Thursday, 28 May 2015

A new chapter?

Few weeks ago, I have just concluded my course classes. I am unofficially graduated from Digital Animation with 3D Development from The One Academy, and I made it without deferring any semester... Well I did fail once, one subject that was required by the government and has nothing to do with my actual course at all. All is well, and now I am continuing my final project. Honestly, I have already wanting to finish it as soon as possible...

Two years of not properly blogging about my life, I kinda miss the feeling of being able to jot down everyday life stuffs. I guess my college life I really did not want anyone to know insight. Dramas is famous from my class, and it would be utterly shameful and not so memorable if I did blog about everything... Okay in all honesty, I had lost the touch of blogging. I just feel like doing it again.

So what life leads me to for now? To be honest, I am not so sure. In ten years time, will I still be doing what I wanted to do before entering college? So many questions I have in my mind. I am not the kind of person who is fully prepared for everything. This is the worst lol.

Let's not talk about negativity shall me, Wallace? Good news to myself, I am finally permitted to go to Japan! HAHA, my dream come true! I have always wanted to go Japan since like really really small, shamelessly was because I was a huge fan of anime, manga or/and game. By permitting I actually meant my mom let me travel there, probably a present for my graduation? Regardless it is, this time I am going to travel with my friends! Sound so exciting, we actually researched a lot of stuffs before going there. I realized before going to Japan I really need to spend a lot, so I went for a part time job.

That's right, now I am working as a waiter again in After Black. Three years ago, I worked as a waiter and I really need to thank that restaurant for providing me a full-time training in serving customers and shit, now I am more confident person than I was before. I can safely say the aura I gave is totally different, three years is enough to change a person from up to down, or vice versa.

I guess I need to borrow this time of being a waiter and slowly decide, what my future is going to be. Secretly I'm envious to my classmates who's parents are able to pay for their further study in overseas... Like, some of them are going to United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or even United States. It's not really that I am eager to study, it's just aside from traveling Japan (duh) I always wanted to live in another country and experience what it's like for living alone and all... One thing for sure is I never broke my golden rule; smoking and having a bad alcoholic habit. But oh well, I guess I just need to live my life my way. I can always work and save money to travel to other country since meals are provided in that restaurant and all.

Alright I think that's about it for what I want to. I should continue blogging more often to train my memory power. Maybe even a full post of my first day? Who knows. Goodnight.

P.S. It's 1:25 p.m., 29th May 2015 when I was blogging this.

And imma end this post with style, PHOTO!

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