Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Semester 2, so far...

Okay so it's the fourth week of this semester, a.k.a Week 4. I have like, 10 weeks left till this semester ends. And guess what, the process we made for drawing portrait is still not so developed but gotta admit I can draw much better than I was before in Semester 1... Gosh, started to miss Drawing 1, never miss Figure Studies 1 tho. I don't really like "producing" manikins all day, if you know what I mean... Yeah, so how's my college life so far?

Many people said Semester 2 will be harder than the first one, which until now I still don't feel any pressures of it. Somehow it's like... Free-er than Semester 1? Probably I don't enjoy Sem 1 subjects as much as I do for now... Bahasa Malaysia seems fun, that we have to think of a story and film, speaking in BM which I believe will be a great experience as a team work. Figure Studies got so much more interesting that we are drawing face! I've always wanted to draw realistic face, cuz I've been drawing anime style face for all my life until recently... Not an anime fan tho. I'm K-POP fan ;)  By the way, lemme show you what I've done for Drawing 2, so far so good. I've learned some basics for poster colours in Global Art, and now it involves more about poster colour and gouache...

This is the second thing I've painted in Drawing 2, I almost get an A-... It's okay, I'll try harder. It takes a lot of patience to finish one painting to be honest... Drawing and painting are not as easy as it seems. ...If you're gonna ask, I'm just gonna say everything changes when you started to attend Diploma or Degree level of drawing once you graduated from high school. They have all sort of formulas for you to draw everything precisely, perfectly. Tatsun (Co-founder of The One Academy) denies the existence of genius; that there are only fast-learner. And Eric Leong (Head of Interior Design in The One Academy as well as a well-known Interior Designer) says if you like to draw, you have the potential to become a designer, or an artist? I don't know but it seems true. Okay imma stop crapping. Lemme show you my third drawing... Or painting of my Drawing 2 stuffs ;D

This orangie! My piece of 'Masterpieces'! LOOOOOL okay la not really. This was done at home, because I did a terrible mistake and couldn't finish it in class... I'll tell you the story some other times maybe. So yeah, I did this at home, and the experience? Not so fun when doing it at the studio... But still, I manage to make an orange look like an orange... Okay la maybe you can argue this looks more like a Mandarin Orange... However it is, you still can tell this is an orange, RIGHT? ;D So far so good... I actually prefer my orange more than my lemon... Singhooi noticed that I keep posting my Drawing 2 assignments in Facebook, you can't blame me for doing a collection for my painting ;D So yeah... I don't really have any available shots for my Figure Studies 2 assignments so maybe next time? If we were free to choose which person to draw I will definitely choose Emma Watson! My childhood heroine! ;) I'll also draw Tom Felton! He's one fierce blonde ;D And I like platinum blonde guy or girl, for some reasons... I'm blonde myself, oh never notice... I'm a big fan of Harry Potter by the way... J.K. Rowling rocks!

We do "brief gathering" every week. So glad to see them still the same... Some of them like Ken, Jia Hui and Moon left The One Academy for their own personal reasons. I still get to see them mostly like everyday so it's more than enough for me to have this much interactions with them. They've become my good friends :) Some of them are still the same, some changed, some I don't know... I just know that we DG1205-2 has very much interactions with IL1205-2, I see them almost everyday? Not so sure though, just happen to see them often. As usual, Library is the only place where I can chill myself with all my assignments there. I don't like doing assignments at home, I get no motivation at all. I don't like Student Lounge, too stuffy for me... But early in the morning is okay... Hmm... Not much changes for my college life.

Look! I found my twin! LOL! Someone plagiarised ma face. Back in the days when my hair was black... Oh, "those years". I never realized how noob-looking I was. Thanks for revamping my face for me looooool~ Err, by the way this guy's name is Kenny Mok, he calls himself Tiger Mok as far as I recall from his blog... Though no more active on blogging, I still follow my friends' blog. Ala I'm technically talking shits here... FYI I'm in CG Lab 2, blogging while waiting for lecturer... And I'm going to have Drawing 2 class again, the joy! True, painting is very relaxing, but it's duper troublesome when it comes to preparing or cleaning stuffs, before and after... Jas said this is how an artist work (Y) For this semester I will treat myself as a graphic designer and artist (Y) So "old" feelssssssss~ Random broken English spam.

Hello DG1205-2! These are my classmates! ...Not all are here. Our very first group photo. This was taken on Gwen's birthday, every birthday we have a 'traditional' stuff to do, take a group photo! ;D Will be stuck with them for 3 years plus, so better get close to them... Until now I still can feel that there's a wall in between us CD3 and CD4 gang, but hopefully this wall will be broken by not too late time... I don't like having this social wall barring us in between, I don't want it to happen for like the rest of our semester here... Hmm, okay. Done blogging about Semester 2. Bout to have our class now, Vivien must be coming right now, so yeah! UNTIL NEXT TIME! I'll try to spend more time on blogging, I need to practice more on remembering. The more you blog, the more you remember, the stronger your memories are. See ya!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

6O. 4.0 version

Back to blogging! Alright, time to blog! So yeah, I had an outing with my another gang of friends last night. It was, hmm, by far, one of the best nights I had here in this 2012. And who were they? My dear primary school classmates from Standard 6! Somehow I feel guilty because I've been hanging out with my Han Ming friends and never actually got a proper interaction with Khe Beng priamry school friends... I mean, 5 years with them and after that I moved to Han Ming... I still hope to see them one day... But anyway, we're talking about Han Ming friends... Hello!

Yeap, these are the people who were all from 6O class. Actually just maybe 1/10 of it, because the others are like, super busy? And they all had their own life to live on... Ah, whatever. I'm just glad that the active ones: Linly, Kelly and Jeremy are here now for this gathering outing. And now we have Carmen, Jason, Enmi and Pin Fu joined us. I believe after this onwards we will be having a closer relation with each other. We had so much plans, after this. It's like, we have so much to do together? Hmm, fate will tell.

To be honest this outing was kinda sudden and rushed... It all started from the day Linly planned a new reunion for us all in our 6O class group, for choosing who should organize all these stuffs... And guess what, I got nominated! =D But of course, I don't want to organize anything because anything I lead will become much worse than you expected. So yeah Linly got most of the votes and I am so glad, that she became the organizer again! YAY! She's been organizing our outing and she's the reason of why we're so united! ;) But she had a lot of plans for us, like going to Malacca for 1-DAY-TRIP and summore going to clubbing at aquasonic... I'd really love to join them for the Malacca trip, but you know... I've been complaining about the amount of my assignments, so I thought I will be absent for this round. And the other option, clubbing... Nah, not my thing. I don't go clubbing, sorry to say... I don't drink and smoke, and the crowd inside is too complicated for me. I'm a loser when I'm inside the club, so yeah... 'Nuff said!

The plan wasn't getting any good responds, so the last minute idea she had is to call any of us to go out and yumcha at Pelita, a mamak stall. So yeah I thought it won't be much of a problem since I only have portrait to draw and a paragraph to do for LCS2. So here I come! To meet with my old friends again! At 9:50pm Linly picked me up, inside the car there were Pin Fu, Enmi and Carmen... So the whole time, when I got into the car, I was speaking English entirely, literally the whole time in car with Linly... I almost forgot that this was a Chinese primary school gathering! I felt kinda bad so I tried talking to the others because the other three were so silent... So yeah, I interacted with them somehow, it was awkward... After all we didn't really talk to each other like almost 6 years already, so best to do some pre-bonding before proceeding into the proper gathering ;D And yeah, I met everyone else... And, it was so nostalgic! After chitty-chatty session we had there in the mamak stall, we moved on to SetiaWalk to continue our outing and stuffs. We need to create some memories for every gathering, RIGHT? ;) I got lazy now to type all these, I'll just post the photos here (credits to Linly for the camera ;D) OH THE MOMENTS...

HEHEHEHE, I also remember I screamed like damn hell loud just to embarrass my friends. Oh my dear throat ;D I believe I gathered some unexpected attentions from all other people in the pub. I must say it was VERY FUN to do something like these, I should be more and more and more crazy to entertain my friends next time... Or not, it's up to them if they want me to be crazy ;) Anyway, I'm done for blogging, I hope y'all had fun looking at the pictures... This post is specially dedicated to 6O friends! :) Until next time, see you peepz!

Friday, 14 September 2012


This is the first time for me to have this full-length dream... Usually I never get to dream something this long and I just slept for 12 hours which brought me a 2 months long dream... Anyway, I should tell you the story bout this dream before I forgot. Quite interesting, partially nightmare but mostly it's a dream with neutral side. I just learned to love this homeland with this one dream I had...

So I was having class at the top floor, with some of my good friends. I forgot who, because dreams are not meant to be clear anyway... So yeah, it was "History" class, funny this place reminds me of AVH3 from Block J... Oh anyway, the class was going on through half-way and I was snoring for the whole class as I got no interest in History class. Suddenly there's a BOOM! outside, everyone was panicked. The whole building was shaking, I was like super worried because... Will I die, at this young age? So everyone went outside and have a look, not to mention me too. It wasn't just us this class was screaming, the whole city was screaming! Reminds me of 2012, but not that extreme. But after few minutes nothing happened. FYI, the class was just next to a huge lake. So yeah, we calmed for a minute... Later then, a huge howling scary strong wind happened, plus the earthquake... I know right, earthquake in Malaysia? Tornado in Malaysia? My imagination has gone beyond hohoho... Anyway back to the story. So yeah, the panic happened again. And guess what? The whole class was broke and because the wind was too strong, we were flying anywhere. And as for myself who was pretty "smart" in the dream, I used my hand to protect my head because I know my head is the most important part. Yeah, everyone seems to be flying around because of the distorted gravity as the class was blown here and there.

And guess what? In the end the whole thing dropped into a whirlpool, in which the lake has transformed into a sea somehow. I was just right beside the whirlpool and I thought I'm gonna drown dead. I began to lose hope and starting to feel hopeless, I feel like crying as I got calmed. But I saw many people were still struggling for their life, this made me want to live for once again and fought against the power of whirls... Lucky that whirl wasn't as strong. But thanks to the constantly moving water I could barely swim to anywhere. And at this point I kept using "frog style" method to swim away from the there to here or here to there. Because frog style is the only way to get my head out from the water. I know it sounds funny though... Some of the people were drown, those were my good friends. I was really sad by "witnessing" this to myself, I keep yelling for help. And coincidentally there's a boat nearby, in which they threw a rope and I grabbed on. I survived, with some of the people. I'm just glad, I'm still living as a flesh and not as a soul. In the boat it was all Asians, and they are from China. Lucky for me that I can use Mandarin to converse. "Hey, where are we going?" I asked, to the guy next to me who seemed to be my age. "Danding" okay let's think about it... There's no such location exist in this world right? This "Danding" location existed might because of my classmates who did a presentation and talked bout "Danding Red Tea"... Anyway, we were there, China. And I was so lost...

To the point that I can't even do anything. For a timid guy like me, I couldn't do anything but only think of a way to get this done. So we came to the custom, I was so damn afraid because I'm already a refugee in China. Imagine, having no identity in one place and you were about to get verified by the officers... But there's no point on turning back, I just told the officer... "I am from Malaysia, I got here by special occasions without any valid visa" I said to him. I explained the whole story to him in which he understood, he gave me something to sign in order to let me go through. Good, I'm done. Now, where to stay... I found that same guy again who told me "Danding", yeah I went to his house. He asked if the family could fill me in, at first they said no. I wouldn't be surprised. But I offered, "I can do anything, please madam, anything" I begged. But still a no, I was so darn hungry and they were having their meals. And suddenly then, this thing popped out from my head, "I can offer your son for free tuition, I'll teach him English" said myself. In which they thought about it and approved it. I get to stay here on this China land for a moment. I don't think anyone could tell I'm from Malaysia because my blood is Chinese and I look no difference to people from there natives. I started to miss Malaysia to be honest, even in the dream. Is it safe to call this inception?

My "life" was kinda hard in China, because I had no identity literally. I'm just merely a low rated being in there. But the family treated me very well, that makes me feel less worried being in the land. I keep trying to find a way and get me back to Malaysia, non-stop drawing. All I could do is work for money, and earn enough to get me an air-ticket so that I could fly back. Time has passed, and the process in the middle I kinda forgot, it wasn't clear anyway. So I was helping the family out in that restaurant, and suddenly a messenger told me "You can go back to Malaysia", which brought me to joy. And it's time for me to get parted from that family... I hugged each and everyone of them before bidding farewell, and there I go. To the plane, and flying back. At this part of dream I had no memories of it...

But then in the end I'm glad that I'm home, and here I am waking up in the afternoon. I'm not sure if this dream has some meaning behind it, but it taught me... To appreciate things I have now, before losing it. Sorry if my story bore you... So yeah, bye!