Thursday, 17 January 2013

Semester three!


Thank you very much. =D

Yay, I'm in the last semester of my first year! Happy? No. Because my life is gonna be more shittier after leaving my first year... Now that I feel, the first year subjects are all basic and EASY. The first time trying on first semester subjects was hard especially Figure Drawing, it ANNOYS me a lot to study the action and got a lot of bad comments from my lecturer. Summore in Drawing 1, I can't really draw well and I tend to neglect all the structures studies. But surprisingly I got B for my Drawing 1, I thought it's gonna be B-. And as for my Figure Studies 1, I got B-, kinda expected that... The second Figure Studies ended up the same fate, got B- again but the worse is my Drawing 2 got D! A fucking Dee! I just thought I'm never determined enough in that subject but oh well... End of the past semester stories, and now it's all about the third semester!

This semester will be quite free, and SHORT. The one thing I really don't like about short sem is we don't get enough weeks to study... I just want my academic semester to extend maybe like 15 weeks since we got only three subjects... And I hope I won't be touching any AD subjects again in my second year because it is tough! I know I know the seniors are gonna tell me my second year is more deadlier than my first year, they described it like... Much more deadlier. And most people dropped out from animation in second semester. I'm starting to be scared like... Very scared. But I have to believe in myself la, because if I didn't trust myself my figure couldn't get as good as I am now. I am still trying to improve anyway.

So the first day of my third semester! I'm meeting my beloved classmates again. Day by day, I'm starting to get used to DG1205-2. Everyone got closer and I just hope I will stick with them till I graduate! The first day was Perspective and we are meeting our first DG lecturer in our lifetime! xD I've been like so envy of IL class that they get to learn Perspective Studies earlier than us. And they will learn a much more detailed and further bout Perspective... Now I'm starting to jealous, that IL people can learn cool stuffs. And I am questioning myself, even now, "Am I in the right major?" I guess I am though. I've been asking myself since Zelin (my Figure Studies lecturer) reminded us. But anyway, if maybe I do well in my college years, I don't mind teaching in TOA =P Ah, empty talking. I want to get a job that is relevant to my major anyway. PIXAR! Aim big!

The next subject I'm learning this semester is Life Drawing 1. YEAP! It's all about gestures drawing again but I'm like... Totally addicted and devoted to this subject. I am very very very interested in studying the action now, or actually I have more mood on drawing actions. Perspective Studies was okay, but I am a real fresh learner there so... It takes time. Well in Life Drawing 1, I believe I am doing OKAY for now... It's just the third week (The week I'm blogging this) and I got the first ever 'A' for my assignment! Hell yeah! I am so happy! But I have to stay humble and keep practicing. Instead of feeling flattered I should take it as a motivation to keep improving. Yeap, yeap! Let's gahyao together! One thing that is interesting about this subject is there is a life model and we will draw the action the model posed. Must be hard to be model, posing the same post for a couple of minutes.

The last subject we're learning is Creative Thinking. So far no assignments, and it is about brainstorming... Hmm, I need to brainstorm for my final project now. If I start counting down I only have 4 weeks left to the deadline! And the rest of the other lessons. Nothing to show for Creative Thinking so... I'll just skip to sharing session!

I still need to improve my portrait shading... And need to thanks the existence of Instagram for making all the sharing possible =w=

Anyway I hope you guys have a good day!

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