Saturday, 24 November 2012

The One Academy: The Gift of Christmas

So The One Academy students and my Visual Communication lecturer organized this Christmas event called "The Gift of Christmas". Actually for me it's kinda last minute for me to know there's such event exist until Sylvia invited me via Facebook Event application. So, another party to attend! I love socializing party, well at least that's what my lecturer told me. I really like the poster they made for this event, very pretty! I really really really like the way they did the present box, could be AD students' work? I won't be surprise if Tau Fei took part for designing this. And so I heard the TOA CF is the group who organized this event. At first I didn't want to go, because I was too headache for my Drawing 2 painting (it was Wednesday anyway)... And my mood got really down when Jackee (my Drawing 2 lecturer) was not happy about the way I use my reference to paint. Y'know, sometimes I don't really like referring to the real thing I'd rather face to the digital and you can multitasking with iPad... Oh well, but finally Sylvia made me want to go and I didn't tell my mom I want to go home early so why not? I heard foods are provided also! So here we go, the Christmas event:

Picture Source: Joel So Dongwen
This is the panorama photo the senior captured with his iPhone. This made me realized there's actually panorama app available to download for iOS device! So I also downloaded one for my iPad ;D Anyway in this picture resolution could be quite low since I took it directly from the Facebook so let's do a challenge, spot me if you can! So the venue was I4, Block I, The One Academy. I was actually wondering if that room could fit everyone... Well actually it's not that bad. Sylvia dragged me into the room and the first I had to do is write my name. At first I was really shy and "anti-social" because it was so crowded and there were people that I don't know at all. So I found a way to get out from the room, one of them asked if I'm going in or not and I said I had to pick up phone. Ended up going down and found Nixon and Jessica at the staircase... Hmm, they decided to not go, probably because they're more shy than me. So I had to buy something for the Gift-Exchanging session, and bumped into Gwen and Yen Yong, shopped a little at All Day Mart!

After shopping for some times we went up to I2 for some Christmas preparation. I saw Bao Fei, Sharmaine, Amelia and Adele... Basically a group of AD girls. So I joined them for a little. This Adele never stops taking random pictures on people, good or bad shots will all ended up in Facebook... Next time imma revenge on you also Adele! Don't complain >=D By the way it was me and Sharmaine using the santa hat to cover our faces just in case for unfortunate shot... Lucky my face was covered! Or I'll have another bad photo to be uploaded, pfffttt hehehe xD They were wrapping for presents and I never knew Amelia was so good at doing these sort of things! I'm never a good handicraft person for your in EXTRA information... I only love drawing and digital painting, trying out animating stuffs ;D But still I get impressed by good handicrafts ;O

LOL AT BEN'S FACE! Blurred out because his head was too stubborn to turn around! And Ian, why were you looking down? Hehe, this was the situation on that day. Kinda crowded, but you still can move around. Now because I'm with my friends now, I'm starting to feel more comfortable in among the group... No more forever alone! Met up with Ian, Sylvia and Sandy there. Everyone was enjoying themselves at the party, literally. Not so sure about others but... When you have Adele in around, that is the time where her camera will be very active. Snap, snap, snap~ It's good because thanks to her this blog has more pictures to look at. Anyway I'm still going to credit her because these are all from her camera anyway. We missed the front part actually, or just me, because I was late to the event. You could say I missed the best part maybe? They did a video and I missed it... How sad. Here are some of the pictures Adele took and am going to end this blog post because I am so tired now, much more assignments to rush! Week 13 coming, alright, hope you have fun looking at them! :) ALL TOOK BY ADELE BLAIR!

Overly Attached Sylvia?
The new slender "man"?
What's up we're AD girls!

Monday, 12 November 2012

A night out with buddies!

I have like... Very limited sources (mainly photo) for this blog post so bear with me for a blog post without any pictures. So yesterday, after having LCS2 class I was about to go home and suddenly Claire asked me if I'm going to join them for a night out... At first I refused to go, but after I heard like so many people were confirmed for going, I got so tempted and decided to join them. Supposedly I wanted to do assignment, but oh well... So after the class we charged our phones in the class and headed off to put our stuffs in the locker. I wouldn't want to have any extra weights on my body, all I brought along with me were... Shades, phone and wallet. That's all.

Me and Wei Han went to Claire's house with Sandy along in the taxi. Sylvia, Ian, Kah Yee and a foreign student (sorry I forgot your name...) will join us. The purpose for Sylvia, Ian and Sandy to be here is to swim at Claire's apartment. I wasn't supposed to join but Ian they all begged me to swim with them since Ian was the only guy and he doesn't know how to swim so I just joined... last minute. Blah blah blah, to make the long story short, we had some FUN in the pool and then we prepared ourselves for the night out. Woot, I started to get hungry after swimming. Waited the girls to put on their make up for 2 hours, us guys got fed up of waiting and we decided to take taxi to stop by at TOA to get our hair done (FYI my stuffs were at my locker so we had to do our hair in Main Block toilet). Kah Yee accompanied us along to the TOA because she's already done with her make up.

Oh hey it's me and Kah Yee! I tried my shades on and took a selca with her. Was waiting everyone to get their hair done and we went out to Pyramid. By the time we were at Pyramid it was already 9:30pm something. Every shop was going to close down and everyone was going home by that time. Feels weird that it's time for the people to return home but it just feel so early when I was wandering around in the Pyramid...
And so! I finally had my first ever Carl's Junior! And on my first bite... Oh my god, best burger ever! Great now I feel hungry... Dear lord that was the best burger ever I've had. Even the fries itself beat McDonald's! Now that I had Carl's, I don't feel like going back to McDonald again because their fries rocks a ton! ;D

So we joined Sandy and the girls at Wong Kok Restaurant and I figured we can head off to Aquasonic after having their dinner together. We ate our burgers in that restaurant like there were no fucks given to the "No Outside Food Allowed" loooool I suggested this to Ian, this was actually a reference from, exchanging our foods that we can't have our own foods... Lame, I know. /.\

SO YEAHHHH, we had our dinner, and we had our stuffs readied. We were ready to proceed into le aquasonic! Sylvia was going home with Mernan, Ian wasn't supposed to come with us because he doesn't want to go clubbing at the first place... He has his personal reasons though, maybe. But eventually he came with us, I said to him that if he doesn't feel like staying in there long I can get out from the club with him. Okay so we entered into the club, it was... Well, the way I expected. But I figured it would be cool! The music wasn't so sounding by the time I reached there because it was only about 10am or something. I see less people around, they were preparing these and that, maybe... People got us a table to hang out and all we had were water... Ice water. At first the situation was kinda boring because not hyped up and no one is walking around... Basically these partying places before 1am can be considered as pubs. Wei Han told me the music will get louder and louder the more later it goes, so I waited for an hour and... The place was beginning to hype up~

Yeah babe, this place is eventually hypen up like mad, the music volume is sick! Oh my gawdddddddddd lalalalala because they played most of my favourite songs, I couldn't help but started to move my body and danced along to the song. And good things bout clubbing is, no one judges you. You can literally do whatever you want, have a good time and just be yourself. And by the time I am already addicted to dancing, I've gone to the other level of "dancing". It's not dancing any more, I started to fling and flung my body like was VERY crazy! The more the volume goes the crazier I got. This raises a suspicion: was I drunk? No. I never take any alcohol. All I did was had a GULP of beer and I was very clear what I was doing and I just wanted to hype up, not drunk. I was still mentally stable, but then my friends were looking at me like they saw the other person not Wallace... It's okay, I don't blame you guys, because I was surprised by myself also that I can go crazy. I am especially high when they played K-POP songs. I remembered those songs very clearly, the songs that I got hyped the most were I AM THE BEST by 2NE1, Fantastic Baby by Big Bang, Gangnam Style by PSY, Like A G6 by Far East Movement and Tonight by Big Bang. I gotta say YG artists are the only K-POP artists who made it into a more well-accepted partying songs in around. Blah blah blah, oh reminiscing those moments... I want to go partying again! It's coming to the end of the semester already, aww I'm gonna miss this semester, not as much as I do for semester 1 but still~ OKAY I AM TIRED NOW!

Okay, lemme just end this night out blog post here, au revoir~