Thursday, 28 May 2015

A new chapter?

Few weeks ago, I have just concluded my course classes. I am unofficially graduated from Digital Animation with 3D Development from The One Academy, and I made it without deferring any semester... Well I did fail once, one subject that was required by the government and has nothing to do with my actual course at all. All is well, and now I am continuing my final project. Honestly, I have already wanting to finish it as soon as possible...

Two years of not properly blogging about my life, I kinda miss the feeling of being able to jot down everyday life stuffs. I guess my college life I really did not want anyone to know insight. Dramas is famous from my class, and it would be utterly shameful and not so memorable if I did blog about everything... Okay in all honesty, I had lost the touch of blogging. I just feel like doing it again.

So what life leads me to for now? To be honest, I am not so sure. In ten years time, will I still be doing what I wanted to do before entering college? So many questions I have in my mind. I am not the kind of person who is fully prepared for everything. This is the worst lol.

Let's not talk about negativity shall me, Wallace? Good news to myself, I am finally permitted to go to Japan! HAHA, my dream come true! I have always wanted to go Japan since like really really small, shamelessly was because I was a huge fan of anime, manga or/and game. By permitting I actually meant my mom let me travel there, probably a present for my graduation? Regardless it is, this time I am going to travel with my friends! Sound so exciting, we actually researched a lot of stuffs before going there. I realized before going to Japan I really need to spend a lot, so I went for a part time job.

That's right, now I am working as a waiter again in After Black. Three years ago, I worked as a waiter and I really need to thank that restaurant for providing me a full-time training in serving customers and shit, now I am more confident person than I was before. I can safely say the aura I gave is totally different, three years is enough to change a person from up to down, or vice versa.

I guess I need to borrow this time of being a waiter and slowly decide, what my future is going to be. Secretly I'm envious to my classmates who's parents are able to pay for their further study in overseas... Like, some of them are going to United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or even United States. It's not really that I am eager to study, it's just aside from traveling Japan (duh) I always wanted to live in another country and experience what it's like for living alone and all... One thing for sure is I never broke my golden rule; smoking and having a bad alcoholic habit. But oh well, I guess I just need to live my life my way. I can always work and save money to travel to other country since meals are provided in that restaurant and all.

Alright I think that's about it for what I want to. I should continue blogging more often to train my memory power. Maybe even a full post of my first day? Who knows. Goodnight.

P.S. It's 1:25 p.m., 29th May 2015 when I was blogging this.

And imma end this post with style, PHOTO!

Long time no see! This is the latest me.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I have been happier lately.

Life has been, lifeless? Or somewhat similar to that. I guess it's one of the biggest demotivate that stop me from blogging because my life was too boring. Everyday the same routine; wake up, class, assignment and sleep. Basically the whole Year 2 was quite busy and... boring. And so many judgemental things going on in my life. I didn't really blog about it is because this blog is made public but I guess I have nothing to fear right now.

To be honest, other than laughing my friends' lousy or funny jokes, deep down inside I don't think I have been really that happy. The only times I was happy were when I started dating with someone, that would be my ex right now. Honestly, the whole relationship journey was kinda rough... We never stop arguing and it's like we are from different world. Been through breakups and all... I even forgot how to smile in some days. Everyday walking to anywhere, everything seems so gray.

I think through this I have learn to be a more open-minded person. Everything that matters to me, don't really matter to anyone. I always tell myself to keep myself lower down so people who be affected by my problems and such... Hah.

Despite of all these negativity, actually... These days I sorta feel happier. It feels like I have something to look forward for, even if the tomorrow may seem uncertain. But I guess it may take time but... I hope I can control myself for not expecting something. I actually did a mistake for rushing for "confessing" too early. I hope nobody gets too perplexed for that... Good thing that, nothing bad seems to happen after what I just did wrongly? 

Erm, shopping for 2 hours seems fun. I hope this happens more.

Alright, I guess it's time to continue my work. It's around 5:00 a.m. in the morning and I am still in the lab doing my stuffs. Good luck, Wallace! And, goodnight.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Rant: Pokémon and I, what happened?

Hey, so I haven't been blogging for so long because of my busy life in my college years. Yes my honeymoon first year semesters are over since last year March. Actually, many things have happened and it kinda change the person I was to I am now. I figured I need to keep this blog running again because it has been do well for storing all my entries and all... So yeah. The posts are going to be random but oh well.

Today I am so going to rant about stuffs that I have always been loved for the earlier years. Guess what is it? The Pokémon movie. As you may have know or not, I have been a big fan for Pokémon since I was young. Ever since I was like 5 years old, I have been exposed to the franchise. I started from the anime series, the earliest one. I still remember how Ash met Pikachu, and how he met Misty and all. Those were all nostalgic. And at the age of primary school, my sister just happened to get a copy of Pokémon game. I had so much fun playing Pokémon game because I could finally explore the world myself. I was more than happier to own a Pokémon of my own.

I remember I was really confused for where to get Poké balls, I was so desperate to capture a Pidgey. I adored Pigeotto so much, and I never really liked Pikachu. Probably I was a hipster since young but I really am not a fan of stuffs that are overrated. Pikachu is the most mainstream and overrated Pokémon to date, now that I don't hate but I don't favour it much. Anyway... Pokémon has been accompanying since like forever, it is my lifetime companion! You could say that my life wouldn't be wonderful and perfect without Pokémon, in fact Pokémon is one of the biggest factor that inspired me to take animation and art courses. I would always doodle stuffs about my favourite Pokémon. I had a special liking for the Japanese theme songs more than the cheap rip-off English remakes of it. Not sure if it's called remake or adaption but they are just plain sucks... Err, anyway. I maybe be biased for the theme song but I am not biased to any anime, actually Digimon also took big part of my childhood.

Pokémon anime is like, fun? Fun for my childhood. Back in the days, I couldn't get to watch all Pokémon anime because they are so scattered, it's really hard to get the full copy of a Pokémon season but rather Digimon is easier to watch. Anyhow that makes Pokémon anime more exclusive to be watching for, but then one thing I realized: Pokémon anime plots are almost the same. It's basically Ash travelling to somewhere with his co., and then Team Rocket fucking come and trying to steal Pikachu, what the hell? Don't they get tired of it? They have been failing over and over again. And not to mention Ash's Pokémon are so damn weak. He doesn't even evolve them! It's so boringgggggg to watch this repetitive sequence over and over again. It's basically the same thing whenever he travels to a new region. Seriously the company who's making this anime, I have something to tell you:

Stop wasting all the papers for animating Ash's stupid stories and start developing some stories that involved with other characters. I really liked the Pokémon Origins, and I am DEFINITELY looking forward for the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire special anime. They may be cliche but then they are different, that is what buying me to watch. People might just say the show is for kids and all... But then, don't we all are mostly fans that are already around 20-25 years old by now? Sure, they can still market the series for the little kids but... Even as a kid myself back in the days, I found it boring too.

The only thing that keeps me hopeful for the anime is only the movies. Remember how amazing it was when Mewtwo and Mew were having titan battle to each other, the clone vs the real and all? And it was super emotional when Ash turned into a rock, all the Pokémon crying over for him and all. And the awesomeness of the Lugia movie, what was it called? Pokémon 2000! It is my ALL TIME favourite, I'm not going to lie that movie makes me cry more than the first movie. I am just totally moved by how beautifully the animation and story were executed. It was like the best made Pokémon movie, not to mention Latios and Latias movie, they were good too. Yes, every year the Pokémon movies were great. Up until Giratina's story involved with Shaymin, things start to get common.

I am not complaining about the works, they are still great. In fact I appreciate how all the backgrounds were perfectly painted. If you observe properly, all the backgrounds are actually manually painted. I don't care if they use photo montage or something, just think about it that they had to paint each background for one specific shot! It's like, tons of works! And then, the animation too, they are all really good. But then it is really too bad that the movie, series or even books rules are no matter how well you executed them with flawless graphics, camera angles or the beautiful grammars you applied to some certain media you want to express the story, if the story fails then everything else is just a failure. Story is the key for everything. Yes, I am saying it: The latest Pokémon movies are just plain suckish. It's turning into the anime now. I still watch it but then I don't get the goosebump I had few years ago. Why has everything turned into so simple?

You know what, if I was given the opporturnity to hold the pen and write the story (or keyboard to type stuffs out) I would definitely dedicate my all to the story for Pokémon. They should really learn something from the manga, Pokémon Special/Adventures. I tell you, it's the only best thing that represents Pokémon the most from my expectation. In fact that manga exceeded my expectation! The story and everything is just so interesting and involved with a lot of events and stuffs. The anime and the movie? They just need to reboot for something better.

I really don't mind if Pokémon restarted all over again with Red. I'm not so sure about it but 25 episodes can actually finish a good stories. I have started to watch some anime and most of them end around 25 episodes. Kill La Kill, for example, is a great anime and it's not lengthy. They get straight to the point. Don't go tell me it's not enough, because actually it IS more than enough to finish a season within 25 episodes with only 25 minutes for it. Sailor Moon, anyone? The 1990s anime was so long-winded and it's extending too much. The actual story is just pretty short and the new reboot of the Sailor Moon series, the Crystal series is ending at episode 14 and they are starting a new season for the rest of the planned episodes.

So yeah, this is basically my rant for the Pokémon... Anyhow the game doesn't disappoint me, I am anticipating the new Pokémon games like crazy now. Ruby and Sapphire are my favourite games, I hope the new ones will be as good or even better!

Alright, time to do my assignment now. Until next time, I will try to pikafy my entries. :)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

KLCC at its B.E.S.T #ttalive

Oh my goodness that night was just too awesome! Last year I also went to the same event, at KLCC also. You can always read it here: Girls at Twin Tower Live! FYI, I'm blogging this right after I finished the concert. I tell you, this year live was super awesome! There was so many many many performances readied for to impress us! Haha, I never knew this trip would be so fun. Compare to last year, I didn't have as much fun as I had this year. Oh yeah, gonna blog about it now!

So we all started out by travelling from Bandar Sunway to Kelana Jaya, thanks to Tze Gwen who was kind enough to send us there. And we waited a bit while for the train to come. It was a great experience taking public transport tho. It's me and Sylvia! Yeap, I hardly take LRT... Actually this is my second time taking LRT. Now I have better knowledge on how to take these public transport, I have no problem for the second go. It was a thirty minutes something journey inside the electric train. Since Kelana Jaya was kinda far away from KLCC. Inside the LRT was sorta comfortable, way better than bus. In bus you would have to suffer a lot of stuffs and worry more. But in KLCC it's clean, but still robbery still happens. Not to mention there's always groping cases in Japan, in Malaysia, it's not safe at all. No, I'm not comparing my country to Japan, and Malaysia is still not good enough to be able to compete with Japan. I mean seriously. Let's not even talk about it. And we're here! The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre! Basically it's the Twin Tower, one of the most iconic buildings in Malaysia.

Our first station was Kinokuniya, where books are located at. There are so many books there, and you can basically find books you can't find in most stores in Malaysia. Of course they also charge quite expensive, I'm not sure. They sell art books! And a lot of comics, even Japanese mangas! But for us The One Academy students, we have benefit for art books, buying from Archive Express. It's a page in Facebook that basically sell original art books and they offer way cheaper price. And since it's run by our senior in our college, we can always do cash-on-deal with him. How I wish I own the whole book store, so I can read all the books with all my ease. One of my secret habit is I love reading. The only difference is I read digitally, which is sorta bad for my eyes. I don't mind paperback tho, but I don't have such money to spend... Ah, anyway, here are some funny shots we did in the book store...

After Kinokuniya we went to have dinner, at two level lower from the top floor. We were all so hungry! Nah, not really, just me and Sylvia were really hungry. Me and Sharmaine had McDonald's and the rest had pasta. Damn, I should have order the pasta, quite cheap! With only RM8, can enjoy the cheese sauce. CHEESE OMG CHEESE! I have an infamous nickname, called the Cheese Monster. Named by my dear BL Department classmate Ellyna and Snow. Yes, I love cheese! I eat  A LOT of cheese. In fact I can't live without cheese. I'm a huge fan for dairy products. Like milk, cheese and yoghurt. I love these! As long as it's milk. Oh look at the picture! It's me smiling with no eyes and three freaky girls. You know they were always right about Asians, at least on me. I have slender eyes and my eyes are gone when I smile. Maybe that's the best thing about me? HAH. Someone complimented that I look good with eyesmile. And he's Reyes. THANK YOU.

And then we went straight into the theme of today's highlight, the concert! Yes we went there just because it's free and I heard from Brian Kok, he said Public Zone got better view this year which was RIGHT. They gave the middle space for free! Back when last year we had to suffer at the side and couldn't see our dear nine angel face at all. Damn. This year was all worth, we could see the performers' figure easily from far. And it wasn't even that far and if that place was a paid  place, it will be around 200 or something. Damn cool, love you Petronas for giving us this perfect view. Here comes another picture of me and Sylvia, now with Sharmaine! Hehe, we planned to take a lot of pictures on that day just to not miss out anything. So we just happened to stand there for six hours, of all the craps and everything xD The first impression when I got there was, "OMG HOLY SHET IT'S A CONCERT" then I gone so high and fuck. Sylvia can be my witness for dat ;) I think we were all excited for the performances, it's gonna be great like last year ;)

So this was the view I got for this year live, and the humans were visible from my view. Although most of us will look at the screen more, but still we get some humans sights on the stage, which is consider awesome for us. Last year, there were NO visible humans at all for us to see. Ahem, excuse me for my poor English xD I don't know why my language ability has been decreased... Oh well. Let's talk about the view of KLCC. It wasn't so great at the day but at night the KLCC lit up like a thousands of light combining together and stuffs. Ergh, I don't know what I was talking about =___=

Ee-yup, a camera-man wannabe here captured this "marvelous" shot of the twin tower! xD The difference between day and night... Yeah, I should fill the crap outta here. Umm, have you guys been to KLCC before? You should. It's basically everything you need to get, they have every shot. Kinokuniya, paul frank and etc. Book store, boutique, shoe, gift shops everything you need! ;D Okay I'm advertising you KLCC, pay me some advertorial fees! xD

This shot was taken right before Earth Hour event. So far, this is the best shot for the stage photo. I tell you, humans, the Earth Hour event was amazing! I'm so glad they put 2NE1 on Saturday, which is so coincidence on the day of Earth Hour, and just so happen when Twin Tower Live happens there. Gosh, I can feel my year 2013 will starting to be awesome. Yes, it sure is so far so good. Okay, I'm blogging this about a week after the concert so... This has been dragged for a week. Better appreciate this post! >=( I suck at blogging now. Gosh, looking back at my high school journal blog, it was so much better the exception was just less photos. I should revert back to the tradition way. Mhm, I'm gonna keep blogging, for a record of my life. Oops, crap too much. We actually met an amazing aunty, who provided so much signals just to get Tzey Yang and Sandy to us. Yeap, all these were made possible thanks to her! She became our friend, wonder if we will every meet again? Fate will decide.

Oh my godddd hahahahaha okay this photo look horrible but I love it, yes I'm hypocrite and not a hypocrite. Judge all you want. =P There were so many performances prepared for us during the Earth Hour session, and after that, many lineups performed in the concert in which we expected they come later. I think they put 2NE1 and Backstreet Boys at the back just to prevent humans from getting away from the concert. I think they learned their lesson for putting Girls' Generation in front of the other performances.

I love this picture, everyone looks great here and most of it, everyone is in the picture! Needa thank you Adele for this picture, and Sandy for holding the camera. Oh let me introduce my friends here! The creepy girl with creepy eyes beside is Sylvia, she's one of my close-friends. She's also one of the people who I will consider of when I'm going for an outing. The girl with pink shirt is Adele, the owner of this photo. She is one of my best-friends in The One Academy, yes, we hang out very often. Although we're in different class. Cool stuff that we still hanging out despite class parted us! And next the girl in red, Chloe! Also one of my best-friends from The One Academy. She's my classmate too! Sometimes she's so darn quiet, which made some of us worried about her xD And followed by the girl with glasses that are quite similar to mine, Sharmaine! My favourite hang out buddy! She appeared in the BM project video if you all recall, or if you read my posts at all. Yeap yeap, she's awesome you know! ;) And then here we have, Sandy! The girl who's face has the biggest scale in this photo. She is a good friend who will be there when I'm down. Really am grateful for her when I was really down for several times after I got problems... And the guy beside her, you can obviously tell they're couple. He is also one of the friends who will be there for me when I'm sad. These two people are people I'm grateful for! :) HAHAHA, it seems like this paragraph has become my friendship-appreciating paragraph! Alright, let us all focus on the live!

We were so suffered, when there were so many performances that we weren't here for... People were boycotting the "One Nation Emcees", in which I kinda feel bad for them. I *ahem* also participated... somehow... boycotting them. I feel bad now. =/ After them it's Mizz Nina, she's much better and she's awesome. Her songs are good too! She collaborated with artists from the U.S. and she's Malaysian herself. Yuna and Mizz Nina are our pride! xD

And finally, 

Photo by
Park Bom! Park Bom! Park Bom! Park Bom! Park Bom! The whole time I was only screaming for her. I wasn't really a Blackjack but after this concert? Sure, I am one already! I really love love LOVE their performances! They really know how to hype up everything! "2NE1 Fires Up the Crowd at Twin Towers @ Live 2013", yeap, that's what the article said from K-popped. Awesome huh? ;)

It was so awesome that everyone went up for them when they were finally here! The crowd, was MAD. Damn, and we even celebrated Park Bom's birthday! Credit to TianChad for the video!

And, best of the best performance: ARE YOU READY FOR THE B.E.S.T? naega jeil jalaga! Credit to malaysiasaya for the video!

After that me and Chloe went to Starbucks to chill ourselves. We weren't so interested in Backstreet Boys so yeah. After a few ten minutes we went back to the spot where the concert held, met up with Adele, Sylvia and Sharmaine and we were trying to figure out how to get back. Thank god for Chloe's dad who was so nice to send us back in Bandar Sunway, PJS9 and we hanged in Sylvia's hostel while waiting for our parents. Yeap, that day was so memorable! I hope the next Twin Tower Live would be as awesome as this. Of course, Earth Hour again please! xD I'm sure each of us here had a blast ;)

Alright, nuff with my crap. I'm signing off now! With a picture of us, it was truly a great night! Thank you guys for the accompany. See you! Oh by the way, Happy Easter! Get ready for E. Aster Bunnymund ;)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Sunway Lagoon, the semester break edition!

All the photos here are taken by adelexblair, my close friend since semester 1 ;)

Ayo peeps. It has been a month since I updated my blog! Nonetheless I still come here and check my blog again and again, just to get some motivation to update what I have to. And now I have something to update! Yes, semester break is here! I finished my third semester of my first year, two weeks ago! Somehow that is the free-est semester for me, as said by seniors. I think I'm gonna die in my next semester... I don't know. Let me just face what I'm destined to. And by this, it means I'm going to have a lot of fun this semester break! And we went to Sunway Lagoon! Yeahhhhhhhh and here we go:

Yeah, another gathering for CD1205-4 classmates. Not much humans were presented in this gathering, probably some of them are tired, busy or don't feel like coming at all. Who knows, I'll just give all for what it takes, after all it was my choice to take this road. Oh by the way, this photo was taken before we enter into Sunway Lagoon, we had our lunch here. Not bad! I kinda love this restaurant, reasonable and most of it, no taxes needed to pay. Sometimes, those service tax is just very bleh to pay for. The service wasn't good at all in some restaurant, better for people to serve themselves so they have nothing to complain for. Okay it's not some restaurant-service talky talk here xD So yeah, after lunch we went to Sunway Lagoon and had quite some fun.

There are like nothing much to talk about in the theme park, it's just us having fun and those memories are better to be perceived by pictures. What I'm going to blog about here is about how happy I was when I was with these guys. Yeap, my first class when I first got to The One Academy is truly the best. Back in those days, my first semester days, I was the happiest for my college days. Our class is more or less one of the very united class. Those people are amazing. But well of course, if any of you DG1205-2 people reading this, NO. I love DG1205-2 class too =P I'm sorry if you happen to hate me loving the class or hate me myself, I couldn't bother much tho. Anyway, may the memories stay in my mind forever! If not, damn you future Wallace, thanks for reading because you care! :P

Time to spam photos! 

Thank you Adele for the photos! =D

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Greetings, February.

Greetings, February! xD It's morning and I decided to put this as my first blog post image... Hmm, yeah, just wanna do a blog post in February. I haven't been really active lately huh? It has been a month already for 2013 and so far it hasn't been too good for me. A lot of things happened. I thought it's going to be one of the worst years I'm going to experience but... To think about it at this moment, it actually worth it. Taught me a lot. To be honest I'm a very sensitive person and is very negative minded one... But day by day, I've gotten better. I don't get mad easily, I don't use harsh words that much and so on. I improve! xD Alright let me cover what I haven't covered... Need something to record them down for good. First of all... I got my hair dyed! Copper brown! Sort of like brown and red blend but now it faded off... Maybe this picture tells better.

It's so pretty! Not that I hate being blonde, but I got really bored of it... But anyhow, I promise I'm going to make a blonde comeback! Oh my god, I think this blog post is gonna be full of my pictures! Good colour doesn't last so long =___= Now my blonde tips are coming out again because I wash my hair very often. Now there's a very noisy guy buzzing around in Student Lounge area and we don't even talk to him. Like seriously, we don't even make conversation with you, can you just leave? Urgh, never mind about him. I'm just blogging with my own sweet time! I actually thought sometimes ago to make a blog post dedicated ONLY for one assignment because it was all about HARDWORK, the first time working this hard. I shall be proud of it, NON? =P

It's actually one of the most challenging assignment YET. Knowing ended up in this course and listening all the seniors' rant about how stressful the major is... I'm starting to feel it already. I am sleeping late, doing assignment and everything... Actually trimming my own sleeping time is still not required for my level but... I'm just being 犯贱 here HAHAHA /shot. I actually did extra research for everything, EXCEPT CREATIVE THINKING. I seem to put the least effort in that subject... I don't know why, I'm very focused on my drawing subjects: Perspective Studies and Life Drawing. I am a passionate drawing student! =P I think I'm in the wrong major... Hmm, never mind.

THIS, my dear, takes me a week to find out EVERY details about it. Let's just cross my own fingers (cross yours too if you don't mind =D) that I would be able to excel... I believe hard work pay off... I'm not trying to show off here, just being honest with my feeling. The wheel look so cacat la! .___. Could've done better if I spend another fifteen more tries and attempt on the wheel itself... Oh please please please please... Evangeline, please make my wish come true... Recognize my determination. I really really really want to do good in my studies. I am seriously serious about it! D; On the other thought, I hope my lecturer won't see this just in case if I got shitty marks for this... I will look stupid LOL okay /shot. The following week of the assignment is much simpler after doing so so so many construction on one complicated thing. I got so used to it already pfftt.

It's this hair-dryer. Takes me one try to make it look nice, I mean... AMOST. I know you might wonder what this is, I'm wondering myself also. For your information I was just following what the paper was showing, so... Until my friend told me this is a fucking futuristic looking hair dryer, I have no idea what this is. I thought it was a flash light (NOT FLESH LIGHT) or some Lilo and Stitch gun style =P Now that I gained knowledges from proper measuring to construct every object, I am so thrilled to invent more stuffs with my imagination... I'm starting to feel Wei Han, drawing everything from his mind and feel the satisfaction. I guess non-draw-ers will not know how satisfying it is to draw something almost out of your mind. That is why I am so working hard on digital painting, I can do concept art! Hehe, and guess what! These two picture posts earned my lecturer's Like! ...Of course I am happy even now that the fact a lecturer Liked a picture that I posted for his assignment, but I hope it won't turned out what I expected it is - a shitty result.

Life Drawing! Hohoho! My favourite subjects. I have been getting B- for all my Figure Studies assignment, up until now... I gained more and more recognizing for actions and stuffs, 'Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!', in other words, getting confidence, I did better.

I got B+ and A- set for two weeks, I hope this week I get another A in my assignment again. Y'know... I'm competing with one of my classmates, my LOVELY rival. Jade! He's very good at drawing figures, I admit that. That's why I'm taking him as my target =P Both of us agreed on a compete, and so far he got 3 A-s and I only got 2 A-s... I was astonished when the perfectly done assignment got A- and it was marked by Way Chuan, Analytical Figure Drawing... So I guess getting A- must be a very hard thing to do. I feel much better :-) The model has his poker face... I feel like befriending with him *side topic* maybe I can ask for tips to build mah bodehhh LOL

This is me! Looks like Carl Fredricksen from Up =___= Maybe the him in movie is the me in 60 years later... Oh I don't even want to imagine I grow old! Tinker Bell, please take me to the Never Land. I'd rather be a sparrow man than a human! =P If the story is true then, there should be a fairy invented by laugh and he should be water talent sparrow man! Since I'm so emotional and everything is so related to water HAHAHA Even my name say so 'Wallace' sounds like water. Okay now this lady beside is crying like crazy because she is seeing her her favourite erotic actor on screen... I wonder if this is how she react at home also... I envy how they can exaggerate their emotion .___. I can't seem to do that any more these days... So yeah, So many things going on... I prefer not to talk about them, or I'll be emo all over again. Let's just record good and happy stuffs here ;D

Alright, imma blog about my Kuala Lumpur haul, a comeback post for New Year Haul this year soon enough and I'm almost done with the blogging. Sign off with my one final selca! Good day, sir and madamme! :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Semester three!


Thank you very much. =D

Yay, I'm in the last semester of my first year! Happy? No. Because my life is gonna be more shittier after leaving my first year... Now that I feel, the first year subjects are all basic and EASY. The first time trying on first semester subjects was hard especially Figure Drawing, it ANNOYS me a lot to study the action and got a lot of bad comments from my lecturer. Summore in Drawing 1, I can't really draw well and I tend to neglect all the structures studies. But surprisingly I got B for my Drawing 1, I thought it's gonna be B-. And as for my Figure Studies 1, I got B-, kinda expected that... The second Figure Studies ended up the same fate, got B- again but the worse is my Drawing 2 got D! A fucking Dee! I just thought I'm never determined enough in that subject but oh well... End of the past semester stories, and now it's all about the third semester!

This semester will be quite free, and SHORT. The one thing I really don't like about short sem is we don't get enough weeks to study... I just want my academic semester to extend maybe like 15 weeks since we got only three subjects... And I hope I won't be touching any AD subjects again in my second year because it is tough! I know I know the seniors are gonna tell me my second year is more deadlier than my first year, they described it like... Much more deadlier. And most people dropped out from animation in second semester. I'm starting to be scared like... Very scared. But I have to believe in myself la, because if I didn't trust myself my figure couldn't get as good as I am now. I am still trying to improve anyway.

So the first day of my third semester! I'm meeting my beloved classmates again. Day by day, I'm starting to get used to DG1205-2. Everyone got closer and I just hope I will stick with them till I graduate! The first day was Perspective and we are meeting our first DG lecturer in our lifetime! xD I've been like so envy of IL class that they get to learn Perspective Studies earlier than us. And they will learn a much more detailed and further bout Perspective... Now I'm starting to jealous, that IL people can learn cool stuffs. And I am questioning myself, even now, "Am I in the right major?" I guess I am though. I've been asking myself since Zelin (my Figure Studies lecturer) reminded us. But anyway, if maybe I do well in my college years, I don't mind teaching in TOA =P Ah, empty talking. I want to get a job that is relevant to my major anyway. PIXAR! Aim big!

The next subject I'm learning this semester is Life Drawing 1. YEAP! It's all about gestures drawing again but I'm like... Totally addicted and devoted to this subject. I am very very very interested in studying the action now, or actually I have more mood on drawing actions. Perspective Studies was okay, but I am a real fresh learner there so... It takes time. Well in Life Drawing 1, I believe I am doing OKAY for now... It's just the third week (The week I'm blogging this) and I got the first ever 'A' for my assignment! Hell yeah! I am so happy! But I have to stay humble and keep practicing. Instead of feeling flattered I should take it as a motivation to keep improving. Yeap, yeap! Let's gahyao together! One thing that is interesting about this subject is there is a life model and we will draw the action the model posed. Must be hard to be model, posing the same post for a couple of minutes.

The last subject we're learning is Creative Thinking. So far no assignments, and it is about brainstorming... Hmm, I need to brainstorm for my final project now. If I start counting down I only have 4 weeks left to the deadline! And the rest of the other lessons. Nothing to show for Creative Thinking so... I'll just skip to sharing session!

I still need to improve my portrait shading... And need to thanks the existence of Instagram for making all the sharing possible =w=

Anyway I hope you guys have a good day!

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