Monday, 30 January 2012

Genting 2012: First World, Indoor.

SO! As I mentioned, I was going to Genting and this and that. And it happened 2 days ago, sweet baby I get to play! ...Not those kind of play you know, although I was sharing hotel with 5 other people. Anyway so I packed my stuffs ready and I was really looking forward for this trip, it has been since years I last played in Genting theme park this and that. And I wanted to adsorb some cool breeze in the peak of the mountain, Malaysia mainland is too HOT to bear with. Off topic: Supra shoes has became my favourite brand of shoes. I'd like to have Nike or Adidas but they're too expensive, Supra has a better pricing for us poor students and they have great designs too. I've been wearing it since bought it, hmm... I'm starting to have some good responds on my image change, and some of them said that (not that I'm some kind of narcissist freak) the way I wear has improved (a lot)! Love this praise =P Who don't love praises! Oh well, have to work harder on making the official image change! Gotta bleach my hair, get better man figure and some new techniques blah blah blah. People are so gonna shock when they see me (evil grin) as if I made it.

Getting to Genting need about 45 minutes for the least, and after meeting Sammi, Ah Jun and Rechelle in IOI Mall, we waited for Oscar's car (he's our 'driver' hoho)~ Getting to 1Utama after having lunch and dropping by to get Oscar's younger brother, Ah Kit. Got our bus tickets then the bus escorted us to the Genting Skyway. We had to take the Gondola for another escorting to the real Genting Highland. The Genting Skyway a.k.a the Gondola Station was really crowded that day. I saw many foreigners, not from the west but from China and Hong Kong. Funny, I thought their trip wasn't included for Genting... Who knows? We got into our Gondola, and was accompanied by two Hong Kong tourists. Their Cantonese was definitely different from ours, and we had a small talk. I was wondering whether they're impressed by my Cantonese haha! Since I am also a Cantonese, speaks Cantonese at home.

After like 15 minutes Gondola ride, like finally! I was at the land of the highland! Genting Highland! I still remember their slogan was 'Fun at the Peak', back in 2009 times. I have a good memory, well, for certain things. I can recall a conversation without problem, but no full guarantee tho. As soon as when I arrived to Genting, I wore this jacket I bought for China. It actually does protected me from the chilly breezes but sometimes it got me sweaty in the First World Indoor since it's Malaysia's highland after all, not some China or Korea highland. Some people mistaken me as a foreigner, for wearing a so-not Malaysian people style. Plus my hair was long, and my uncommon 'fair' skin compare to the other Malaysian guys in Malaysia, am referring to Chinese Malaysian. We had to settle our hotel room first! We found Carmen, who's working at Genting right now. Thanks to Carmen's supervisor, a great man, we've got us a deluxe room! ...But it wasn't as deluxe as the title seemed, it was just an ordinary room, but still! We're grateful for the supervisor for getting a room for us to stay over, it costed RM180 for one room. That room was actually meant for 2 people but for our sake, we had to stay over together with 6 people. Okay, hotel settled! I was insanely hungry, so after getting everything done, we went to have our dinner.

Famous fast-food restaurants like McDonald's, Pizza Hut and KFC were totally packed with muggles. Impatient people like me looked for a better fast-food restaurant, Marrybrown! They serve fried chicken too, but not as professional as KFC (duh). As you can see at the picture above this paragraph, I ordered chicken with black pepper. For some reasons, black pepper has always been my favourite, but I actually regretted that I didn't order mushroom chicken! My appetite is growing again, I'm drooling like mad right now when blogging this shit out while looking at this plate of picture... Argh, fuck that.

PEACE! For some reasons I love this picture. But the angle is a bit off, from my expectation... This is where I bumped into Andrew, a friend and ex-schoolmate of mine who shares the same interest: K-POP! Thankfully for him to get to see us in Genting, or he'll be dead-bored wandering around with his parents, at least that's what he said keke. A little intro about him, he's a dancer from a crew called POSITIVE. As much as he loved dancing, he doesn't look like one (sorry, Andrew! Haha!). He has fairer skin than mine, actually he has pale skin .__.  For no reasons, he's born that way. Bumped into him, joined us for hangout! We then went to the Starbucks to have a chat or something... Starbucks is like one of the most important places for me to hangout, tho I don't have it often but only sometimes. I'll talk about Starbucks later. I went to Speedy shop, a major video shop in Malaysia to browse for K-POP albums. And I regretted, once I saw something that I liked, I will be using my money to afford for it. Bad habit, indeed. I bought this Mr. Taxi, costed me RM65.90! And it wasn't even worth it! I thought that album could be awesome or something, geesh. Luckily I've got The Boys and Temptastic albums for free by winning them from a contest. Or I'll be very grumpy for the whole day! I got Tiffany's card, and I sold it to Andrew for RM5, he died wanted for a Tiffany photocard, so... =P

Le' straw bite! I ordered this Caramel Macchiato, it was really good. With all the caramel... Imma try again! As I mentioned in Chatime's blogpost, I'm a coffee-snob. Having coffee drink in Starbucks is like more than best. But Chatime still has the honour for my favourite drinks. Two different drinks, can't compare. I thought having coffee will give me a good refreshing but I think the Caramel Macchiato I ordered wasn't so effective or my body was already tired or something. It seems Starbucks's Wi-Fi was out of service, can't go online. Oh well, collecting notifications for a blast surprise perhaps? Andrew had to go after the Starbucks hangout. So yeah, we went to have our fun after that.

Photo with the ladies, aite?
Bumper car! One of my favourites. The que wasn't so bad, it wasn't so killing. I was eager to ride that bumping car, bumping into strangers without feeling sorry and attack on people by car crashing! Aha, do I sound cruel? LOL! Just a way of having fun when you are supposed to have fun. Actually I wasn't bumping people much, I was just relaxing myself and drove like a boss (fuck yeah). After Bumper Car, went for the Indoor Express. That ride's slogan was 'Feel the Speed!', roller coaster. But it's not scary, just a speedy ride in around the First World.

Later then we went for a gondola ride, well not really gondola, indoor thing. I don't know what's the right word for this thing. Was in camwhore mood, so you can see many pictures of mine here. Hopefully you won't got bored of my face~ Since this year is a Dragon year, I guess I'm lucky enough to ride into a Dragon model... gondola? Haha, basically giving you a chance to see the view of the indoor, nothing much. Call me a coward or what, I swore not to enter the Haunted House a.k.a Ghost House again. Thanks to 'great' friends, dragging me into that haunted house and paid RM25 just to get myself fainted from major 'surprises' by the ghosts. Gosh, I was completely traumatized! Now I don't even dare to watch shocking scenes in the movie, or I'll faint again. I can't get shocked, I'll like fainted or mentally jammed if happened. Never get me shocked, unless it's a good surprise, please ah... I'm warning you for my health and sake!

There was a new instalment for Indoor Theme Park, 4D movies. That was my first time experiencing a good quality of 3D screen movie and a 4D functioned cinema. Took a picture together with the gang in 3D specs. Spot me? I'm easy to spot! Duh, this picture is too obvious. Anyway the movie was alright, it's about pirate something. I semi-closed my face when I was warned to have shocking scenes, never get myself shocked, that's it. Overall, it was an enjoyable day.

Alright, that's all for the first day! Second day will be posted up sooner or later.
Until next time, see ya! P.S. I slept at 5am that night, had a walk outside in Genting...

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Having my first Chatime!

Like finally, I get to taste this Chatime! Everyone was talking about it, and I was wondering what's so good about Chatime? Some even compare Chatime to Starbucks, which inspired me up to taste this mystery thing. You may or not know, I am a coffee snob, seeing Starbucks has met its new rival (at least in around my place), I wouldn't be hesitated to spend on trying it. I know I'm a little outdated, but I never got a chance to try it even Chatime launched their branch in IOI Boulevard. Was supposed to go to Jusco for CNY Day 2 in Ipoh, but turns out lining up for an hour just for the drink...

I had no idea why is Chatime so overrated and crowded even in Ipoh's branch, for the first time stepping into their cafe (or restaurant), the que was really long and I have to start lining up at the gate of the shop. I'm guessing all the people there didn't mind to wait even if it means to wait for 2 hours or more, they were all anticipating for their drink. Seeing how the people are waiting like so patient, I was convinced that I'm not going to regret for waiting so long. The feeling when you're lining up and eventually got it, you know how it feels don't you? I can smell the great smell, though it's not some kind of coffee smell but I am so gonna love that drink. I ordered one drink, under QQ Jelly category = Lemon QQ. If you're gonna have Chatime drinks, you're gonna order this jelly thing, it's what Chatime for. Too bad the pearls were out of service, if they're still available, surely imma have this pearls thing in my drink too! 

I think I'm qualified to be a paparazzo, I snapped this lengzai gor gor picture without letting him know LOL. He's kinda good looking, but not ulzzang type. Haha, I guess they picked this handsome boy as cashier is because he's the best looking among the other staffs. LOL why am I talking about looks? Oh well, anyway, I was ordering my drink and as I said I ordered Lemon QQ, I don't know what my sister ordered. After getting the recite, I had to line for another que to get my drink: self service. Another hour to go for getting my drink... But I wasn't annoyed at all, (though I don't like waiting, I hate waiting) since Chatime provided free Wi-Fi and I was able to surf the net without paying any costs. Was tweeting about the location I was at and stuffs and I had some good responses. Through this Facebook, I found that a lot of my friends are from Ipoh too, but never met them in reality. How awesome it would be if I can meet one of them in Ipoh? So life in Ipoh won't be so boring, I don't have any Ipoh friends too. Wanting to make some Ipoh friends but I don't know how *sigh*

FINALLY MY CHATIME! Okay now I officially am a Chatime-snob! It's like their bubble teas are one of the best thing I tasted in my life. Actually you can't say their drinks are 'teas' at all, well I don't know but it's just some kind of drinks. Now I understand why do the people love Chatime like very much. The quality of the bubble tea is really good. Instead of jelly, they put puddings into the drink and the taste of the drink wasn't bad at all. I mean it's really good, I wonder will it be better if the pearls are added into it? Hmm, suspicious. But I'm sure I'm going to try this 'drug' again, I'm addicted to it, for real. I ordered the large version, it cost about RM6.90 something, about RM7 for large size. The regular size is kinda small, plus I'm a greedy guy when it comes to foods and drinks, so I had to order the large size. You won't want to challenge me eating do you? Haha, just kidding, I'll be writing more about Chatime anytime soon once I get to taste one of them in IOI Boulevard! Hopefully there are Chatime in Genting, I'm going to do some major shopping in Genting in the upcoming 2 days! I love Chatime! =P

I tell you, even babies love it too! The baby at the right side, is my cousin sister. She's chubby and cute, but super naughty and mischievous. Once she's starting to cry, you know it's the end of the world. Her vocal can devastate the whole planet... LOL! She actually grabbed my finished-Chatime when I wasn't aware, she has been eyeing on it since when I was holding it. Oh well, I get to snap this photo of her drinking an empty bottle of Chatime. Isn't she's adorable? She's just 1-year-old! But she's very smart, don't try to get her attention, she will get you feel sorry if you don't obey to her, babies. She seems to like me, who knows, because I'm some big friendly guy? All the children seemed to attach to me. Should I consider for being a kinder-garden teacher? It's not an easy job to take care kids tho... I was just kidding, I never wanted to become a teacher. I can be an English teacher in Eastern Asian countries like Japan, Korea or China, but teacher will always not be my first option for my future career. Now what? I'm done blogging about Chatime, hopefully this blogpost isn't so bad to read with. I'm off now, until next time when I come back from Genting! Time to eat!

And collect lots of Angpau! (Red Packet)
Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Lunar New Year! Dragon Year!

C.N.Y in Ipoh

Ipoh is like one of the 'important' cities in Malaysia, if I'm not mistaken. After Kuala Lumpur, Penang, I guess Ipoh will be the third. For your information, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang have plenty of Chinese people. And one interesting thing is, in both Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh has a lot of Cantonese people. I myself is actually one Cantonese, my parents hometowns are greatly (or mainly) related to Ipoh... Averagely, it only takes about 2 hours by car to arrive to Ipoh. But due to the festive season (Chinese New Year season), the road was fully packed by cars, extended to 6 hours journey to reach to Ipoh.

It wasn't an easy journey to sit in a car for 6 hours! Thankfully there was this petrol station allowing the people to stay there for a break or something. And they provide free coffees, you can take all you want. I took two cups of coffee and it wasn't so refreshing but better than nothing. I'm a coffee snob! Usually the petrol station's convenient store will be like quiet or dull, but thanks to the major traffic jam on the road, the store looked lively for that day. Blah blah blah, sorry I lost my blogging spirits.

Okay so, after arriving to Ipoh, I stayed over at uncle's house; a better place to stay at than staying in grandma's house. I'm not like hating on my grandma, but uncle has better conditioned house thus I won't get flu easily while in grandma's house there're a lot of dusts and my nose is sensitive, get the picture of what I'm saying? It was really late already when arriving to Ipoh, and of course I went to bed after having the late-dinner. Until the second day...

I figured there will be at least some shopping hangouts in Ipoh. Still I hate life in Ipoh: too plain. I don't understand how the citizens there can survive with so little of entertainment. The shopping malls and stuffs are kinda boring, and it's not fun to walk in a non-foreign related shopping mall. Even the people there, dress fussily than people in KL. Perhaps in Ipoh there aren't any major good places for them to shop or hangout with like Sungei Wang, Timesquare or Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur, or Sunway, IOI Boulevard or MidValley in Selangor. Let's not talk about how do they people dress over there, let's talk bout something worse. See the picture I attached here in this paragraph, Korean Beauty Square? Don't get the name convinced, I suspect that this is just a fraud Korean beauty shop. Dude, if you're gonna open some Korean beauty shop, then don't simply write the hangul wrongly. Even a beginner for Korean language student like me can tell that's not Korean words or proper Korean words. You can argue about the upside down confusion, but if you're gonna open a Korean-based shop, you're gonna write the Korean words properly and not stylish it. Anyway, after hanging out in Parkson, which was the mall I was hanging out in, I went to my father side's grandma house. It's like some kind of tradition, before a new year begin, the whole family will have this Reunion Dinner together. So I had my Reunion Dinner there, and parents were enjoying themselves, talking to their brothers and sisters while I'm sitting there like a loner. Sob, all my cousins weren't there.

...Day 1! The first day of Chinese New Year! But is expected to be very boring. But anyway, I got my red packets on the first day, and the amount of money I got was... Not going to tell, but it's more than a satisfying number! One of the traditions in Chinese New Year, the elders or the relatives who are married will have to give out red packets to the children, youngers or non-married people. And of course I'm still not married (and I spent half of my life for being single until now), and I don't think I'm going to get married. Anyhow, the first day was pretty much a boring day. Spending time at home, going out to some boring places like Tesco... I was expecting more but turns out to be a boring day. Useless to wear those good-looking clothes, sigh~ Visited auntie after having dinner at Yaukee Restaurant, one of the best-known Chinese restaurant in Kampar. FYI, Kampar town is not at Ipoh, it's a stand-alone town apart from Ipoh. But truth to be told, Kampar is actually BETTER than Ipoh. Kampar is much modernized than Ipoh. And they even have the famous university branch there, UTAR University. It's no wonder that Kampar is better place to stay in than Ipoh. Young people, modern shops and modern places etc etc.

Basically CNY's Day 2 is less boring than Day 1, but I'll blog about Day 2 in another blog post. As for Day 3, it's nothing much cuz it was yesterday, 25th January and I went back home here in Puchong. More than excited when I'm going back to my home! Alright, I'm off now. See ya! Sorry for the bad blogpost tho, it's been awhile since I blogged. Mianhae!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Bumbu Bali!

Feast of the fiest! This is actually one of the best dinners I had in my life, and my first best dinner in 2012! Okay 'nuff crap. I think it's not just me who feels that this blog has slowly transformed into a food blog... But oh well, I'm not gonna blog everything about food, I'm just a great-eater. Actually I'm not very picky about foods, as long as the food is what it is, I'll just swap them into my mouth. Unless shits like Jinseng, Serai etc I'll throw them back in your face... Anyway... Bumbu Bali is an Indonesian Restaurant, where they serve Asian foods and stuffs. But I did not order any Asian foods, like those Nasi Lemak, Nasi Rendang etc etc. I don't think it's necessarily to eat those common Nasi this and that in a restaurant where you'll be having dinner for special occasion. So the whole table (of the table where I was having dinner) ordered Western Foods instead of Asian Foods. I ordered this Lamb Chop, which is really huge but expensive but still it's worth. Off-topic: My hair is getting longer! HOORAY, I'm so gonna reach my ideal hairstyle soon! Imma get a new haircut after my hair is like long enough, after May, let me give you a big surprise ;)

Okay so this is the picture of the Lamb Chop I ordered. About RM20 or up, expensive huh? But it's worth, the picture make it look so tiny. You should go try it yourself, especially Puchong citizens. I know most of you will refuse to try it since it is overly expensive for just a plate of Lamb Chop but sometimes you just have to give your taste bud a treat. I'm going to eat again there any time soon with the good impression I have for this restaurant. Many people asked whether I could finish up the whole plate of this lamb chop, since the size of the meat was really huge. Judging from my body size, it's no wonder for them to make this 'assumption' on me. Not denying that in fact I have a very beastly appetite, to be honest. I can finish up five large bowls of rice if I'm really hungry. I guess my metabolism thingy has somehow improved? I won't get fat anymore after the age of about 16 or 17... But I won't challenge you to eat as fast as I can, my policy says no anyway. I prefer to eat slowly, rather than eat speedily... Okay actually not at all, sometimes I'll eat really fast if I'm starving like mad.

As for the drink I ordered, was this Avocado 'juice?' thing. My younger sister hate it, but I love it. Personal taste. Sorry about the picture, I forgot to snap the picture for it before drinking it till half of the glass. And the quality wasn't so good because I didn't have any good intention for that time. It actually tasted like yoghurt, but with some avocado taste (duh) in it. Creamy drink, and a normal person can just get full by finishing the whole glass. If you're going to challenge your appetite then go ahead, but I didn't encourage you to do so, not everyone's stomach has the same space as mine hoho. Actually I'm starving to death now =.= Because I blogged this during my dinner time, and I have to rush for packing my clothes and stuffs for tomorrow's journey back to Ipoh. WHY? Chinese New Year is coming... Anyway~

As much as I love this restaurant, there are still something that I don't like about. First as you can see in the photo, showing a candle-glass placed in the centre of the table. Sure, decoration. But it's for increasing the temperature in the surrounding. The reason of why are they placing this candle glass there on each table is because you won't feel like staying at the restaurant for long. The whole restaurant was actually really hot and uncomfortable. Plus after having your meals, whatever meal you're having, your body temperature will be increasing. So then you will be leaving the restaurant after getting your business done. That's what smart about the restaurant, and not a good place for you to 'yum-cha' with your friends but a great place for you to have a satisfying dinner. And they provide free Wi-Fi service, I posted this status from my iPad:
You should be able to see how satisfied I was... Hmm... Kiddo here has nothing much to blog about, but if you're wanting to try the stuffs in this restaurant, it's in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. FYI, there are like a lot of restaurants in Bandar Puteri but so far I best recommend you this one. I might just hit another restaurant next time, I'll blog about it anyway. If you need the address for this restaurant, here:

Bumbu Bali
18 & 18-1,
Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong.
Phone: 03-80618099

Call me for hang-out, and I'll take you here. Don't worry I can be a tour guide for the whole Bandar Puteri, I guess not cuz probably most of my friends are from Puchong. Anyway, ciao! And Happy Chinese New Year! (Happy Lunar New Year!)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

First-Timer, Promoter.

Sorry about the last raging post regarding to the Ms. M conflict. Now the problems had settled, I'm signed to work at Subang for 6 days. Where was it? Carrefour Subang, I think I mentioned in the last blog post. Anyway, I expected my coward-self to be nervous or scared when working... I mean, it's my first time working as a promoter, first time working without any decisive experience... I was like 'Oh boy, I am so dead for working' but surprisingly, no. I was completely comfortable with this job when I first working there. Luckily Paul, the one who in-charge of recruiting promoters or staffs for various kind of event is a nice man. He provided me transport for two Fridays and explained what should I do and what to promote stuffs like that. After realizing that I am gonna promote Pears from Northwest U.S., I just knew I'll be very lonely. Why? Because I was assigned to the Fruit Department, and no other promoters existed in my working place. Damn, my prediction was right!

So first what I had to do was search for the Staff Entrance, asking people around and I finally found the way. It was located at B2 Basement Parking. I thought it was supposed to be a staff room or something, but turns out to be wrong... There was a Security Guard standing at the Security Account or booth or something like that. So I passed over the letter to her, she asked for my I.C. in exchange for the Promoter tag. Paul sent me the job-filling signature form and it turns out to be something important, I have to write the Time In and Out and ask the security to chop and sign. So I got my registration done and everything, headed into the store department. TIME-TO-WORK. But wait, where can I get the sampling  products? I've been wandering here and there to look for the Fruit Supplier, thanks to my trained social skills, I get to find out who's the Fruit Supplier within... Well, 10 minutes. But I had to wait for 30 minutes for that Fruit Supplier to appear. Instead of having the sampling ready, the Fruit Supplier just asked me to take from the actual selling place. So I did, with the worker's help, I found a 'nice' place to prepare for the samples and stuffs. Toothpicks, knife and gloves were all steadily supplied. It was kinda easy for me to proceed this job. I used approximately 30 minutes to get 3 different species of fruits ready in slices. My personal favourite should be Bosc Pear, since it's crispy and sweeter. But taste wise, Red Anjou has the honour. Anjou is just a no for me. Most of the buyers are either Chinese or foreigners. Indians and Malays rarely buy anything after tasting them. Maybe they have some other favourite fruits?

Working sure is hard, I finally realized how hard it is to earn money. I mean it's not that hard for me because all I had to do is to stand all day and promote what I am promoting. But what's making it hard is the time-flow. I mean can you endure the bore for hours without even complaining it? And my legs were going to crack after standing for so long, and the first day, first time, will always be the most exhausting day. When I finally got to break, I was like 'OH MY SWEET JESUS FINALLY'. But then I couldn't stand up after sitting for an hour long when having my meal... My lunch hour... Or perhaps dinner hour was 5:30pm to 6:30pm. I had Dunkin' Donut for the first day, and I will NEVER eat Dunkin' Donut again. I thought my stomach would allow me to swallow all 6 donuts in a time but... Ah well, I guess my appetite has been worsen after the age of 16.

The rest of the days, to be honest I feel sorry for myself for not taking care of my health properly... Because I had McDonald's for the rest of the break time. But oh well, luckily I only worked in weekends, I'm going to stop having McDonald's. My favourite thing in McDonald's is definitely the porridge... I'm just a big fan of tasty porridge. But due to my self-planned money limitations, I stopped having McDonald's Porridge and switch to eating their burgers. Cheese burgers, Beefburgers, Chicken burgers... Drool. And they don't cost so bad, just around RM3.10 per pack. I'm alright with the price with all my secondary and high school pocket money savings... Malaysia is always great with foods, this is what I love about Malaysia. Maybe other country has better McDonald's than us? Who knows. I didn't get to try McDonald's in China, and I was really disappointed. If I'm gonna travel to China again, I will definitely try you! Like Jayesslee said, if the world is gonna end tomorrow, I am going to have lots and lots and lots of McDonald's! Pure McDonald's fan, that is. Bbarabbabbaba! I'm loving it!

I'm a lazy boy, so I like having break. It's like something you can never miss when you're working! You couldn't deny how exhausted or tiring you are even if you're a very loyal and hardworking worker. Luckily McDonald's restaurant provide good Wi-Fi speed, or the whole hour will be meaningless to spend with. And I have this habit... I always listen to songs whenever I feel like it, actually I need to listen to song everyday to get myself 'cheerized'. Unless I'm not allowed to, I will definitely listen to song while working. But I don't want to leave a bad reputation for myself so I'll just pass for breaking rules lalala. Music make me wanna dance! Without music my life will be a bore, and music is my drug! Okay enough crapping. Thankfully there's a better mall existed beside Carrefour, Subang Parade. Better conditioned place to hang out with. I even took a nap in that mall, well, on the bench of course. Air-conditioned mall is always better, and it's colder in there so I'll really prefer having my break there. Actually other than having McDonald's in Subang Parade, I also challenged myself to walk to Empire Mall for the second week to see whether I can make it or not. Well not the sound of 'challenge', I'm lacking of vocab to impress xD

So what do you think bout my photography skill? Still have space to improve? Ah, this is actually captured by my Xperia x8 cell phone without any proper intentions, just simply. I guess this shot was ALRIGHT for me. Rate whatever you want, I just love this picture. With the natural plants as the 'frame', plus the traffic light, behind a mall, I name this photograph: The Modern Wonderland. I shall consider being as a photographer for my next part time job. 

Interest + Money = Ideal.

Actually Empire Shopping Gallery this mall is like another version of Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur, a costy mall to shop in. I'm not sure about your opinion but this mall is just expensive. But by the time when I visited this mall they had some sales and discount thing in every shop so I guess it was alright to shopping in this shopping mall. I was actually thrilled to see K-POP album promotion in Speedy, RM50 for 2 albums! Original, imported! Damn, but I had to buy EXO's albums along with f(x)'s Hot Summer. Tough choice. Save money, save money... I had my healthy breakfast for the second Friday in Empire Mall, porridge! I had this for breakfast on Friday and dinner for Saturday. I ordered Set A, RM4. I know, expensive. But it's worth, since it's good. Not that I'm rich but why don't treat yourself better if you can? Mmm, I love sipping porridge... Especially chicken flavoured! YUM!

Okay! Enough about foods, let's talk about communication wise. I'm not so good at speaking English but communication skills, I'm kinda good with it. Or at least you say it, social. Thanks to this job, I've met many kind of people in this world. Funny, stern, easygoing and even greedy. Customers are like... I don't know how to explain but it's just very various in among them. My favourite kind of customers is definitely friendly and foreign. So far I've met British, American, Japanese and... KOREAN! There was one Japanese man with pointy eyebrows, you can tell he's definitely not Chinese or Korean, but Japanese. He was really stern, but not hostile. Never get to talk to him since he just ignored me, not interested in those western pears perhaps? And I've met quite amount of Koreans, everyday there'll be either a group or a few Korean pass by.

You know I was going to speak Korean when they asked me what is this, but I don't want to look bad so I'll just use English. My last day as promoter, there was a group of beautiful Korean nuna asked me where to get the bacons. At first I was pretty blur and couldn't converse in English smoothly, because I was having a slight-fever but then I got my sense back and I guided them to the Non-Halal section, with one 'Annyong!' to them, they are so friendly. Korean people, great people. Wish I have more friends that are Korean, I just love Korean language! I think the Koreans rather ask me for direction than the native Carrefour workers maybe because they're more comfortable that I am also an Eastern Asian? I don't know, just glad they asked me. And I hope I helped them. I'm not racist, just I like Korean hehe. But people from anywhere, as long as they're nice I'm sure I'll be their good friends too.

Oh well, what I have to say is done here. I've been blogging less didn't I? Hopefully this blogpost can be very interesting for you to read with, I'm off to sleep! I'm gonna update more, night guys! Signing off with a retired promoter with tired legs... Lalala.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Poor social skills, fucked up attitude.

So I was asked to do this job, to help someone. To be honest, I do not really like this job as it is all standing for the whole day like a statue until someone is actually asking you questions for suggestions, stuffs like that. But before telling my first-time working experience with you, I just have to share this out. This is a blog so I'm free to blog anything I want by my heart.

Sorry, if you're not up for raging blogging, just skip to the next blog post. So before I started this work, I thought I should study well and get my very own driving license since driving is so much needed after graduating, by the time when I'm studying in a college, it'll be a little troublesome for me to handle this driving license thing. But since one of my good friends introduced me this job, she said to replace her friend's position for only one day and get RM80 pay. So I said yes, and she summore asked me to work at Subang for 6 days, so I said yes since it was only 6 days, should be alright. So I was then contacted with this girl who's called... Nah, privacy is important so we'll just call this girl Ms. M. I don't know what is this Ms. M's real attitude or personality but I find her really annoying and hard to get along, she's trying to be professional but she is the cause for this whole mess. Don't shoot me, I am just blogging my very own opinions and thoughts here. Hate yourself for not being able to get along with people who do not agree with you. So she was asking me to work at OTK for 1 day, so I thought it was pretty easy for me since OTK is only steps away from my house. And then she asked for my I.D. number and contact number, so I sent to her. She didn't tell me that this guy is from another company, or not. The next day when I was waking up, Mr. P, well, that guy she mentioned in her text-message, was asking me to work in Subang for 6 days instead of working at OTK for 1 day and another 5 days in Subang, you know since I wasn't informed about everything, I just mindlessly said yes, I thought he was the in-charger for this whole job thing by sending me to here and there... Since she asked me to send my personal details or profile information to this Mr. P, that is convincing enough to get me believed this guy in-charge everything. But god knows, he is actually from another company. Is it safe to say I got deceived?

So after discussing everything to Mr. P, and I thought I was 'assigned' to work at Subang, I just... promised him. Later on then that righteous Ms. M called me, determined for me working at Subang OR OTK. I told her everything I spoke to Mr. P, and she was shocked, telling me that Mr. P is from another company. And how did I reacted? THIS meme says it all:

Yes, poker face. I was like 'fuck' in my head but with a silly smile on my face. Fuck. Really fucked, I am fucked. So now she's being a prick, for accusing me as the main cause for all this mess. That's when my temper was about to burst out. FYI, I am not always a bad tempered person, well, depending on the situation. So I just hanged the phone, my head was counting down for: 5, 4, 3, 2... 1. What was that for? I was going to throw a tantrum...

Okay, first. I do not take any responsibilities for this whole replacement thing. I am only merely a guy who was asked to replace for your job position, and did not promise you to find for another person. I did say I'll try, but I did not fucking promise you. You're giving me a hard time to find all the people to work for you, and it wasn't even my responsible! Now let me clear this up with you, I did promise you to work for you, but you, my dear, handed me over to Mr. P for Subang's job so YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF TO GET YOURSELF ANOTHER WORKER TO REPLACE YOU FOR A DAY, NOT ME WHO'S GOING TO DO THIS ALL FOR YOU. Luckily I'm kind enough to go through a night, searching for people for this job without having enough sleep for my first day job. Yet I still couldn't find one person for you, and what did she say? 

"So you're telling me you've got no one for me huh? If there are no ones or no ONE who's up for this job, then you'll be working!" Oh, my, god. Just what the fuck are you? Bitch, if I'm close with you, surely I am going to bark at you until you're feeling sorry for this! You are the one who sent me to Mr. P, and I am not even informed about this. Great, now you're asking me to work over for you, without thinking my responsibility for the promise I've made with Mr. P. You're the one who sent me to him after settling with you, now you're pushing all your responsible on me, do you even realized you're the one who's making this 'fuss'? Girl, I understand you're not free and hectic for this replacement job, but you shouldn't just blame and push all your things to someone who do not even know you. You're actually making me insanely mad for the whole night! Thankfully I did not have any dark circles on my eyes, or any eye-bags. Or the customers will get scared of my appearance. Luckily Mr. P, is a gentlemen, settled the problem with you. Or I'm doomed, splitting half for two jobs. Money is not the problem, the problem is your fucking attitude.

Please do not repeat these kind of problems again, or else, don't blame me for making this face on you.

you suck.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year Haul!

Sorry haven't update my blog for so long. Just tell you something, I'M FREAKING WORKING RIGHT NOW. ...Nah not really, not that kind of 'working'. I'm working voluntarily for two jobs now: Community job and part-time job. Part-time job is what I got paid, and I don't want to do it actually. Very tiring. Community job is where I don't get paid, since I'm working this for everyone: EXO Malaysian Forum! It's still under developing so I shouldn't reveal more about this. And I'm gonna mention about the part-time job later... So as you know, it's 2012 now! And I haven't blog a single thing. So Imma start with the New Year Eve. The New Year Eve is really... Um, memorable? 'Cuz I attended driving lecture/seminar for 5 hours and it was freaking boring; I can't make friends with everyone, but I have friends who attended with me so it was okay. Driving sounds kinda strict in Malaysia but well trust me foreigners you don't want to know Malaysian traffic safety status, horribly terrible.

So the next day, 1st January, brand new day! Everyone begun talking crap like "I remember I last shit last year" or crap like that. I was suppose to meet up with someone that day but plan failed so I just went to Kuala Lumpur with my family to shop for new clothes for Chinese New Year. I really can't wait to wear the new clothes I bought but I prefer wearing them after Chinese New Year, more fun. Now I love skinny jeans, no longer loving short. It's like a trend to wear skinny jeans, so of course I don't want to miss this trend! Maybe for me yeah, they look good, stylish.

Timesquare's clothing prices are very affordable, despite for looking pricey... I guess too many clothing shops that's why they sell until so cheap to attract customers, who knows? Probably yes. I never had a proper attire for hangout so I need more hangout clothes, but parents are so tradition-minded. I don't like wearing those vibrant colour shirts like red, yellow, orange... I prefer blue, green or grayscale coloured clothes. Not that I hate attentions but sometimes vibrant coloured shirts gave me the kind of feeling that people will have some bad impression on you or whatsoever... Just no, vibrant coloured shirts are attention seeking colours, black and white or grayscale colours are the best. Look, guys, this is just my opinion, you may hate my opinion just don't hate me for that...

For some reasons, if you read my China trip blogpost, I have the passion for cities... But Kuala Lumpur is nothing compare to Shanghai. Shanghai's Pearl Tower is even marvelous than KL Tower, but still, what I love about Malaysia is the foods. You can't find any tastier than Malaysian foods in China, seriously. Malaysia is like a place for you to enjoy eating! Anyway knock it off, silly me standing on the street posing some pose... TBH I didn't know what to do there so I was just randomly posing with this pose, uh, I don't know what to say. I love my SUPRA shoes! Sorry, really random. I've got nothing else to say! 'Cuz what I have to describe about Kuala Lumpur has already described here in 6Outing blogpost, so...

Sorry I'm not in the mood for blogging now, but this blogpost says it all for the basic outing. Might not be my best blogpost but still I need some updates for my 2012 journal. Anyway, happy new year! Sorry if it's too late, imma blog about my part-time job experience next, so see ya in the next blogpost! Have to sleep now before 'momster' starts howling on me to go to bed... Night!