Name: Cheong Jan Fai
Chinese Name: 张振辉 (Zhang Zhen Hui)
English Name: Wallace Cheung
Nickname: Walley (Simplified), Wall-E
Age: Eighteen (2012)
Blood Type: B
Height: 175cm
Weight: 76kg
Educate Level: Diploma for Digital Animation @ The One Academy
Language: Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Korean (Reading)
Birth place: Malaysia
Denizen Of: Puchong Prima
School: SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong (1)
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hobbies: Anything random
Sports: Breathing
Family Members: Dad, Mom, two sisters, two dogs
Relationship Status: Single
Religion: Sokka Gakkai (SGM)

Favourite Foods: Asian foods, Desserts, Chocolate
Favourite Drinks: Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices
Favourite Songs: K-POP is my life...
Favourite Singers: Ailee, Kim Jong-dae, Kim Jong-hyun, Krystal Jung, D.O., Baekhyun, Key Kim, Jessica Jung, Kim Tae-yeon, K.Will
Favourite Group: EXO, f(x), Girls' Generation, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, SHINee, Girls' Day, missA, Black Eyed Peas, Brown Eyed Girls
Favourite Shows: WinWin, We Got Married, Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo, Mnet Countdown
Favourite Quotation: I'm nobody, nobody is perfect, so I'm perfect.
Favourite Subjects: Drawing, Figure Studies
Favourite Animals: If they are interesting, then I like them :)
Likes To: Hang out with Friends, Be With Friends

Least Favourite Insects: Insects? Get away from me...
Least Favourite Subject: Anything related to calculating
Hate To Do: I... can't name any at the moment.
Hate Being: Insult, Emo
Hate: Irresponsible

Wish To Have: In search for a true friend...
Wish To Do: Great in every assignments
Want To Be: Pixar or Disney Animator