to tell her, and she still thought we're Koreans. Never mind, I 'helped' her out to count the money since she 'wasn't' familiar with our currency, and I thought it would be cool. Alex and I took our seats, Melanie did her own show. Until I saw she was chatting with a foreigner, I butt in to check out what happen. She was still using Korean accent and it was really fun! I told that foreigner that I'm a local resident here so it will make everything easier by using English to communicate. That guy, is really friendly. Foreigners are really friendly, I mean it. We even asked for his Facebook and he said yes, oh my. I actually got his Facebook right now and he's in my friendlist, but not gonna reveal it here since that's his privacy and I respect people's privacy. After a plenty of tries on pranking people with a different identity, I found that it was fun, but better not do it next time! You might just embarrass yourself if there's any real Koreans around.

Don't get me wrong here with this post, we pretended to be Koreans because we think Koreans are cool! And if this blog post offended you, please forgive my rudeness because I'm not intended to bring rages to you readers. And we don't hate our races, we're just wanting to experience what's cool. That's all for this blog post, fuh! Again sorry if our actions were really rude...

Friday, 2 December 2011

MO.A, I'm sorry.

The MO.A Live Concert Poster.
People might just think I'm crazy or insane for depressing over a K-Pop concert. But think about it, isn't it worth to go? It's a hardly ever chance to meet the idols in Malaysia! Okay, maybe not Super Junior, but B1A4, miss A and f(x) are the first ones to come to Malaysia! I like them all, and in fact I am quite of their fans. I'm a devoted f(x) fan, if you don't believe me, check out my past blog on how 'hardworking' I was to cover their Pinocchio and Hot Summer dance competition with my teammates. Okay it's not about how hardworking I was and am right now, it's about I'm not able to attend the concert! Sigh, parents, they're always the same. I thought they could at least allow me to go their concert since I'm done with SPM, but no, they're still being brick-headed. I understand for the first time, the ticket price is about more than I expected. But my mom, is the problem. She kept refusing to let me go to their concert. Even after 40% discount

Keep talking, I'm alright with the refusal. What really bothers me a lot is I hate seeing frustrated frown faces. If she's going to reject it, why can't she tell me in a good way? It's not like I'm going to trigger a quarrel. People won't understand how depressing and upset it is to miss every single concert when you're not supposed to. I missed Super Show 2, Super Show 3, K-Pop Festival in Malaysia, Jayesslee's concert AND 2PM Hands Up Tour. Now what? I'm going to miss MO.A concert. I feel so moody! I feel like I'm going to insane now! Don't judge me, I'm not a spoiled kid! I tried really really really hard to try to convince my mom to let me go but... I keep getting insulted as a mommy boy and I have fed up about it! Sigh, never mind, she will never understand the pain I was having these years in school.

Anyway, back to the topic about the MO.A concert. The reason why am I so excited about this concert but yet frustrated much for not being able to attend is because amazing stars are coming. I heard from the f(x)'s Malaysia Fanclub page: Super Junior is performing 8 songs, 6 songs for miss A, 5 songs following for B1A4 and f(x). Isn't it amazing? Each artists get to perform more than 3 songs and it's not any typical music show that we watch on KBS, MBC or SBS TV!

This time someone tells me there's 50% discount from groupon, and I'm not sure whether the so godly mother will let me go or not. ...Although I know this is another hopeless choice but I have to keep trying. If I didn't get to go to the concert, I'll fucking cry. When the people are enjoying the concert like very hyper, I will be sitting on my bed and cry at the moon... f(x), I really want to see you...

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Yes, I'm leaving, out from school! Like finally, out from the freaking hell. Time to start a new day! Actually I'm not done with my exam yet, but still, it feels like I'm out from the cage. Well in this picture, just to remember this is the last time that I'll be wearing this junk uniform. I don't like wearing it, but it has became a memory, at least memories of my silliness when I was a teenager. Well I still am a teenager for  the next 6 months (including December), but in these 6 months, I might try to learn on how to be an adult... Nah, I'm still not ready for it, I still am not mature enough to handle stuffs. But good thing is, well even though you're becoming a college student you're still having study issues but I guess the stress will be different, and now I'm going to kick those friendship problems off and get myself even more socialized. I'm... known to be a chatbox here as I never stop creating the topic in order to get the conversation/chat alive, but sometimes I just got bored of it that's why a Blogger and Twitter is necessary for me to speak for myself, get to know me better? Guess so, I'm pretty chatty, you know? ;) Because of that I'm an open-minded but childish person, I'm a chatty box.

Speaking about my facts, I've decided to post facts about me for now. And those facts, are weird and strange facts for this blog's sake.

  1. I hate being order around, even it means compulsory for me to obey.
  2. I get hiccups whenever I eat rice in the morning... Wow.
  3. My eye-lid twitches when I'm tired...?
  4. I am a super fanboy for K-Pop, commonly known x)
  5. I like meeting new people, no matter how weird they are...
  6. I like weird stuffs, the weirder the more interesting.
  7. I like Disney, for some reasons.
  8. I'm a forever-Pokémon ever since I'm born.
  9. I get angry... easily.
  10. A goal was never once completed in my life.
  11. I want to go to Japan, ever since young.
  12. I'm more developed to be an English-socialized person.
That's all, if you find it weird, I've no idea where's the weird part. But anyway, it's kinda interesting to tell yourself about your facts here, in fact, you aren't even sure of your own facts when you're listing down them, you just go by randomly punching on whichever facts you've figured. Oh yes, I'm also a very challenging person, and I cannot lose, when I lose, I throw unnecessary tantrum... Privately.

Since I'm out of school and have plenty of free times, I've decided to write a spy story! Between the South and North, but I have to study a lot about Korea things. Pyongyang is really mysterious and interesting, Seoul I'm already familiar with it since it often goes on TV whenever I watch K-Pop stuffs. I love Korea, Japan!

Two amazing country with amazing languages! I aim to learn them too, right now, it's just the beginning of learning for Korean. Anyway, gotta off now, annyonghi-geseyo!