Friday, 29 March 2013

Sunway Lagoon, the semester break edition!

All the photos here are taken by adelexblair, my close friend since semester 1 ;)

Ayo peeps. It has been a month since I updated my blog! Nonetheless I still come here and check my blog again and again, just to get some motivation to update what I have to. And now I have something to update! Yes, semester break is here! I finished my third semester of my first year, two weeks ago! Somehow that is the free-est semester for me, as said by seniors. I think I'm gonna die in my next semester... I don't know. Let me just face what I'm destined to. And by this, it means I'm going to have a lot of fun this semester break! And we went to Sunway Lagoon! Yeahhhhhhhh and here we go:

Yeah, another gathering for CD1205-4 classmates. Not much humans were presented in this gathering, probably some of them are tired, busy or don't feel like coming at all. Who knows, I'll just give all for what it takes, after all it was my choice to take this road. Oh by the way, this photo was taken before we enter into Sunway Lagoon, we had our lunch here. Not bad! I kinda love this restaurant, reasonable and most of it, no taxes needed to pay. Sometimes, those service tax is just very bleh to pay for. The service wasn't good at all in some restaurant, better for people to serve themselves so they have nothing to complain for. Okay it's not some restaurant-service talky talk here xD So yeah, after lunch we went to Sunway Lagoon and had quite some fun.

There are like nothing much to talk about in the theme park, it's just us having fun and those memories are better to be perceived by pictures. What I'm going to blog about here is about how happy I was when I was with these guys. Yeap, my first class when I first got to The One Academy is truly the best. Back in those days, my first semester days, I was the happiest for my college days. Our class is more or less one of the very united class. Those people are amazing. But well of course, if any of you DG1205-2 people reading this, NO. I love DG1205-2 class too =P I'm sorry if you happen to hate me loving the class or hate me myself, I couldn't bother much tho. Anyway, may the memories stay in my mind forever! If not, damn you future Wallace, thanks for reading because you care! :P

Time to spam photos! 

Thank you Adele for the photos! =D

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