Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year Haul!

Sorry haven't update my blog for so long. Just tell you something, I'M FREAKING WORKING RIGHT NOW. ...Nah not really, not that kind of 'working'. I'm working voluntarily for two jobs now: Community job and part-time job. Part-time job is what I got paid, and I don't want to do it actually. Very tiring. Community job is where I don't get paid, since I'm working this for everyone: EXO Malaysian Forum! It's still under developing so I shouldn't reveal more about this. And I'm gonna mention about the part-time job later... So as you know, it's 2012 now! And I haven't blog a single thing. So Imma start with the New Year Eve. The New Year Eve is really... Um, memorable? 'Cuz I attended driving lecture/seminar for 5 hours and it was freaking boring; I can't make friends with everyone, but I have friends who attended with me so it was okay. Driving sounds kinda strict in Malaysia but well trust me foreigners you don't want to know Malaysian traffic safety status, horribly terrible.

So the next day, 1st January, brand new day! Everyone begun talking crap like "I remember I last shit last year" or crap like that. I was suppose to meet up with someone that day but plan failed so I just went to Kuala Lumpur with my family to shop for new clothes for Chinese New Year. I really can't wait to wear the new clothes I bought but I prefer wearing them after Chinese New Year, more fun. Now I love skinny jeans, no longer loving short. It's like a trend to wear skinny jeans, so of course I don't want to miss this trend! Maybe for me yeah, they look good, stylish.

Timesquare's clothing prices are very affordable, despite for looking pricey... I guess too many clothing shops that's why they sell until so cheap to attract customers, who knows? Probably yes. I never had a proper attire for hangout so I need more hangout clothes, but parents are so tradition-minded. I don't like wearing those vibrant colour shirts like red, yellow, orange... I prefer blue, green or grayscale coloured clothes. Not that I hate attentions but sometimes vibrant coloured shirts gave me the kind of feeling that people will have some bad impression on you or whatsoever... Just no, vibrant coloured shirts are attention seeking colours, black and white or grayscale colours are the best. Look, guys, this is just my opinion, you may hate my opinion just don't hate me for that...

For some reasons, if you read my China trip blogpost, I have the passion for cities... But Kuala Lumpur is nothing compare to Shanghai. Shanghai's Pearl Tower is even marvelous than KL Tower, but still, what I love about Malaysia is the foods. You can't find any tastier than Malaysian foods in China, seriously. Malaysia is like a place for you to enjoy eating! Anyway knock it off, silly me standing on the street posing some pose... TBH I didn't know what to do there so I was just randomly posing with this pose, uh, I don't know what to say. I love my SUPRA shoes! Sorry, really random. I've got nothing else to say! 'Cuz what I have to describe about Kuala Lumpur has already described here in 6Outing blogpost, so...

Sorry I'm not in the mood for blogging now, but this blogpost says it all for the basic outing. Might not be my best blogpost but still I need some updates for my 2012 journal. Anyway, happy new year! Sorry if it's too late, imma blog about my part-time job experience next, so see ya in the next blogpost! Have to sleep now before 'momster' starts howling on me to go to bed... Night!

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