Sunday, 1 July 2012

K-POP Flash-Mob in Timesquare!

Original taken from Wind's official Facebook.
Okay when was the last time going to Kuala Lumpur...? Oh yeah, beginning of this year. Back when I was still having black hair, and now I'm blonde. So oneFM and 8TV organized this flash-mob thing dedicated for K-POP. And the hosts were... oneFM Kyan and 8TV's 八八六十四 Wind Lee (@WindLee8). If I'm not mistaken, this event is a follow-up for Lovey Dovey flashmob, which I didn't participate (and I was so emo). For your information, K-POP is now officially a virus to all radio stations. They got infected, le K-POP effect! Everyone loves K-POP now. And it's really safe to say that there are many K-POP fans in Malaysia. TRUST ME. I've met some of them and they're more crazy than I am. But truth to be told, K-POP world in Malaysia is kinda know. It's like everyone knows each other, and there's somehow mutual friends in between strangers who are K-POP fans. And by the way, side topic... Most of the people here know Girls' Generation and are fans of them. Too bad, they're just fans but not S♥NE. Only Malaysian S♥NE will understand what I'm talking about here.
imma stop crapping... ANYWAYS...!

Back to where I stopped. So it was another K-POP day, and I wouldn't want to miss anything about K-POP happening in Malaysia (well maybe for the fandoms' activities or idols coming that I'm not a fan of) if possible. Though I still have remaining assignments, I figured out on doing them after the event. Chill, the event won't last more than 2 hours trust me. So I adjusted the alarm to 10:30am just in case for my phone to charge its own battery before leaving.

But as I expected, I will delay an hour to get up from bed, ended up waking up at 11:30am. Thanks to the snooze function. I thought I was gonna late, because taking from Puchong to KL Central isn't a simple task. I rush and rush and rush... I don't have a stylist, and it's a pain for a guy to think what hairstyle to style before going out. Not like the girls maybe, wearing default make-up and get out from da house. Except they take more time than us maybe. Ah screw it, guys = hair, girls = make-up. We take our time equally, that says it all.

So I was about to set off to KL Central, my dad was willing to fetch me to IOI Mall. Transports are better in IOI Mall anyway. But thank goodness my sister was back in time, and she said she could fetch me instead to KL Central. That's not all, my sister's boyfriend was with her and they changed their mind from watching movie in MidValley to Timesquare, for maybe Umobile services. Yay! No public transports! It feels so good, to be in the city again! I love breathing city air! ...Wait, it's heavily polluted right? Okay then, I love the city feel! I know this city sucks compare to the other country's capitals but still Kuala Lumpur meets the qualification for a busy city. Not as busy as Bangkok though. So it was bout 30 minutes journey time, saved so much time! Imagine travelling by public transports... I would have already miss the best parts! And I was there, meet up with Melanie. The event just started right away, thank god I wasn't late! The first performance was done by Progression, performed "Warrior" by B.A.P. And my phone got this 'lucky shot', hot dancer stripping off? LOL. I remember I was once performing NU ABO and Pinocchio for Co-curricular Day in my school... Oh...

So then the flash-mob officially begun, and time to spam photos!

SO SORRY if the watermarks annoyed you. OH YEAH. They danced to Superman, Mr. Simple, Lovey Dovey, Be My Baby and Fantastic Baby. As expected, the overrated song Fantastic Baby is definitely in the list. 'Cuz you know why, I know why. 'Nuff said. Other than Lovey Dovey, the other songs are just so-so maybe because everyone is singing it (except Be My Baby) and got pretty common already. I was expecting something more uncommon like... MAMA, History, Face, Twinkle, I Am The Best, Cry Cry, The Boys, Electric Shock songs like that. Or maybe some unexpected songs like Boyfriend, Baby I'm Sorry (OH IMAGINE EVERYONE DANCING THIS) songs like that. Or maybe they should have dance to "Dream High" or "Like This", best songs ever for flash-mob! Okay I talked too much.

After the dancing part, they're giving away free tickets to attend B.A.P's showcase! I wanted it, because I've never seen an artist with my own naked eyes before. But I know I don't stand a chance because I don't know much about them. Been standing there, raising up my hand but not wanting to sing or dance for their song. I might look bad! Instead of being greedy and trying so hard to get the tickets that I don't really want to go, I shall give chances to the 'Babies'. HOPEFULLY I got the same chances back when they're giving out maybe T-ara showcase or maybe future f(x)'s showcase or something. :) I'm a nice guy, you know! I'm just a little grumpy sometimes. By the way I love this picture I took with Instagram! The hosts are so photogenic! Both of them looked great, so far the best shot I've got here by chance. I should major for photographies too maybe xD I love snapping pictures, no lie. I enjoy capturing moments. If there's ever going to have a part-time job for photographer, imma take that job for sure! Interest and money, best combination... EVER!

Okay one more go:

PHEW. and they did the encore performance, no pictures already! After the fest I went walking around to window shopping for K-POP items. I know one shop is specialized on selling K-POP stuffs but... Nah, never mind. I can buy stuffs from online. YesAsia and other shops, they offer better price anyway. Free shipping, just that we can't get those items on hand fast. Oh well...

Ventured into the Kuala Lumpur, technically, for a day all by myself. Maybe not, I was with Melanie. But not so much, and I'm so tired! Dx I wanted to stay longer but it would be waste of time because all I can do is just walking around and enjoy the sight-seeing. I don't even want to get lost. But I've already got myself familiarized with all the Kuala Lumpur roads already, it wouldn't be a problem for me to walk alone but the MAIN POINT is it would be too boring. Shopping alone is not fun, unless you like being lonely? ...Guess not. Everyone needs friends! But IF the city is empty, no humans walking on the street. I will definitely enjoy those kind of self city touring... But it's impossible, only possible in the morning going to a mall where nobody is still walking around. Oh well, in Kuala Lumpur you can see a lot of foreigners. It's no wonder because it's the capital after all. Unlike China or United States, our only big city is Kuala Lumpur. I don't ever recall Shanghai and New York are both capitals... AH! Enough talking, I must resume my assignments! I still haven't redo my colour wheel thing! Argh, they come with marks. Imma do now. Ciao people! Happy July!

P.S. imma join the dance next time!

Someone from the television, he tweeted back me! :D