Friday, 24 August 2012

Transformation, Hair.

I just feel like blogging, out of sudden. Hmm, alright. I'm gonna blog about hair! x) Just recently, not really, since last year maybe, I always have wanted to change my image... Back in the days when I was in high school, oh it's so embarrassing but I was a nerd-looking guy. I used to be a loser, well now I'm still a loser but a little better. I didn't dare to talk back, I'm overly timid and everything. Though my main subject wasn't to study but to have fun around in the internet. I used to do spritings too! If you don't know what spriting is, you always has Mr. Google to answer you for that! xD I'm just too lazy to tell you now. And I used to be very bad at studying, and my mom got fed up for it. They said I'm an innocent in disguised, after they know me, I'm like the different person ever.

So... How I looked like before? You seriously want to see ah? Okay loh... Here you go, click this link HERE. So... so... embarrassing. This shows I was really chubby, back then. But history was there, I can't deny but show you the truth here. I know I looked really different! There were some people even asked me if I did plastic surgery before. =___= I mean like seriously? No way! And then I had this white spectacles which looked really horrible, why did I choose white specs... Oh well, you sure you want to see it again? Okay... HERE. Reputation gone~ I was really fat, fat and fat... I ate non-stop. And to be honest with you, my secondary school sells the best fried rice and some friend foods! And those foods were so cheap compare to the ones I had to pay for lunch now... Some of you guys might be wondering who I look or looked like without my spectacles, here's another photo from my high school years HERE. One of my nerd face here: HERE. I'm not embarrassed any more, after flipping through so many pictures of me in the past... OH GOD WHY, is happening in mah head now.

After I got graduated from high school, my image is getting better as in my chin got slimmer. Back then I had really long hair and I refused to cut because I want to style something else. Okay la this time I can accept myself for a better look, well, you can have a look it right HERE. Aha, that's when I got my new hair cut which kinda got... quite a *surprising* amount of Likes, and I never expected to have these much Likes. I was an underrated kid back then, not sure about now. This was the hairstyle I was talking about, HERE had my first ever saloon cut. My mom would never allow me to have a hair cut in saloon, she said waste money. That's why I'm so dumb~ After since then my hair got longer, and the style BEFORE I officially change to the style I have now, HERE you go. And guess what happened in the next moment? Heh heh, I received the most Likes in my life until now!

YAY! So happy! You know how it feels too, right? So don't judge! >=P Yeap, this is how I looked when I first bleached my hair. And I really liked the result, not so much though. Because it was really yellow, and very sharp. Actually the whole point of bleaching my hair is to get a very attention-seeking colour. I admit la... I have some attention seeking bad habit, you can tell by my hair and my bag. Because I had been so underrated for the past days, maybe just few months will do. And plus, I like platinum blonde so much until I want to bleach it like so hard. Thank god to my natural hair quality is soft and nice, even after bleaching it's still not so bad. The soft quality still retain, plus some hair conditioner. "I like the way you do to my hair" I feel like singing this now! Hehe, "in the morning I feel like I'm a sexy super star" <- this song is so awesome =X Okay off topic...

To be honest with you, after dying this hair I got more confident as in my looks. Yeah, AT LEAST I look so much better now with this style. You know how the feeling is, when you are granted with a better look! Well, maybe you will never know, oh well. Side topic, this picture was taken by Cameroid. But I don't know why, now I can't take picture any more from that site... Oh well. I might sound pretty "perasan" here but you can't blame me for speaking out my honesty here! Hmph~ Oh well I kinda like this colour, brown yellow and blonde all mixed together. Makes my hair more colour-rich... Err I suck in English now. For some reasons my English just got degraded, reading back the posts I wrote, those were the best English moment I had there. Best as in the best English I wrote, not the BEST English in the world. There are still many spaces for me to improve. Anyhow, I just got another haircut for now and I kinda like it. Since my dark roots are coming out, my "biao jie", which is my cousin, is a professional hair stylist cut a better hairstyle for me to retain the blonde but brings out the black contrast.

The light effect made my hair look like platinum blonde but actually it's not. I plan to do touch-ups before the upcoming semester starts. Yeah, for your information, I'm having semester-break now. I am definitely very satisfied with the hair I have now. It's like, blonde and black fusion! I actually have this crazy idea, that is bleaching my hair to almost white and has black streaks. IT'S better to not tell you about it in details now, who knows one day you will see it? I don't even think you're interested in my hairdo though haha. This blog is like, one of the most underrated blog ever. But then, it's okay. I believe some of them read my blog, especially when I post this update in Twitter and Facebook which you can assume I will post this update too later. Hairs I want to try next? If I have the cash...

I'm a hair colour addict! There's even times for me to consider about tattoo at my back neck, barcode tattoo! So I look like a product or whatever... My parents might not be happy to see it though, but then... Hmm, maybe later when I grow older. I'm still fresh from teenage, well I'm still a teenager now for the fact being though. But I better refer myself as a LEGAL. Anyhow, I think I'm done blogging about my hair. I'll blog the way I wear or whatever, next time maybe. Right now I've got something more important to do, eat. And of course, tweet! I'm talkative in Twitter, I also set a Twitter bar in my blog so you might be able to read how silly am I for me being in the Twitter. I might be hostile, if I'm not happy with certain things. ROAR. Alright, time to off. Good day!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

To the awesome memories!

So here it comes, the end of my semester. And this will be a great influence for my lifetime history. To be honest with you all, I never had this awesome moment with class before. Back when I was primary school, we were all nerds and we can't express ourselves easily. Secondary school? My class was a mess, but I met a gang of best friends and I still keep in contact with them. High school, it's good at least I still keep in touch with them... And finally, this awesome class, CD1205-4! Should I post my feelings for them one by one here in this blog post? Hmm... I think I need to story bout the event happened in this semester. So here I go!

For the beginning of the semester, I was a nobody there since my hair was all dark... Or black at all. And I sat alone, lucky I know Juwei who was my Splash Time team mate, so I talked to him most of the time for the first week then I get to know Wei Han. And I was bored, of course, I watched Crayon Shin-chan and I laughed all by myself which led Shader and Yen Yong to have this "Shin-chan" impression on me. Oh my people... Back then I forgot that my hair was once black... And looking back to this photo of mine, I looked really different! I kinda miss the soft black hair I have here. I'm gonna keep this style tho once my blonde got longer. Too bad platinum blonde is still far away from me... Later then the second week, I bleached my hair and my hair turned out to be TOO YELLOW. That's when I started interacting with people in the class. So yeah, le hair gives good effects! HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO just spamming for free spaces... You know, I aim perfection for everything x)

This was my first look after bleached my hair. I looked... yellow. So Asian, right? What am I talking bout~ Haha, forget about it I was just dazing off. Now, this hair... I've gotta admit that, I got more confidence for this hair colour and style. It doesn't look as good as expected but later people said this look good on me and I got used to this look so... Yeah, just like that. I started talking to Shader, who turns out to be one of my best friends in my college and Ken, who caught me taking this photo here. And then I talked to Vincent more, time goes by. More and more, I've gotten to know this class better and I turned into a more opened guy. You might be surprised if I tell you that... I'm an anti-social guy before coming to this college. YEAP. I hated everyone at first in this class and liked only myself. I hated everyone for no reasons, and I don't know why. Don't ask me why, because this is already the past-tense. And you can read more bout the details for this period of college life HERE: 2012 is awesome so far + Birthday!

Coming up next, the birth of my Starbucks addiction! So yeah, the story of Starbucks addiction starts here... I remembered Chin Li Hao, one of my good pals in the class posted this promotions in the group discussion. And we had this idea to go for Starbucks after Malaysian Studies, yes, everyone went... I mean MOST OF THEM went. So my addiction begun... And during this period of time, I get to know awesome people outside from my class... Are you sure you want me to name them? Okay la, Norman became one of my friends now. And thanks to the awesome social networking sites, I get to know people like Wei Jie, and surprisingly he has some connections with my classmates. This world is small~ Slowly the relation of me and classmates expand, as I discovered that I'm not just the only one who fancies K-POP. Hooray! *Too bad sem ends now* Read more about this period of time HEREYUM CHA! Starbucks Frappucino Day!

Time to exploration week! Well, basically it's a week holiday for us The One Academy students. But actually this week is an excessive week for us to practice stuffs and catch-up things we've missed. At this moment I've became closer with our class's wisest (NOT BEING SARCASTIC) classmate, Frankie! I came to respect him the more he taught us. He also taught me a lot, well, personally through personal chat with him. He is great, and he is somehow the guy who we often ask him questions since he is a graduated student from Broadcasting and has worked under Astro and Woohoo before. I also get to know more people from Class 7, mainly Jonas and Tzey Yang. They're both awesome, but completely different. Jonas is one mascot for class 7 that makes me think that class is full of all kind of people in a good way. They're way pro than us, you can tell from their figure drawings. Inside the picture is me, Claire and Tzey Yang. Oh gotta say this, Tzey Yang is one gentleman. He is good looking and he studied IT but switched to study Illustration. This case happens on Jessica, who's a student from UTAR and studied IT but switched to... I don't know what she's majoring. Anyway, here's the blog post for this period: Majoring Talk! Oh and we hanged out!

As times goes by, the bond is getting deeper and deeper. One of the most memorable events that happened in class is the Life Drawing session in Figure Studies. Yes, everyone will have to pose and we will draw from them. And the funny thing is we all looked ridiculous! I just guaranteed to become of the "part-time model". Lecturer was shocked when he realized that I'm weight 75kg. I mean seriously, don't I look like one? Maybe my bones explain this fact of mine. So we posed for the life drawing and everything, not going detail for this I'll leave this to another blog post to tell the story in details. As shown in the picture, we even acted in a drama! For LCS of course, and we had lots of fun! Truly, these bunches of people are awesome. Even if you ask for a thousand times, the memories they made here is awesome! Yien Jieh became Snow White and Li Hao became gay lou... Jessica the prince! And others? The little dwarfs! Hehe, I'm giggling from outside to inside hehehehehehe... Read more HERE: Life Drawing!

Ah, happy things passes fast huh? I got nothing to say... Hmm, what's more for me to say? This class is definitely one of the greatest joy I have in my life. Also get to know some awesome seniors like Dillon from batch 1105, and others! Too many to name! Okay I got more and more cheesy, but then it's my feeling so you can't stop me from releasing them here! This blog sure is going to be massively heavy if I keep posting all pictures... Ah never mind, I'll just post the photos here. So, yeah!

SOME OF YOU WERE MISSING HERE IN THIS SELCA COLLECTION! You guys... Seriously, thank you for making my life so awesome. I mean seriously, let's hope to keep in touch for the upcoming semester! Even though we're gonna separate, but I'd like to keep you as friends. Hmm... What else, there are so much to say but so little time for me to think... Oh well, I guess I'll just conclude this post with a group photo, taken by Adele Blair, a good friend of mine in the class. Alright, guys, say cheese!

Thank you, CD1205-4! :)